Episode IX: In Which There is a Discussion About TLJ with John

In this episode, I talk about The Last Jedi with a high school friend, who loves TLJ. I find it baffling. He makes some good points, but can I be persuaded to end up liking it? We go through the movie in chronological order, talking about some key scenes, as well as themes that Rian … Continue reading Episode IX: In Which There is a Discussion About TLJ with John

Episode VIII: In Which We Discuss Luke Skywalker in TLJ

Rian Johnson ruined Luke Skywalker for this podcast host.

Sorry, Not Sorry

I watched The Rise of Skywalker again and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot more the second time. I had worked through my disappointment and anger on a trilogy with no cohesive storyline and was able to come through to the other side and watch TROS as just…a movie. There are some … Continue reading Sorry, Not Sorry

Finn // Han

In all of Solo, it's rubbed in our face that Han is a "good" person. As an audience, we are led to believe that had he not been presented the situations he was in, he would have turned out alright. More than alright: a kind, goodhearted person. He is juxtaposed against Tobias Beckett and at … Continue reading Finn // Han

Fiction’s Fearless Females: Rey

I have heard that the opposite of love is fear, not hate, which may be first emotion that comes to mind due to the love/hate analogies we often make. If we go by that assumption, then someone who is fearless, or without fear, is someone who loves immensely. When asked by My Comic Relief to … Continue reading Fiction’s Fearless Females: Rey