Fan Art Friday! Jango in the Rain

Ah, it's been a long time. I had high hopes for blogging when I started this year. I mean, I was on a ROLL. Well, then I did what I always do, which is overbook myself with clients because, let me tell you, I signed on a client that has...wait for it...A LUCASFILM/STAR WARS PARTNERSHIP. … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Jango in the Rain

Clone Trooper Inhibitor Chip

While coloring in my last Fan Art Friday with the clone trooper, I began to think about how the last (well, not "last" anymore, with Disney+ bringing back TCW) episodes of TCW on Netflix introduced us to the fact that the clone troopers all had chips placed within them. While we all associate the chips … Continue reading Clone Trooper Inhibitor Chip

Haiku Me Friday! Naboo

Before the Prequels, my favorite planet was Endor. I remember there being a lot of speculation about Alderaan because of Leia’s love for it…but I liked the forest moon of Endor. There’s something so majestic about towering trees and I loved that the Ewoks lived high up in them. But when the Prequels came out, … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Naboo

WHY Do I Dislike AOTC So Much?

It’s no secret that my least favorite Star Wars movie is Attack of the Clones. It’s been part of my DNA and history of Star Wars since the movie came out. But recently challenged by My Comic Relief to write about WHY I dislike it so much, left me in a bit of an awkward … Continue reading WHY Do I Dislike AOTC So Much?

Haiku Me Friday! My Love of Geonosians

I won’t say much on this post because I’ve effused about my love for Geonosians many, many times. I couldn't NOT include them in my haiku species month though since they are one of my favs. It’s bizarre that I like them because I wouldn’t want them living next to me and I wouldn’t want … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! My Love of Geonosians