Third Times the Charm

(Please, please, please...if you have been reading all the spoilers on the internet - do not write about them here!  These are all my own theories and I want to be happily correct or incorrect WHEN I SEE THE MOVIE and not beforehand.  Thanks.) Okay.  So.  This: This happened last night. These are my … Continue reading Third Times the Charm

Final Analysis on the The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

So we all watched it last week and had a great discussion about what the heck is possibly going on in The Force Awakens. I thought that since it’s been a week, now is a good time to organize my thoughts, excitement, and speculations and write everything down.  It will be fun to come back … Continue reading Final Analysis on the The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

Official The Force Awakens Trailer

Guys, here is the official The Force Awakens Episode VII trailer.  I had to sort through 4-5 fake ones on YouTube before confirming this is it, so wanted to spare everyone the hassle.  Also, you can just view it on but I didn't have Quicktime and it said 20 minutes to install it.  I was … Continue reading Official The Force Awakens Trailer