The Rise of Skywalker

I have not posted here at all since the last trailer came out. But everything I have thought and re-thought and hashed out in my brain and with my good friend has been distilled down to two points:

  1. JJ is giving the middle finger to Johnson throughout the trailer. And I’m totally okay with that. Rian really burned me with TLJ and burned a lot of other fans too. I love when we see Kylo Ren’s mask being repaired (let the past die? Nope), the Knights of Ren and the destroyed Death Star. I’m wondering, with all sincerity, if JJ is making this movie so we would be almost able to watch TFA and TROS one right after the other, and skip TLJ entirely. In Abrams I trust. Please right this ship.
  2. Is the Rise of Skywalker not so much a physical and literal representation of Luke or Rey, but instead a way of the Force? Perhaps that instead of there being a dark side or a light side, we come upon a way of teaching, a Skywalker Way of teaching the Force. I’m not saying like we are taking the Jedi Order and replacing it with Skywalker Order. I’m not saying Rey will train a new batch of younglings running around and being trained as Skywalkers…but more like Chirrut Îmwe’s way of following the Force. Because as soon as we say the “Skywalker Way” is a SPECIFIC “way” then we have the same problem we have in all of Star Wars. Skywalker way vs. Not-Skywalker way, which is essentially Sith and Jedi. I’m saying more of an inclusive Way, like all users of the Force are those that follow the Skywalker Way. I doubt I’m the first first person who thought of this but as I don’t spend much time on the internet netherworld anymore (due to avoiding spoilers), I’m interested if anyone else thinks this is plausible? I know there were theories similar to the Skywalker Way being the light side and essentially being an NJO, but again, not what I’m saying as that would almost detract from TLJ in a way and I don’t think JJ will go THAT far. I like standing behind the theory that there will be no light or dark side by the end of TROS, only the Skywalker Way – both light and dark combined into a more neutral way of following the Force.

And that’s all I really care about. Yes, there’s so much more, including the Emperor’s laugh, but I find it hard to believe the Emperor will physically be in this movie so it’s hard for me to give that much weight. I liked hearing Luke’s voice but wonder again if that’s just trying to throw us off course, as with the Force Awakens trailer.

I’m trying to get excited, and I am, deep down. But the damage that Johnson left with TLJ and the struggles I feel with coming to terms with that are hard for me to wrap my head around. I’m looking forward to seeing Rey, Poe, and Finn together for most (all? I thought I read that somewhere but can’t confirm) of the movie and to see what JJ does with my favorite character, Rey.

But for now, there’s quite a few months between now and December…I’ll save my excitement for when tickets are released.

6 thoughts on “The Rise of Skywalker

  1. Yeah, I get what you’re saying about the excitement. I’m sure I’ll be super excited when the time comes and I’m sure I’ll be in line to be the first one in on opening night (although I’m not looking to try and beat my ‘Avengers: Endgame’ line time). But right now I’m just not feeling much of anything and I think, like you said, it’s because of how I ultimately ended up feeling about TLJ. I really tried to like it but since the theatre it hardly ever crosses my mind. I haven’t bought it. I haven’t watched it on Netflix. I have zero desire to watch it again which has never happened to me with any Star Wars film before. And I think that’s affecting my excitement for TROS.

    BUT I have certainly been speculating and I’m with you on the Skywalker thing. I see it as a way of being in the Force. At the end of ROTJ, in throwing away his lightsaber, Luke commits himself completely to hope, nonviolence, and love. Which, no matter what we say about the Light Side, is not at all what the Jedi had done before him. He doesn’t attack the Dark Side. He doesn’t try to dominate or defeat it. He simply prostrates himself before it, accepting and believing in love and in his father. I bet that – a new way of being in and with the Force – is what the Skywalker thing will be. It could be an order. It could be a title. But I think more than any of that it will be a new way of touching the Force and letting it flow through you.

    Oh, and I LOVE your idea/hope.theory that J.J. is setting this up so we can watch TFA and go straight to TROS without missing anything seriously important. I’d so be down for that. Which, given the fact that I’ve always hated the machete order, is saying something :).

    1. I’ve watched TLJ 3x which is insane for me. I loved TFA and watched it so much. I feel like TLJ took away from Rey too much. All I think about is Luke when I think of TLJ and then I get angry and disappointed. I know the scenes without Luke when Rey got to shine, were actually quite good.

      Yeah I like speculating about the title. That’s always fun because star wars titles are always corny and mysterious at the same time. I’ve seen a few different theories so I can’t wait to see which is true!

      1. Yes! Absolutely! That was a major problem for me with TLJ too. TFA gives us this amazing character in Rey and then the focus, especially in the last act of TLJ, inexplicably shifts to Kylo Ren and Luke. That really bothered me and I think it was a major misstep (one of many) on the part of TLJ.

        Given my feelings on it now, I doubt I’ll even rewatch it before TROS comes out. Which is saying something because you know I love to do insane movie marathons before seeing a new film in a series! But that’s how little TLJ ended up affecting me.

  2. That’s the trouble with being life long fans. New stuff messes with your emotions. In my case a female Dr Who. I get it but it still doesn’t feel right. Something that we love and took so much pleasure from changes and its a bit of an emotional let down. I remember when all this was fields 😉

    1. The female Dr Who must’ve hit you hard! I think you’ve mentioned her a few times. Every time I think I’m fine with TLJ, I realize I’m not. I’m trying to remember how long it took me to get over AOTC and come to terms with it but I have no memory of that. Like… When did I go from disappointment to acceptance? Maybe it was after ROTS because I got to see how it all fit in. Perhaps I need to wait until after TROS to be okay with it because I’ll have a greater understanding

      1. It has hit me harder than I thought. Whilst the actress is fantastic and most of the stories where good it feels wrong. I can’t say why. As you suggest time is a good healer. I was a huge SW fan when it came out the first 3 wowed me. The second 3 I was out and about and caught on the tv. I have watched most of the newer ones with my grandson. That made it fun again. Sorry if I appear to moan. I just see similar emotions in your post to my own feelings. Empathy of a Sci Fi fan.

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