My 5 Favorite Aliens

Every issue of Star Wars Insider has an article where they talk/interview a person somehow related to Star Wars about their “5 Favorite…” and I love reading them.  I like to think of my own answers to them and wrote a post on my 5 favorite visuals a while ago. This issue interview’s Tom Spina on … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Aliens


Let’s Take a Look at Star Wars Rebels

SPOILERS AHEAD   Rebels has kicked off and…overall, I liked it.  Last week we had the one-hour premiere with a movie on the Disney Channel.  This week the season officially got underway with its first episode on Monday night. I loved the movie.  I thought it was exactly what Star Wars should be and how … Continue reading Let’s Take a Look at Star Wars Rebels

Girls and Sci-Fi Part II

Out of about 10 girls I posed my questions to, I received six responses!  Not bad.  I was expecting way less since my friends are often too busy to respond to anything related to Star Wars/sci-fi.  They find my obsession slightly strange and I don’t think they want to encourage it. To recap, the questions … Continue reading Girls and Sci-Fi Part II

Ahsoka’s Departure: Clone Wars Season 5 Finale Part I

Yup, my post was so long that I will have to split it into two parts to get all my thoughts on the latest episode out onto this blog. Ok, ok, everyone.  Let’s stop crying.  Let’s stop acting like this is the end of the world.  It’s a TV show.  Yes, the finale involved a … Continue reading Ahsoka’s Departure: Clone Wars Season 5 Finale Part I

Latest Clone Wars Episode “The Gathering”

First of all - I have big personal news!  My husband and I put an offer on a house and it’s been accepted.  Super exciting for us.  We will officially own our first house by February, if everything goes smoothly…which could be a very big “if”, considering some stories I’ve heard. Anyway, on to Star … Continue reading Latest Clone Wars Episode “The Gathering”