Fan Art Friday! Endor Speed

Here we are again! Whenever I post a Fan Art Friday I feel like an old person: "Another month has passed by already??" If you have a moment, check out Mei-Mei's version where she has this beautiful, bold blue in her picture. It's rare, but at times I'm very deliberate in how I color these … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Endor Speed

The Mandalorian: Chapter One

The main point to remember as a devout Star Wars fan is that if you go into any new Disney-released Star Wars material with low expectations or high expectations, you are going to be disappointed. If you have low expectations, it will probably meet them and you’ll complain about it. If you have high expectations, … Continue reading The Mandalorian: Chapter One

Fan Art Friday! Bantha Poodoo

Welcome back to Fan Art Friday...Mei-Mei from Jedi by Knight and I color the same picture every month and compare/contrast. Her version is here. This month was my turn to pick and I did the usual - open the page randomly and see where it lands. And here it is: Sebulba. Everyone's favorite character!   … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Bantha Poodoo

Fan Art Friday! Shaking It Up with the Stormtroopers

Welcome back to Fan Art Friday where Mei-Mei and I from Jedi By Knight color the same picture each month and compare/contrast. Mei-Mei and I seem to be on the same page (PUN) with this one and both shaking it up, trying not to be too boring. But, I have to admit, I thought I … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Shaking It Up with the Stormtroopers

Ahsoka Lives…Again? Really?

I finally got around to watching the last half of the final season of Star Wars Rebels. I was debating skipping it entirely based on friends opinions and reading everything I could about it online. But somehow reading about it was very different than actually sitting through and experiencing it. Last weekend, I saw it … Continue reading Ahsoka Lives…Again? Really?