My Love For Star Wars in a Party

When I was 11, I received my first copy of Star Wars Insider from Lucasfilm after writing a letter to George Lucas (I did not get reply from him, alas).  Within the issue, they had a section where they printed letters from fans and readers.  One letter started out as: Dear Insider, I have been … Continue reading My Love For Star Wars in a Party


That Moment You Fell in Love

I want to know the exact moment you fell in love with Star Wars.  Does it stand out to you?  Or was is it something you were surrounded with from a young age so you don’t know a time without it? My love affair with Star Wars was one of those moments when you walk … Continue reading That Moment You Fell in Love

Tosche Station Finds: Valentine’s Day/February

This is the first in what I hope to be monthly posts on cool Star Wars stuff I’ve found while browsing the internet.  Honestly, I could probably make this a weekly thing (lol), but I know it’s not for everyone so I’ll stick to monthly. Tosche Station Finds are what I would buy if a) … Continue reading Tosche Station Finds: Valentine’s Day/February