The Rise of Skywalker

I have not posted here at all since the last trailer came out. But everything I have thought and re-thought and hashed out in my brain and with my good friend has been distilled down to two points: JJ is giving the middle finger to Johnson throughout the trailer. And I'm totally okay with that. … Continue reading The Rise of Skywalker

Haiku Me Friday! Double Bladed Lightsaber

Isn't it ironic that I absolutely love the Jedi and because of my travel schedule, I was only able to fit in one haiku about them? Devastating. This post is kind of a nod in the direction of Imperial Talker's Lucrehulk post last month (because it got me thinking about the ways in which TPM … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Double Bladed Lightsaber

Fan Art Friday! Vader at the Center

Welcome back to our monthly Fan Art Friday! Mei-Mei and I color the same picture every month from our Star Wars coloring book and then compare/contrast. It's always fun to see how she envisions a picture versus how I interpret a picture. This month was my choice - a Vader inspired mandala. I chose this … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Vader at the Center

Introducing My Little Jedi!

First of all - Extrohero has been doing a fabulous job of stepping in while I've been getting used to my new life.  I'm not entirely back yet but I thought I'd quickly jump in and introduce my new little Jedi to you guys.  Oh, and also apologize for being horribly out-of-date with all your … Continue reading Introducing My Little Jedi!

Haiku Me Friday! Under the Shadow…

This has to be one of my favorite haikus I’ve written in a while. When I wrote this haiku, I thought that Kylo would be rising up as a dark Force user under the shadow of Darth Vader.  But after watching the bonus disc material that came with TFA, I wonder if perhaps the shadow … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Under the Shadow…