Fan Art Friday! Bantha Poodoo

Welcome back to Fan Art Friday...Mei-Mei from Jedi by Knight and I color the same picture every month and compare/contrast. Her version is here. This month was my turn to pick and I did the usual - open the page randomly and see where it lands. And here it is: Sebulba. Everyone's favorite character!   … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! Bantha Poodoo

Working Space

One of my followers (and I follow his blog), epicipseity, had a post the other day showing his working space and where he writes.  If you haven’t read his blog/science fiction work, I highly recommend it!  You can find him at Anyway, I just loved seeing his desk.  It’s so cool to see where … Continue reading Working Space

Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #31

I start out liking this scene and then rolling my eyes.  I actually enjoy Watto’s character a lot and thought he was a fun addition.  I also like finding out that Anakin was once a slave, which was an interesting beginning to his history.  Most importantly, this is the first time we see Anakin in … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #31

Excess or Simplicity?

I went to Vegas last week for a business trip.  This was my first time there and man, oh man, what a place it is!  I’m glad I saw it once, though I’m not sure I really want to go back there again. My first thoughts while staring out the window from my cab as … Continue reading Excess or Simplicity?