Fan Art Friday! The Empire Brightens Up

And we're back! This is when Mei-Mei and I will color in the same picture and compare/contrast. Surprisingly, our mandalas are very similar. Rarely does this happen! I wanted to brighten this one up a bit because I thought too many greys and blacks could make it boring. I did incorporate some, but tried to … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! The Empire Brightens Up

Was Obi-Wan Wise?

Lately, through my fun prayer work with Michael Miller, we’ve been exploring the Divine Feminine and how God is often portrayed with the female pronoun when talked about in relation to wisdom. It led me to comment that clearly women are the wiser of the sex, because why else would God be written as a … Continue reading Was Obi-Wan Wise?

Fan Art Friday! A Family Affair

My friends, this is a momentous occasion. I had help with my coloring this month! I rarely color during the day because I find coloring at night before bed much more relaxing. But this time around, I had some spare hours on a Sunday and decided to work on this Queen Amidala picture. My daughter, … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! A Family Affair

Your Personal Reactor Core

Running space stations, battleships, and other large facilities takes tremendous amounts of power, usually generated by various reactor cores. The most common are fusion cores using hypermatter fuel, but some utilize chemical and or fission reactor cores. They’re all sensitive to imbalances and react violently to outside interference. This was the fact of the day … Continue reading Your Personal Reactor Core

Memory Holobook

As my daughter grows up, I’ve become quite sentimental about Star Wars and view it differently than I did even five years ago. I believe it’s because she’s getting to the point where she watches the movie with me (she’s watched ANH twice!) and can finally begin to have conversations about it. Generally, it goes … Continue reading Memory Holobook