Finn // Han

In all of Solo, it’s rubbed in our face that Han is a “good” person. As an audience, we are led to believe that had he not been presented the situations he was in, he would have turned out alright. More than alright: a kind, goodhearted person. He is juxtaposed against Tobias Beckett and at the end of the movie, Qi’ra, who turns her back on him and proves to be the most selfish and evil of them all. These two characters show that Han is just doing what he has to in order to survive, and therefore he has the moral fiber running through him that makes a turn to helping the Rebellion believable.

But is it believable or are we seeing in Han what we later see in Finn? Does Han care about everyone in the Rebellion? Does he care about the overall fight of destroying the evil Empire? Or is he only in the Rebellion for Leia? And as Leia gets more entrenched into the Rebellion, politics, and later, the Resistance, Han decides he’s going to strike out on his own again.

Finn also is a character that you want to believe is good, and has that moral fiber that we want to believe is in Han. I mean, he deflected against the Empire right? Or was he really just out to save his own skin? If I hadn’t followed orders in the Empire, I might try to escape as well. Throughout TFA, we see that he wants to run far away from the Empire. He doesn’t want to join some Hero’s journey on righting the wrongs of the galaxy. He only joins the Resistance first for Rey and to save her from Starkiller Base and then for Rose (or for the R^2), but never for himself. By the end of TLJ, we see him beginning to turn to the Resistance as part of his calling, but will he be like Han and never have both feet completely in?

I don’t care about Finn so much, where he goes or ends up. In fact, I find him to be a very boring character. But, in my musings last week, I realized that his character line is actually quite similar to Han’s, though it’s done in a more subtle way.

I’ve always wanted to believe that Han turned to the Rebellion for himself. But the new Sequel Trilogy, and now Solo, have given me a lot of doubts. The Sequel Trilogy brought us a Han that was very different from what we saw at the end of ROTJ. Even being entrenched in the EU when I was younger, I never doubted that Han wouldn’t be there for his friends and for Leia, so I was very taken aback when I saw him and Leia separated in TFA.

Solo made me realize that Han seems to be doing things only for the women in his life. He puts on a bravado act, but when he falls in love, he falls hard. It’s not something that he takes lightly. This is somewhat similar to Finn, who almost always seems to be either lying about how brave he is to those around him, or trying to escape from the lies he’s telling (usually the latter). Though Han doesn’t seem to be telling lies, his wall is hiding a deeper, kinder person so in a way, it’s also lying.

Both characters go after women, and in turn, believe in their cause. But as we see with Han, it ends up not how we expected it to.

I’ve always bemoaned female characters that did everything for men. Yet here we are with two male characters, one who has been in front of my face for most of my life, who change their lives around a woman. Is it love? Or is it destined to be doomed? If you can’t both rally around a deep cause, will you both be too independent to be together for the long term?


4 thoughts on “Finn // Han

  1. I had a similar insight on Han’s character from a comic I just read, Vader Down, which has some of the best characterization of the OT characters I’ve read. The Rebel group has a choice to either take out Vader or go save Luke. Leia of course picks Vader, even if it means sacrificing her own life. Han tells her she’s crazy and goes after Luke alone without hesitation.
    I don’t think Han or Finn are ever going to be True Believers. They are above all loyal to their friends, not the cause. But I don’t think it’s just romantic, as with the above example it’s Han and Luke.

    1. Thank you for reading my scatter brained post. LOL. I could not form that into something cohesive last night at all.

      I read in the Vanity Fair article that John Boyega is saying that Finn is “all in” now but I’ll believe it when I see it. You could probably say the same about Han at the end of ROTJ but I didn’t fully believe that either.

      I love that Han goes after Luke! That is so Han and so Leia that she would choose to take down Vader.

      I guess my feelings while writing also evolved into looking at Han and Leia’s relationship in TFA. If he was only ever in it for the girl, and she was always into the cause, will that every work? Not just with them specifically but with any relationship where someone is so involved with something politically?

  2. What a thought provoking post! However, no one is real life is without fault, so even if Han or Finn make decisions that might not be pure or selfless, the important thing is they make the right decision at the end. Everyone starts with different motivations, but (hopefully) it’s where we end up that matters!

    1. But these right decisions led Han to eventually cut ties with the Resistance/Rebellion, and then with Leia, so I’m not sure it’s the best? I guess, help is better than no help at all for while he was there, but alas! I’d wish for a bit more commitment – to both his girl and the cause.

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