Fan Art Friday! Shaking It Up with the Stormtroopers

Welcome back to Fan Art Friday where Mei-Mei and I from Jedi By Knight color the same picture each month and compare/contrast. Mei-Mei and I seem to be on the same page (PUN) with this one and both shaking it up, trying not to be too boring. But, I have to admit, I thought I … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Shaking It Up with the Stormtroopers


Ahsoka Lives…Again? Really?

I finally got around to watching the last half of the final season of Star Wars Rebels. I was debating skipping it entirely based on friends opinions and reading everything I could about it online. But somehow reading about it was very different than actually sitting through and experiencing it. Last weekend, I saw it … Continue reading Ahsoka Lives…Again? Really?

Clone Trooper Inhibitor Chip

While coloring in my last Fan Art Friday with the clone trooper, I began to think about how the last (well, not "last" anymore, with Disney+ bringing back TCW) episodes of TCW on Netflix introduced us to the fact that the clone troopers all had chips placed within them. While we all associate the chips … Continue reading Clone Trooper Inhibitor Chip

Fan Art Friday! Clone Trooper Betrays

Here we are...back again after my brief hiatus last month because I was too busy reading good books to color. Hey, what can I say? Sometimes good novels take precedence over Star Wars! What's interesting about this month's clone trooper is that Mei-Mei and I used VERY similar colors. The only difference is that, per … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Clone Trooper Betrays

Ages 11 & 12

My posts have been introspective lately. I realized when writing the last post that one of the reasons I have not written more about Star Wars specifically (planets, characters, motivations), is because Star Wars often reflects my life. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much. And since I have been reviewing and … Continue reading Ages 11 & 12