Haiku Me Friday! Krennic’s Obsession


Honor and glory
For me or for the Empire?
I’ll get what is mine

As much as I wasn’t a fan of Rogue One, I did love Director Krennic. I thought he was one of the best characters. Like General Hux, he is obsessed with the Empire and himself. The Empire is a way to bring him power, prestige, and honor so he exploits it and uses it to his advantage.

Both Krennic and Hux rise up through the ranks through their obsession for power. The loss of innocents doesn’t concern them or bother them as both have been in charge of mega battle stations with the ability to wipe out planets.

With Hux, I’ve already discussed that he was basically brainwashed by his father into believing the First Order was the “be all, end all”. Hux went through life replicating what happened in his life into the lives of the Stormtroopers legions he created. He took them from birth, brainwashed them with First Order doctrine, and they became loyal servants to the First Order (not FN-2187 but I guess not even Hux is perfect).

Krennic’s life was slightly different. He grew up in the age of the Republic and joined their Special Weapons group. He met Galen Erso during that time. When the Clone Wars ended, Krennic merged with the Empire and worked on the Death Star. There are a lot of nitty gritty details in there, but it seems like Orson Krennic became obsessed with seeing the Death Star through to completion. To Krennic, the Empire was merely a tool that helped aid him in bringing the beloved Death Star to life.

Though Hux and Krennic are different, they both are out to prove something and gain power. Hux was more entrenched in the doctrine of the First Order from birth, whereas Krennic didn’t seem to care about Republic vs. Empire, as long as whatever the reigning government was, it allowed him to work on the Death Star, and in turn, gain power and recognition for it.

Though I’m fascinated with both characters, I always found it hard to imagine being in their shoes (thank goodness). How are you able to destroy planets with thousands of innocent people on it with no hesitation?

In a way, these characters are only feeding their obsessions and working towards them with such a driving force that nothing gets in their way. They have no balance in stability. What they want, they will get.

With Krennic, we saw where that got him. His need to prove that the Death Star could blow up an entire planet and was the “ultimate power in the universe,” cruelly and ironically blew up in his face, LITERALLY YES PUN INTENDED.

But Hux? I’m interested to see what the end is for Hux, if there is one. I love Hux more than Krennic, though I find I’m an anomaly amongst other Star Wars fans. Where does his ambition for power take him? And will it be his undoing like it was for Orson Krennic?



“To Improve is to Change…”

When I moved from my little apartment to my house, I was super excited.  I had lots of time to prepare since I knew when the exact move date was.  Then why did I breakdown and have a crying fit in the middle of packing?  It was a week and a half until everything had to be packed up and I was sitting in the middle of a bunch of boxes crying my brains out, while my best friend listened on the phone.  All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with all the changes my life was taking.

So that’s an extreme example, but I kind of had that feeling this past weekend.

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, I’ve been pretty supportive in the way things are going.  And by supportive, I mean, I have no choice so I’ve happily gone along with their plan.  In my book, there’s no point in complaining because it’s not like what I think is going to make a difference.  Also, I love Star Wars so much that I think reviving Star Wars can only be a good thing.  More Star Wars!!  How can that ever be bad??

But the announcement of Gareth Edwards directing the first Star Wars stand-alone film kind of made everything hit home for me. gareth edwards star wars We’ve known that there would be standalone Star Wars films between each Episode since 2013.  Just like when I moved, I’ve had time to digest this information and understand it.  It’s not like it was a sudden onslaught of changes.

But I have this fear that with this constant oversaturation of Star Wars, I will slowly lose my love of Star Wars.  I’ll become less enthusiastic about each film as they get released into theaters at such a rapid pace.  What about Star Wars Episode XX?  Will I be as interested in it then?  Disney is kind of taking a gamble here and thinking that Star Wars fans will turn out in droves for the movies, no matter what (okay, they’re probably right on that).

This is A LOT of Star Wars.  A LOT.  Why didn’t I fully get this before?  This change and transition is throwing me off.  All of a sudden, it feels like everything is more real, more concrete.  Whereas before, we just had rumors and bits of information, now things are being confirmed.

Some of the appeal in Star Wars has been the waiting and the eager anticipation.  Three years gives you a good amount of time to speculate, build up predictions and then wait in line at the midnight showing of the next episode.  Truth be told, I really love saying that I went to midnight showings of the movies.  Will I go to every midnight showing of the movies now?  Probably not and I never thought I’d say that.  Definitely Episode VII if I can manage it.

Has audience participation in movies changed now?  As viewers, do we expect more in less time?  Or is Disney just trying to milk Star Wars for as much as they can?  Or, as another option, are they just trying to shake up our Star Wars world and give us something different?

Why am I so doubtful all of a sudden?  This could turn out well.  I’m trying to think of my reaction with the Marvel universe, but I’m not really into Marvel.  I used to read lot of their comics in 7th and 8th grade, but now I’ve faded out of comic books.  I don’t even see all the movies!  That will most likely happen with the casual fans of Star Wars, just like I’m a casual fan of Marvel.  Sometimes I get to see them in theaters, sometimes I don’t, but I do try to watch them.  And they are doing well…the quality and caliber of actors is definitely good and worth watching.

The only thing I could think of that is similarly on this scale would be the James Bond movies.  They have lasted 50 years and are still going strong, raking in millions of dollars.   I don’t personally know any hardcore Bond fans, so I’m not sure how they’ve felt about the development over the years.

Only time will be able to show me what happens.  I don’t think my fears are unjustified, but I do know there’s nothing I can do about them.  Mostly, I am embracing the changes and adapting, but this weekend, I think a small part of me was mourning what Star Wars was and the experiences that revolved around it.

star wars fans in line

In other news though – I’m happy about Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie being cast in VII.  The cast has now been brought up to 4 females.  But I wonder how big of a role they are going to play?  The fact that they were not in the original announcement could be either a) they are secondary characters or b) they couldn’t get their contracts signed in time.  Either way, I am happy to have two more females added to that list.