Episode XI: In Which We Discuss Mindfulness and Looking to the Future

“All his life has he looked away…to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing.” *** "Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs." "Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future..." "But not at the expense of the moment." *** In this … Continue reading Episode XI: In Which We Discuss Mindfulness and Looking to the Future

An Audio Blog? Episode I – MY Star Wars

You know how sometimes you just have to go for something? I've been podcasting for 1.5 years and really love the format. I know it's not for everyone, truly, I do. But it's easier for me, and more fun for me, so I've decided to create my blog in audio form. I honestly don't know … Continue reading An Audio Blog? Episode I – MY Star Wars

ESB with a Five Year Old

My daughter, who is currently five, began watching Star Wars when she was three and a half. We watched ANH on Thanksgiving and that is all I've let her watch since. It's the easiest introduction to the world and is the easiest, for the most part, to understand. It was finally time to move onto … Continue reading ESB with a Five Year Old

Your Personal Reactor Core

Running space stations, battleships, and other large facilities takes tremendous amounts of power, usually generated by various reactor cores. The most common are fusion cores using hypermatter fuel, but some utilize chemical and or fission reactor cores. They’re all sensitive to imbalances and react violently to outside interference. This was the fact of the day … Continue reading Your Personal Reactor Core

Memory Holobook

As my daughter grows up, I’ve become quite sentimental about Star Wars and view it differently than I did even five years ago. I believe it’s because she’s getting to the point where she watches the movie with me (she’s watched ANH twice!) and can finally begin to have conversations about it. Generally, it goes … Continue reading Memory Holobook