This Blog’s Year in Review

I rarely do a year in review for my blog, but I happened to be wandering around my stats for the first time in, um, 4 years and thought it might be interesting to share.


Top Posts

  1. Costumes and Characters Part III: Luke Skywalker
  2. Costuming & Characters: Part I – Princess Leia (Essay)
  3. Costume & Characters Part II: Han Solo (not as much of an essay)
  4. Haiku Me Friday! Roger, Roger!
  5. The Jedi Code Absolutes

I love that the top three from this year are my analysis of Luke, Leia and Han’s outfits throughout the trilogy. Those posts were probably some of the hardest posts I’ve ever written, where I really sat down and fleshed out these posts from the jumble of notes I had. To see them still have this much traction four years later makes me feel like my labor of love was worth it.

I’m not sure why the battle droid haiku made it to the #4 spot, but I did enjoy the post on the Jedi Code…that was from the very beginning of my blog – 2013 – so it’s fun to see that come back to the surface.


Top Search Terms

  1. luke skywalker black outfit return of the jedi
  2. bespin cloud city interior
  3. roger roger
  4. rey kenobi kryze tumblr
  5. han solo from empire st

Hmmm…#4 has me scratching my head. The only thing I can think of is that one of my images or tweet got pulled into tumblr maybe? I don’t think I wrote about Rey being a product of Obi-Wan and Satine Kryze but maybe I did at some point! I probably did and have just forgotten. There was one instance where I pretty much wrote the same blog post twice but three years apart because I had just plain forgotten, so, it’s a possibility. I also once had a great moment of inspiration and had a polite blog follower comment that he had already written on the subject, I had commented on the blog and therefore it was not original. So, please be aware that I forget many, many things in relation to this blog. XD


Most Unusual Search Terms

  1. marcus borg obi wan
  2. you are blinded by your star wars
  3. amazon
  4. is it correct to say “might i inquire”?

I love Marcus Borg and have definitely written about him and Obi-Wan all in one post, but it amazes me that someone used those search terms. And how about someone typing in Amazon and coming to my page? What the what? And, yes, I hereby grant you permission to say “Might I inquire” when starting off a sentence.


This was fun!

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