Award Time

I’m kind of horrible.  Star Guy nominated me for a Real Neat Blog Award…back in March.  I swore I would never let these go unnoticed and I would always participate, so here I am!  Two-ish months later.  April was just horrible due to getting a bad flu, going to Celebration and then having bad allergies … Continue reading Award Time

“Not As Certain As Being Left Behind…”

I recently read Kelly’s post on not breaking your word a few days ago and now I can’t stop thinking about friendship.  What set me off on my maniacal thinking spree, and you can see from my comments on her post, was the relationship between Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the … Continue reading “Not As Certain As Being Left Behind…”

Feeling Under The Weather? Watch Star Wars!

There’s nothing that cures a bad day, breakups, flus and colds, or this-job-sucks-I-really-need-to-get-a-new-one like watching Star Wars.  I mean, it’s just the perfect movie and really helps put your life into perspective. Feel like your problems are insurmountable?  Well, at least you don’t have to take down the entire Empire by destroying their shield generator … Continue reading Feeling Under The Weather? Watch Star Wars!

Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #35

I love this scene!  It always makes me laugh.  I also think this is the first Scene it on Friday I’ve done that has the “bad feeling” classic line. I actually don’t mind the Ewoks and don’t understand the huge hatred that others have against them.  I understand why people don’t like Jar Jar, but … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #35

My New Video is Out!

Mr. Reticent and I have been working hard on our latest video.  This one is unrelated to Star Wars 😦  Sorry. We based it off of the news that Peter Jackson decided to release the Hobbit in 3 movies.  If you follow the fan forums, you'll see that some fans were really upset about this … Continue reading My New Video is Out!