Begun, A New Era Has: My review on The Force Awakens

I predicted I would love the movie yesterday and not be able to say anything but great things about it. While I did love and like it a lot, it took a while for me to get into it.  Longer than I thought and I did find some parts that did not sit well with me.

The Force Awakens reminded me of a new pair of shoes.  It was a little uncomfortable at first, something different that I needed to get used to.  But once I had worn it for a significant amount of time, the shoes melded to my feet and I love them.  It tooke a while for me to accept that this movie was the beginning of a new era in Star Wars: new characters, ships, and storylines to get used to.

I felt like the first 2/3 of the movies was story building – a lot of it.  To the point that sometimes I felt that it was a little slow and it was uncomfortable.  Though we were in the universe of Star Wars, it was different.  The galaxy had aged 30 years, the Empire is resurrected in a new form as the First Order, and we aren’t sure what has happened to the Rebellion.  The war that we thought was over is far from over and the Resistance, surprisingly I thought, is still a small faction (albeit more organized) trying to overthrow a large government.

General Notes – Spoiler Territory Ahead

The strengths of this movie pulled from the Original Trilogy with its humorous quips  and little touches that devout Star Wars fans would notice (there were definitely some EU shout outs as well).  The humor mostly came when Han was on screen, so I’d like to see how they are going bb-8to keep the humor going now that he’s dead.  I’m guessing Poe since he had that bad boy funny streak.  The format was like A New Hope in that we followed BB-8 on this journey, similar to how we followed R2-D2 and C-3PO previously.  I loved BB-8 and I understand why everyone fell in love with Artoo when Star Wars first came out.  I want my own BB-8 droid.

The Falcon appeared early in the movie and was the main mode of transportation, but man oh man, does it get beat up.  I cringed every time it hit the sand, but it kind of brought a realness to the situation that I appreciated.

I did not notice the soundtrack as much as I thought I would.  I feel like all the other Star Wars movies had distinct themes that you could go return to and love.  Duel of the Fates, Imperial March, Luke and Leia, Battle of the Heroes, etc.  I didn’t notice anything in The Force Awakens that had me rooting for a new tune.

Once everything was established, and we knew and understood the new characters Finn and Rey, the story began to take off.  The last 1/3 of the movie was Star Wars fun, with a big space complex to destroy (round per usual, but this time in the form of a Death Star converted to a large planet), a lightsaber fight, and some loss of beloved heroes.

In typical Star Wars fashion, there were some plot points that were nicely glossed over that left me scratching my head.  Such as:

  • Where did they get Luke/Anakin’s lightsaber?  Maz Kanata smoothed that over and basically said it was “a story for another time.”
  • Why was the lightsaber “crying” and Rey heard it?  Is this part of the maz kanata lightsaberForce?  Why did it give her all those images?
  • I would have liked to know more about the Republic that was destroyed by Starkiller Base.  It sounds like it was established at the end of ROTJ, but was it an actual governing force in the galaxy?  Is the First Order still the reigning government, or was it similar to a civil war or the Prequel Trilogy with the Separatists and the Republic?  But this time the Republic is the smaller group and the First Order is the larger?
  • R2-D2 basically shutting down didn’t make sense.  It was a neatly thrown in plot point and then he conveniently “woke up” at the end to help the Resistance find Luke…huh?


I loved Rey.  Rey was my favorite character, no question about it.  They didn’t try to make her a forced “strong female protagonist” as most of Hollywood seems to be trying to do right now.  They made her relatable, a real human being where you understood her actions and the consequences.  She could be male or female, which is what I loved.  There was no push on the romance and even now, I can’t figure out if her and Finn are going to become an “item” or if they are just friends who’ve been through a lot.  I want to know more about her history.  I’m guessing her parents were taken from her?  But who was dragging her away?  Is she somehow related to the Skywalkers?

Mr. Reticent noted that he thought her being captured by Kylo Ren was a Rey Kylo Ren gif“damsel in distress” situation, but I highly disagree.  It made sense with her character.  It allowed her to battle Kylo in the Force, come out victorious, and feel the Force awaken within her.  If they captured Han, it would be a little pointless.  If they captured Finn, there would be so much hullabaloo with him being a previous stormtrooper that there would be too much First Order protocol involved.

I thought Han was still Han, though I did feel like the movie was staged for his death a little too much (who called that?).  I liked his quips, his camaraderie with Chewie was still the same, and I thought it made sense that he was separated from Leia due to their son going to the dark side.  We couldn’t have Han and Leia madly in love because his death would be that much harder.  Abrams and the writers wanted to separate the audience from Han, to not make it *that* hard on us when he died.  Though I didn’t cry when he died, totally expecting it, I did get teary eyed when Rey came off the Falcon and had that moment with Leia.

Though the driving force of the movie was Luke Skywalker, it was frustrating how little they spent on where he had been in the past 30 years.  I know he disappeared due to the failure of his training and starting a New Jedi Order, but it was rushed.  It seems a little out of character for the Luke we know…wouldn’t he have at least stayed in touch with his sister and Han?  I hope we find out much, much more of his backstory in the upcoming films.  When I saw the last shot, I honestly thought, “Oh darn, the movie was just starting to get good.”

Finally, Kylo Ren.  Or, Ben Solo (interesting EU nod).  I went back and forth throughout the movie on whether or not I liked him.  On the one hand, he was not nearly as imposing or intimidating as I’d expect Kylo vs. Finnsomeone on the dark side of the Force to be.  On the other hand, I loved the character struggles he seemed to go through.  It added more layers to a dark side character that we’ve only really seen in Return of the Jedi.  Knowing Kylo was once good and even admits that he’s struggling when it came to his father was an interesting twist for Star Wars.  Vader never admitted he struggled with the light side.  I’m confused as to why he wore the mask, other than to emulate Darth Vader and his obsession with him.  Funnily, and I’m not sure if Abrams meant this, but the tantrums Kylo Ren threw were so much like Anakin that I wanted to pat him on the back and tell him he’s more like Anakin than he knows. I loved Adam Driver’s acting when it came to that moment when he killed his father.  I felt there was a real struggle within him, but when he made his decision, you could see this slight change in his face and oh, it was so perfect.  By the end of the movie, I wish we had more of Kylo and I’m interested to see where he will go in his training with Snoke.

Supreme Leader Snoke.  Where do I begin?  This was my one major gripe with the movie.  I thought he was a horrible addition.  It looks like he jumped straight out of a Tolkien novel/movie, with some zombie thrown in.  I can’t figure out if it was because he was so large or because of his species (whatever he is), but I thought he wasn’t believable.  Every time he came on the screen, the movie felt disjointed and took a step back, instead of forward.  I am curious as to whether it’s because he was so large, which made me think he just looked stupid.  When we see him in future movies, I hope that he is a normal height and not a hologram.  I wanted to see more of Kylo Ren and less of Snoke throughout the movie.

General Hux was like he came straight out of an EU novel: a typical Imperial General.  What I liked most about him was that he seemed to be an equal to Kylo and had no problems calling him out, another difference from the Empire in the Original Trilogy, where everyone was terrified of Vader (shhh…don’t tell Kylo that).  Captain Phasma didn’t have as large of a role as I was hoping, but I appreciate the shout out to female stormtroopers and the fact, again, that Phasma could have been male or female.  Maz Kanata was a nice replacement for Yoda/wise mage, but I’d like to see more of her.  I hope she continues to pop up throughout the new sequels, but is a true guiding force.  General Leia was not given as much screen time as I would have hoped.  She was the same, yet different, but they didn’t explore it much.  She had more of a cameo role than an actual part.  Poe Dameron was interesting and I hope we see more of him in the future.  I think he will be a really strong character, but more please.  More of Poe in the next movie.


I believe it took a while for the movie to establish itself, but once the foundation was built, it took my breath away.  Abrams did a great job clearly defining that the baton was being passed onto a new generation, which was one of my highest hopes.  I did not want a movie that only focused on Han, Leia, and Luke again – and this did not disappoint.

The only parts where it fell short for me was the lack of the mystical in the Force and Snoke.  I felt that the Force has always been such an important factor for Star Wars and guides all the movies, so to say, but it wasn’t strong within this movie.  I think we’ll see more of it coming up in the sequels and I certainly hope so.

Overall, I give The Force Awakens a solid B+/A-.  I’m seeing it again tonight so will hopefully have a better understanding and opinion of it once done.


Okay, phew, done.  LET’S DISCUSS.



Friday Fives: The Death Star

So since I haven’t resolved my Scene Its issue yet (there’s a bunch of complication with this, least of all that he wants me to now run the website but I’m not sure I have the time for it. On top of that, I’d have to add in TFA and Star Wars standalone movies and I’m not sure where I’d get those scenes or if I want to be responsible for it), I’m testing out my Friday Fives.

The 5 Coolest Things About the Death Star

  1. The most obvious point…the Death Star is round. Like, what?  That was the coolest thing ever the first time Ideath star saw it.  When I think of space stations, even today, I think of flat surfaces that are floating in space…mainly because that’s what we know from Earth.  I basically think of it as taking a building and lifting it up into space, except cooler of course because it would have rounded corners and made completely out of metal or something.  But the Death Star was completely round.  How did it manage to stay “afloat” without tipping to the side?
  2. It has the magnitude to destroy an entire planet. Oh my goodness.  I do not want that thing floating near Earth.  The fact that it was even referred to as a “small moon” means that you could have seen it from Alderaan, in fact probably did.  Can you imagine the chills that would have gone down your body seeing that space station slowly float into view?  Oooo…I just thought of a really cool EU/Legends story.  Someone sees the space station from Alderaan and escapes in a nick of time.  Actually that’s not much of a story, but it would be an interesting scene within the story.  The sense of foreboding you get when you see it in view, Bail Organa gives you a secret message to carry to Leia knowing he will never see her again, you narrowly escape the planet in your ship only to feel the rock of the explosion behind you.  Maybe your ship even gets somewhat damaged and you have to find a way to the closest planet on leaking fuel.    I’m getting distracted.  Anyway, I wouldn’t necessarily describe this fact as “cool”, but at the same time, it kind of is from a storytelling perspective.  I’ve been researching online if any other space station in fiction did that prior to Star Wars, and I haven’t found anything.  Neither have I found anything of space stations doing that after the Death Star.  It’s definitely left its mark (PUN kind of).
  3. It’s controlled by buttons. I just noticed this when I was watching ANH this past weekend.  It’s so old school, death star buttonsbut I love it.  Obviously, this movie was made in the late 70s and everything then was buttons.  Nowadays, we are so used to everything being a touch screen that buttons seem antiquated.  I always took the Death Star and its operations for granted, but rewatching it this weekend made me really think how it looked a little dated.  But at the same time, would you want something that large controlled by a touch screen?  You’ve all been there when your phone doesn’t respond to your touch.  What if that happened on the Death Star?  You’d probably blow yourself up.  I’ll be interested to see if TFA involves buttons or touch screens.
  4. It can be operational when not complete. I don’t know many machines that can operate even when it’s not complete.  For instance, a car’s engine can be working just fine, but without the wheels attached to a car, attached to a body, which is attached to the engine…it’s not going to go very far.  A laptop’s CPU and RAM can be in perfect working order, but without the keyboard and mouse, it would be pretty useless.  But the Death Star II is completely capable of blasting apart ships while it sits by looking harmless.  Genius, Palpatine, genius.
  5. And further on that topic, the second Death Star brought up some really interesting points. What happened to the innocent contractors brought in to work on it?  And, for Death Star II to be completed that quickly, they would have had to begun working on it way before ROTJ.  Yes, you know where this is going (and if you don’t, prepare to be enlightened).  This is one of the coolest scenes, in my opinion, to come from the Death Star existing:

Ever wonder if a Death Star could actually destroy a planet IRL?  Read this.

So, as a first Friday Fives, how did I do?  I do, truly, miss my Scene It on Friday’s, but I think there’s a time when you need to stop mourning something and turn the page.  Today is the first day of spring, so maybe this is a good time to leave Scene It’s in the winter and move forward with the life of something else.


Environmental Attitude

This.  Is.  The.  Slowest.  Week.  Ever.

For the past three days, I have thought it was a Thursday.  Yup, a Thursday.  I even wrote to one of my clients yesterday saying I’d get the assignment done Friday.  She must have been wondering why it was going to take me 3 days to complete a fairly simple task.  We also have finally begun seeing some peeps of spring (55 degrees today!  It’s like a heat wave!) so I feel like it’s just making me antsy in general.

By Saturday, it’ll be back in the 30s, and I’ll miss it so much.  Speaking of Saturday, we are supposedly doing our rescheduled Star Wars virgin viewing night.  So as long as no one gets appendicitis again, I should have an update next week.  🙂

Every once and a while on this blog I will either a) repeat a blog post I’ve already done in another format because I forget what I’ve written over 2.5 years or b) write a blog post that should have been written 2.5 years ago when I first started this blog and introduced core elements of my fandom.

Today is a B day.

What have I not talked about yet on this blog?  I’ve written about my favorite quotes from Star Wars, favorite order of movies, favorite characters (okay, I haven’t totally devoted one post to this, but it’s been written enough in other posts that it could be a post)…guessed what I haven’t written about yet?  Planets and ships.  Bingo.  Good job.

Today is a planet day.  Because ships are fun but a whole post on it?  I need more inspiration.

Planets play a key role in the Star Wars movies, and even outside of it.  We get to explore so many more planets in TCW and, hopefully, SWR as well.  And if we look at Legends – well, there are more planets than I could count.  I once had this really cool map of all the Star Wars planets from an Insider that was up on my wall.  I tried to memorize all the planet names and where they were.  Never happened.

Star Wars insider planet pic

But from the picture you can see that the Star Wars universe is a lot more concrete than you might think.  When Luke says “If there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from,” he wasn’t kidding.

So how do the planets shape the universe that we know?  I love that Lucas had each planet pretty much have the same ecosystem.  Some people think that may be too simple, but I think it’s really interesting.  Endor was a forest moon.  Tatooine was a desert planet.  Coruscant is one giant city.  This is not a video game where Lucas throws the characters into a chase and you while they’re on the speeder bikes zooming through the forest moon of Endor…oops – they just ended up in a desert.  As an audience, we can pretty much understand what will happen on this planet because there are no unknowns, therefore it takes away from distractions and helps us focus more on the plot, action, and character development.  It’s nice to have different planets, but it’s like adding spices to a meal.  It’s not the main attraction, but it enhances the movies and situations enough to make it interesting.  The most obvious case in point would be Mustafar.  Can you imagine the fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin on Endor?  Or beautiful Lothal, which we have just been introduced to in SWR?  The hellish, lava-filled planet is the perfect backdrop for a fight filled with betrayal, anger, and remorse.

If we look deeper at the movies, we understand that the planets also play a part in shaping the character, but can also be a reflection of them.  Luke is an empty vessel in the beginning of the OT.  He’s a blank desert canvas, naive and unsure how to navigate the different worlds.  His inexperience shows strongly in ANH.  Padmé grew up on Naboo, a planet known for beauty in plains, seas, and swamps.  It’s a reflection of her character: a beautiful person, filled with an intelligent depth but there are also murky aspects to her character.



Sometimes I wonder if being a New Englander has created me to be a little harder and crueler than if I lived in another area of the United States.  I have little patience for people at times, hate it when people fake interest in something they don’t care about, and I rarely smile at someone I don’t know.  I’ve read that the history of our attitude was created because people did not have the luxury of standing around outside and talking with neighbors, people in stores, etc., because the cold weather drove them to hurry on their way.  Now that we have central heating, this environmental attitude has still lingered.

When I lived in Hawaii for six months, I remember thinking I would welcome the change in pace and attitude that island life would bring.  Instead I found myself frustrated by how slow it took for things to get done, the smiling and saying yes when they really meant no, and worst of all, doing things without asking permission because they’d assume you’d just be fine with it.  It drove me crazy and I even though I loved the weather, the beach, and the sun, I sometimes longed to take the New England mentality and place it in Hawaii because then things would, you know, get done in a reasonable amount of time with little skirting around the issue.

So have we internalized our environment into our life?  And if that’s true for us, how much more true would it be for the characters of Star Wars, where they may not have had changes of seasons but instead their personalities reflected their environment more intensely?

Book Review: Choices of One

I like that I started 2015 off with a Star Wars novel.  I find that somehow fitting, seeing as this year is going to be a huge Star Wars year, what with the amping up of The Force Awakens.

Mei-Mei suggested Choices of One (by Timothy Zahn) to me almost 1 years ago in a random post, and Null definitely mentioned it as well…so thanks to you both – it somehow ended up on my reading list!  What makes it choices of oneso spectacular that it’s my first book of 2015 is that I have a reading list that ranges anywhere from 30-40 books on it at a time and I use to pick the book I read next.  I had 34 books on my list, therefore giving me a 3% chance of actually getting this novel.  Anyway, I found that interesting because I’m looking for reasons that 2015 is going to be awesome and Star Wars filled.

I liked this novel SO much better than my last Legends book (still trying not to write EU), Dawn of the Jedi.  Which is funny, because if I think about what I’m looking for in a Star Wars novel it’s generally something that happens either way before the movies or way after the movies and therefore has no connection to the main characters.  Instead, Choices of One takes place between ANH and ESB and involves the three main heroes as well.

The first third of the book was boring for me.  I struggled with getting into it and found the character interactions between Han, Leia, and Luke to be halting and didn’t flow naturally.  On the flip side, I enjoyed the scenes with the commanders on the Star Destroyer and the scenes with Mara Jade…they kept me reading when I wanted to give up.  I forgot how much I missed reading about Mara.  Though loyal to the Empire and the Emperor at this point, there are still glimpses of the woman we will see her become through her relationship with Luke.

As the novel went on, I thought our three heroes began to find their groove and Zahn did a better job of reflecting what we saw from their characters in the movie onto his paper.  Particularly, I thought he did an amazing job with Luke.  At this point, Luke is not as serious or knowledgeable of the Force as he is by the end of the OT.  He brought to life a struggle Luke had with everyone thinking he is a competent Jedi just because he has a lightsaber and blew up the Death Star, contrasted with how he feels that he knows absolutely nothing except the small training from Ben Kenobi.  I loved reading it and found it weirdly relatable as it can happen to many of us, especially if we start a new job.

When the novel started to all come together toward the end and we find out that Mara, the Hand of Judgment (a group of stormtrooper deserters), and the Rebels are all going to be at the same planet at the same time, I got a little nervous.  I was afraid of Luke and Mara having an interaction pre-Heir to the Empire and I wasn’t sure how I’d handle that.  Thankfully, Zahn threw them in a situation together where they actually do not have a conversation and only briefly glimpse each other.  It’s hard to say too much without spoiling the novel for anyone that wants to read it, but suffice it to say that my fears were unwarranted.


  • Overall, Zahn did a good job with keeping the three heroes true to form with personality quirks and attitudes.
  • I liked that there were a lot of larger issues and questions that were brought to life and made you think. For instance, Han’s moral struggles at the end of the novel when he is incognito as an Imperial Officer.  He faced a decisions where he did not have to help the Imperials in their emergency situation and they would all die, which is a benefit to the Rebel cause, or he could help them because in a sense they were a ship full of innocent people facing a common enemy.
  • Null would be happy about this: I actually really, really enjoyed all chapters that had to do with the back cover choices of oneHand of Judgment, a band of deserter stormtroopers who are this murky shade of grey. Are they good or bad?  I loved reading personalities!  In stormtroopers!  Mind blown.  But seriously, that was something I didn’t expect to like so much and I’m actually considering adding Allegiance to my book list because of how much I enjoyed them.
  • It was great revisiting Thrawn and Mara Jade again (though separately). I was afraid of overkill on Thrawn, but he was written in there just enough that there was no overload.
  • My favorite chapters/sections to read was actually Commander Pellaeon’s storyline on the Star Destroyer Chimaera. I loved how he wanted to take everything one step further on his job and showed that there was competency within the Empire.
  • I liked the setup it played between ANH and ESB. For instance, the relationship and conversations Han has with General Rieekan explains more of ESB.  Little moments like that were a nice touch.


  • The first third of the book dragged. I couldn’t get into it and was frustrated whenever I had to read chapters with the three heroes.  I felt like it took a while for Zahn to get into the groove of depicting them well, but it could also have been my resistance to actually reading them.
  • It was easily guessable. Don’t go into this novel actually hoping for a surprise at the end.  This is mara jade choices of oneno Game of Thrones and I had figured everything out by the halfway point.  Still, there’s something to be said that I kept reading even if I pretty much knew what was going to happen.
  • Is it just me or was Mara a little less harsh in this book? This could very well just be me since I haven’t read the original Thrawn Trilogy in 10+ years, but I have a distinct memory of her being a little less reasonable.
  • The Luke/Mara scene where they almost-meet-but-not-quite seems a liiiiiitle far-fetched. I was obviously happy they didn’t meet but it still seemed slightly unbelievable.  I also thought it out of character for Mara to just brush aside the name “Skywalker” that she references Vader was obsessively hunting.  I feel like Mara would have done a more thorough investigation on who he is if the name linked to someone Vader was searching for.

Overall, I was much happier with this novel than with Dawn of the Jedi.  It showed that I can read Legends books with the main characters and not give up entirely.  I would rate this 3.5/5 stars.  I liked it more than average, but I couldn’t love it enough to give it 4 stars.

Which Character Would You Choose to Be?

Before I start, a few notes.  “Hem, hem,” as Dolores Umbridge says.

First off, I have some great guest bloggers coming up in the next few weeks when I’m gone (7/4-7/21).  I really, really want everyone to comment and show love.  I can’t force you to, but would still love if you treat these people as an extension of me as they are putting in some time and effort to craft beautiful posts.   Also, if I die in Australia, they’ll be able to continue on the legacy of this wonderful blog.  Wonderful^2!

Yes.  This is the love you need to show.

Yes. This is the love you need to show.

You will notice that my instagram widget is now on the sidebar of my blog.  This is to hold myself accountable and actually follow through with my resolution to take 1 beautiful photo a day during July.  The point of this challenge is to become more aware of my surroundings and to try to look at the world from a different point of view.

This is very hard for me.  Some people see taking photos as the easiest thing, but I really am challenging myself here.  I was born lacking artistic skills.  Stick figures are the closest I get to drawing when I’m forced, so this challenge is concerning.  I have yet to take a photo today and yet to see anything worth taking a photo of.  Oh, and another concerning thought, and perhaps the most amusing, is the fact that I don’t know how I’m going to do this in Australia so there may be a two week lag of actually posting to instagram haha.  Or if everything works out with my SIM card, you’ll all be able to follow my photos on the side 🙂

Oh, and, this is my last post until I return.  Adios folks.  MTFBWY.

I was asked by a colleague at work last week a very simple, but difficult (for me) to answer question:

“If you could be any Star Wars character in the saga, who would you be?”  Upon further questioning, I found out that not only was it limited to on-screen characters, they didn’t want it to be someone with 2 seconds on the screen.  Okay.  So no Oola.  (I realized later that I wouldn’t want to be Oola anyway because she dies a horrible death)

Oh gosh, did you really just have to ask me that?

Oh gosh, did you really just have to ask me that?

This was more difficult than I thought.  Generic Old Republic Jedi wouldn’t do, neither would the Twi’leks who were massaging Sebulba.

Surprisingly, I settled upon an answer pretty quickly.  Wedge Antilles.  How weird is that?  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I rarely mention him.  He’s a cool character and I love what he did for the OT, but I’ve only lately begun to appreciate him.

Looking at the OT only and not including EU (even though a lot of what I am going to say still applies to the EU.  Legends.  Whatever.), Wedge is the guy who is always calmly backing up his comrades during the x-wing battles and survives throughout all three movies.  He may not get all the shining glory in the way Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie do.  But he appears in every movie and is one of the Rebels to help bring in a new age after the fallen Empire.  I like that.  If I were part of the Rebellion, I wouldn’t mind a role like that and I think it reflects nicely on my real personality.

It reminds me of when I used to do musicals in high school.  I never auditioned for the main role.  I never wanted the responsibility of carrying a play, singing a lot of solos, and memorizing a lot of lines.  I wanted that part that was memorable, but on the side.  I often had one solo, or would sing solos with another in a joint song, but never had the lead role.  However, it was always a memorable role and people were always coming up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed what I did.

If you haven't seen this, you should. It's my job on steroids.

If you haven’t seen this, you should. It’s my job on steroids.

It’s similar to my role today as an Executive Assistant.  I like playing an important role and having a lot of power by default…but I don’t actually like all the attention on me, nor would I like the responsibility of being an actual CEO.  I just like being the one who is calm and always standing by to help bring down the next problem.  Their right hand woman, so to say.


The thing is, we all have different shades of our personality.  As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I’m more similar to Threepio than anyone else.  At times my stubbornness lends itself well to Captain Panaka.  My need for organizing and my administrative abilities could probably reflect Admiral Ackbar.

The difference between this question that I received and other questions that have been similar (Who is your favorite character? Which characters are you most like?) is that I got to choose what popular character I would want to be from the saga.  Just like I get to choose my profession and choose what role I want to try out for in a musical.

So, surprisingly, I choose Wedge: a character that I don’t often pay attention to and take for granted.  Loyal, calm, and there when you need him.

If you could be any Star Wars character, movies, EU, or anything else, who would you choose to be?  And why?

wedge antilles is awesome