Haiku Me Friday! My Love of Geonosians

I won’t say much on this post because I’ve effused about my love for Geonosians many, many times. I couldn't NOT include them in my haiku species month though since they are one of my favs. It’s bizarre that I like them because I wouldn’t want them living next to me and I wouldn’t want … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! My Love of Geonosians


Book Review: Thrawn

He’s back! A favorite character of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, now Legends, has been recreated in this new novel by the one and only Timothy Zahn.  I believe Thrawn was one of the greatest disappointments to numerous fans when Disney announced that the EU was no longer going to be canon.  Thrawn is … Continue reading Book Review: Thrawn

Fan Art Friday! Wicket’s Cuteness Overload

I am really happy with the way this Fan Art Friday turned out.  If you read my other ones, especially the ones with characters, there was always some problem I had with the way I colored them.  This time - I am pleased with almost everything.  I love the colors I chose, I'm happy that … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Wicket’s Cuteness Overload

SWCE Rogue One Update

Here’s my Star Wars round up for today: Ezra cuts his hair in the new season of Rebels and I watched SWCE Rogue One panel live for an hour and didn’t get to see the new trailer.  Sigh. But we did see this kind of cool behind the scenes look and you know what?  I’m … Continue reading SWCE Rogue One Update

Haiku Me Friday! R.I.P Geonosians

You guys know how much I love the Geonosian language.  Not so much the Geonosians because they are creepy bugs, but their language was so cool!  I’ve written about my fascination with them here, here, here, oh and here. So you can imagine my great sadness and disappointment when I watched the Star Wars Rebels episode … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! R.I.P Geonosians