Fan Art Friday! But what color is Jabba anyway?

Imagine Jabba the Hutt in your mind. You see him, right: this big, lumbering, gangster slug? Now…what color is he? Green? Orange belly? But, wait, is it an orange belly? Or is it yellow? Or a weird tan? And what shade of green is he? I’m thinking of three different shades in my head.

And so began my drama with coloring in Jabba the Hutt. I had an image in my mind’s eye and when I went to actually color him, I realized I couldn’t replicate what I thought he looked like. So I turned the internet, and instead was faced with about 4 different Jabba the Hutt’s, all similar, but also slightly different.

I mean, look at this wonderful comparison done by LucasRamos13 on Reddit (Maybe it wasn’t done by him, but he posted it):

The last one is questionable/edited, but you get the idea


How am I supposed to produce an amazing work of art with all these nuances to his coloring?

With that aside, here is my own Fan Art Friday, in which I try to bring Jabba the Hutt back to life. I believe my subconscious was going for TPM Jabba as that is the film that had one of the biggest influences on me when I was younger AND I’ve probably seen it the most.


Alas! My soul! I do not do this great gangster justice!

But other than that, the rest of the picture was quite satisfying. I used a lot browns on top to represent Tatooine, and then on the bottom frame that surrounded him, I did unleashed my artistic genius by closing my eyes and picking out a color pencil. It worked out quite well! 😉

Overall, I enjoyed this post. Jabba is a fun/wonky character and I hope to do more of him in the future (are there any more pictures of him? We might be done with Jabba, but it would give me a chance to try to get his coloring right if there is another one!). Don’t forget to check out Mei-Mei’s rendition. Is her Jabba more accurate? (I say yes)

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! But what color is Jabba anyway?

  1. Hi Kiri, it’s those Tatooine suns and age, they play havoc with your complexion! The suns dry your skin out (and cast weird double shadowing) and I imagine his skin gets darker with age.
    But funnily enough I share your problem for choosing colours when picking the correct shades for lightsaber blades in my designs. The colours seem to change through the saga as technology changes! And as I mentioned to Mei-Mei, I look forward to your attempt at colouring the AT-ATs!

  2. Oh you are so right about Jabba’s color! I looked at several pictures too. I think I used 3 or 4 different colors to do mine haha. It was very hard to pin down!

    I love your color choices as always! What a great method you have for picking 😀

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