Friday Posts – Haiku Me Friday?

Should I talk about the Vanity Fair pics?  I feel like you guys have all already seen them, right?  I don’t consider them spoilers because it was authorized and allowed by Lucasfilm to go on the web.  But if you DO consider them spoilers…then skip the next paragraph. Only noticeable news is that Kylo Ren … Continue reading Friday Posts – Haiku Me Friday?


SWCA Recap

I think this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you.  I think you’re even happier than on our wedding day. Yes, that was my husband’s statement to me on the second day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  Oh guys, it was amazing.  Amazing.  It was so much fun.  There were high, high points throughout the … Continue reading SWCA Recap

Book Review: Choices of One

I like that I started 2015 off with a Star Wars novel.  I find that somehow fitting, seeing as this year is going to be a huge Star Wars year, what with the amping up of The Force Awakens. Mei-Mei suggested Choices of One (by Timothy Zahn) to me almost 1 years ago in a random post, … Continue reading Book Review: Choices of One

Scene it on Friday – ANH Scene #58

I never got the impression that Ben was “under increasing pressure and strain, as if an invisible weight were being placed upon him.” I just rewatched the clip on YouTube, but didn’t see anything to really signify this tension. I think it would have been interesting to actually see that weird spaz. It would have … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ANH Scene #58

Haiku 04.09.14

Life: I'm doing my job- These requests don't come from me! Don't get disgruntled. As an Executive Assistant, you often have to give directives that come from the CEO.  When someone is busy and he wants you to in his office, then your job is to get them there ASAP.  And sometimes, for good reasons, … Continue reading Haiku 04.09.14