Fan Art Friday! Slave Leia with Hints of Amidala

Fan Art Friday again! Woohoo! I apologize in advance for my slightly blurry photo. I didn’t realize it until I uploaded it here and I’m too lazy to go find my book again, take a photo and then add it here. #FirstWorldProblems.

Mei-Mei and I choose the same picture every month and then compare/contrast to see where we went with it. They are often so different! I like to choose a “winner” but Mei-Mei is always very honorable and never picks. You can find her version here. She had a beautiful, soft photo with Leia surrounded by pink and purple flowers. I love those color choices because we don’t often get to use our pink and purple colored pencils in a coloring book that centers around Star Wars.

For this photo, I did a subtle (very subtle) throwback to Queen Amidala’s red invasion gown. I wanted to nod my head toward her mother and ancestry so I colored the flowers on top to be gold/yellow like Amidala’s headress, and then the flowers or vines below to be orange and red, like the bottom of her red invasion dress.

I have NO idea where I got this thought from but it was fun to pretend to be a deep-thinking artist. XD

When we do character photos, I always struggle with how to make their skin colors reflect real life. You can find failing examples here with Anakin on Mustafar (I, uh, changed his race) and another one of Leia where her face was supposed to be in shadow, but it became like greyscale in Game of Thrones. But I think I’m finally getting it down! I’ve done a combination of peach and a light pink and it’s a little closer to realistic. High five!

I liked this picture because I was challenged to find something to do with the flowers and vines other than the standard green, but also challenged with coloring in her skin and I felt much better about my progress this time around.

3 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Slave Leia with Hints of Amidala

  1. Yeah, I was boring and did green vines haha. I love how you thought out the color scheme to reference Amidala’s gown!
    I was actually thinking that the skin tone was excellent before you even mentioned it! My new set didn’t have any good colors for skin, so I went back to using the peach from my old set.

  2. Hello Kiri, what a coincidence this is! I will explain why the coincidence after I comment about your picture. I love it! It is simple yet radiates the strength that Leia possessed at the same time. You did a great job with the skin tone too…and the flower background inspired. See, letting your mind flow brought back a memory fact about Amidala and Leia we forget, and making the flowers match Leia’s mother’s outfit makes a powerful statement. It is these little details I try to add to my designs.

    Talking of which I’ll now explain why the “coincidence”….Well I have just published my take on Leia’s new weapon from The Rise of Skywalker!
    If you would like to take a look I will leave a link below but I have to add a SPOILER ALERT! If you or your readers haven’t seen the film yet then be aware there are very mild spoilers but spoilers all the same OK? I have spoken. Here’s the link and thanks:

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