Haiku Me Friday! Gamorreans & Being a Girl Star Wars Fan

Gamorrean guard
Standing large at the palace
Their skills are lacking

I’ve mentioned this in a past post, and it’s interesting to me to see how people react to it.

When I was in high school and college, and met a fellow Star Wars fan, I would get excited to talk about Star Wars with them. When I told others I was a big Star Wars fan as well, they’d kind of smile and nod (these were mostly boys) but almost in a patronizing way. It got to be so common that I realized many of the fellow fans I was approaching conversation with did not think I was as obsessed as I am. I interpreted their reactions to think that since I was a girl, I probably didn’t LOVE Star Wars.

My frustration was often two-fold. First, I could tell that 90% of the people didn’t think I was a “real” fan, and second, inwardly, I realized that I may be an even “bigger” fan than they were. This was all based on a lot of assumptions and immaturity.

So, I used to have a theory where I tested people to weed out how much they knew about Star Wars. My one question was, “What species were the pig-like guards in Jabba’s Palace?”

If they could answer correctly, I would invest in a longer conversation with them. If they did not answer correctly, I would say, “Oh, close,” or, “Nah, it’s Gamorrean, but no biggy”, but inwardly realize it wasn’t worth my time. It’s a bit embarrassing to look back on it, but since I was being patronized, I had a need for revenge where I wanted to turn the tables on them and whoop their butt. I think my feelings were only natural, but my trivia question was completely unnecessary. I probably could have found a way to talk to ANY Star Wars fan, whether it was someone who only watches the movies occasionally or someone who devours the books and videogames. It was a little narrow-minded of me to base someone’s depth of love of Star Wars on how much they knew about species within the universe.

I dropped this question and attitude when Disney bought Lucasfilm. It’s become so much easier to talk to people about Star Wars. There were speculations to discuss, plot lines to think about, and so much more. Also, I think it helps that I’ve grown up a bit and I’m not as defensive when people ask me if I like Star Wars. I’m much more aware of how much I DON’T know, whereas before I thought I knew everything (the arrogance of youth or the need to prove a girl could be a big Star Wars fan – you choose).


If you’re a male – how did you react when you were younger, and a girl told you they were a Star Wars fan? Did you believe them? Were you open-minded or think there was no way they could be as big a fan as you?


Haiku Me Friday! Jawa Joy

I may be little
You might find me disgusting
Well, UTINNI you!

After looking at the definition, you can’t use the word utinni (it means “wow”) as I’m using it in my haiku, but c’mon, it fit so perfectly.


In Which I Recite 3 Happy Memories of Jawas

1.  Jawas always bring back one clear memory for me, and it was the first time I watched A New Hope. I had followed the story pretty well and nothing had surprised me because I had grown up with a vague knowledge of the plot and surroundings …that is, stormtroopers, Darth Vader, as well as Threepio and Artoo.

Yet when I saw that Jawa blast Artoo with his blaster and Artoo toppled down, I perked up. The movie suddenly went from interesting to gripping. Everything shifted. I expected Artoo and Threepio to have no problems going on their journey and finding Ben Kenobi. But something happened and the entire steady plotline altered. All because one mysterious being shouted, “Utinni!” and zapped Artoo.

2.  I went to my first convention ever in 2002, Celebration II. I had read about Celebration I in my Star Wars Insider and begged my dad to take me to Celebration II. The thing is – I didn’t even know what fan conventions were or cosplay or anything. I was 14 or 15 and that world was new to me. I remember driving towards the convention center and was angry at my dad because he said I could not wear my Jedi robe because I would be sorely out of place (it was his first convention too lol). As we waited in traffic, we looked out the window and there was someone in full Old Republic Jedi cosplay and it was the first cosplay I had seen in my life. I thought, “I want to be him,” and that started my 10 year obsession with getting an Old Republic Jedi Knight LFL-approved cosplay.

I had forgotten my camera, unfortunately, but the next day I brought it with me (and I totally wore my Jedi robe and brought my plastic lightsaber). And the very first picture I ever took at a convention was with a Jawa in cosplay.

I’m sharing it here…no teasing allowed!

3.  My last happy memory is recently and also has to do with cosplay. While waiting for my friend in the cold lobby of a movie theater for The Last Jedi on opening night, there were people in Star Wars cosplay walking around. One of them was a Jawa and she was short, just like the Jawas in the film. She was true to form as well and would not speak Basic with me, only Jawaese. We had time to kill so I tried to talk to her about Star Wars. It was so much fun! It’s different from someone who doesn’t know your language, because in this instance, obviously she understood me, but I was trying to get her to crack and speak Basic. Nope, she was really good. It was like playing charades, honestly but a Star Wars charades (OMG – I should do this at my next Star Wars party!).

It was in this moment that I realized (probably for the 100th time) that Star Wars can really bring people together. I have no idea what this woman looked like, but she helped me kill time and ward off the frigid December weather by discussing-but-not-discussing Star Wars. While other people may see this as nerdy, I see it as love. Love for each other as fans and love for something that brought us together. I tip my hat to the lady Jawa who reminded me that though some fans can get divisive and heated over Star Wars nowadays, I think we still, at the core, all love each other.


If Jawas are your favorite species – give me a holler in the comments and tell me why!



Haiku Me Friday! My favorite species

Ryloth, the harsh world
Some forced into lives of slaves
But they emerge strong

If you are new to my blog…and by new, I mean, you’ve only been following for about 2 years or less (lol), you’ll know my favorite species are the Twi’leks (pronounced Twee-leck).

I loved Twi’leks from the moment I first saw Oola on the screen. There was something about her that was strangely riveting. For being on screen for such a small amount of time, she made a huge mark. She was a slave who was forced to dance for a crime lord against her will, fought to get free (but honestly, she should have thought that through better), and died while trying to make her life better. Her life must have been pretty horrible to all of a sudden crack like that.

Since then, I’ve kept a close eye on the female Twi’leks. I don’t think any made an impression quite like Oola, but I would still perk up when a Twi’lek crossed the background of a screen. Their species was just so fascinating to me.

Watching the evolution of female Twi’leks throughout the history of Star Wars has been an interesting ride for the past 20 years of my life.

Oola was the first one we ever saw, and she was dressed in barely anything. This trend seemed to continue in the Special Editions, where we see Lyn Me, and then further into the Prequels with the Gella twins. All of these Twi’leks were slaves, which is one of the reasons we could explain away their lack of clothing. But as we progress into the Prequels, we see more Twi’leks in positions other than slaves, such as the Twi’leks on Coruscant or even a Jedi fan favorite, Aayla Secura. But, strangely, they still dress in revealing clothing, which had me wondering for a while if perhaps being dressed in little clothing was also something related to their culture.

For episodes I-VI, it seems like Twi’leks were equated with sexual and, in a way, we kind of normalized it as a fanbase. I’m not sure how I feel about that. As an older woman, it feels wrong. Looking back at my younger self, it was something that was presented to me and I accepted it. Not good or bad, it just was. Female Twi’leks were dressed provocatively, which is why I think for a long time, I believed it to be part of their culture.

It changed once The Clone Wars came out. We got to see more female Twi’leks in different roles than just slaves, as actual inhabitants of Ryloth with beliefs and reasons for living. We get to see children, notably Numa, who is dressed…normally.

Finally, with Star Wars Rebels, we are introduced to Hera Syndulla, one of my favorite characters outside of the movies. I appreciated Hera from the moment she was on screen in Star Wars Rebels. I love that Hera a) doesn’t have the Force, b) is a badass pilot without the Force, c) leads an entire team of rebels, first as a small ragtag group and later with the official Rebellion, d) is completely dressed from head-to-toe, and e) is a Twi’lek! I was so happy when I saw this drastic change in the way female Twi’leks are portrayed. I’ve often wondered if the reason she is so heavily dressed is because Disney was trying to make a new statement about female Twi’leks.

It was almost as if how we think about the female Twi’lek species matches the way we physically view them on the screen. When we first saw them, they were slaves to Jabba with very little cover-up and not much personality; then all the way through to an independent species that make their own mark on the Star Wars world. As we get further and further away from the George Lucas canon works (I-VI), I wonder if we’ll ever see the sexy female Twi’leks again? Are they gone forever? Or, if we see them again, will there be a heavy backstory relating to their slavery as opposed to only seeing them in the background?

Finally, I can’t end this post without saying that there is a much better haiku on Imperial Talker’s page that is dedicated entirely to the Twi’lek home world of Ryloth. Read it if you love Twi’leks! And lastly, this is a great little compilation of Twi’lek pictures that I stumbled upon.

Haiku Me Friday! The Millennium Falcon

I like to change up my haikus every year. I forgot this year because, well, life. I realized this mistake last week and began thinking about how to provide some fresh insight into the haikus. I enjoy writing them because they are short, they provide a chance for me to research something about the Star Wars universe more in depth, or I go down a tangent that proves to be quite insightful and interesting. Or all the above!

When I first started my haikus, I based them off the Star Wars daily calendar that I had on my desk at the office. Whatever Friday provided as a picture or photo, that is what I would write about. Last year Mei-Mei suggested doing haikus from character’s points of views – I loved the idea and ran with it. This year I thought hard and came up with two ideas:

  1. Work through the entire saga (I-VIII) every Friday, or
  2. Have a different theme for each month.

Since I’m so delayed, I will be going with option #2. I love the idea of #1 but I would have to be very consistent and start the first Friday in January to give me as much time as possible.

Here’s my schedule:

  • January – woops
  • February – ships
  • March – Species
  • April – Jedi
  • May – Sith
  • June – The Skywalkers
  • July – The Rebellion & Resistance
  • August – the Empire & First Order
  • September – Planets
  • October – Bounty Hunters
  • November – Battles
  • December – Droids

I’m cheating in February because ships are my LEAST favorite thing to talk about in the Star Wars universe, so that gives me only two Fridays to talk about it.


So without further ado, ONWARDS!

It always escapes
Owners change throughout its life
Lando, Han, and Rey


With only two Fridays to focus on ships, I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a haiku on the Millennium Falcon. This is nowhere near one of my best haikus and I should focus more because there was a lot I wanted to say. (This haiku is better)

Since observing the new look of the Falcon in the Solo trailers and how pristine/different it seems, I began to get nostalgic for the Original Trilogy and Han’s ownership of it during that time period.

I grew up on the Prequels. Sure, I watched the Original Trilogy, but I didn’t feel this sense of ownership towards them like older fans did. But I’m realizing that I do feel a weird sense of protective traits toward the Falcon. I don’t mind that the Falcon now more or less belongs to Rey since I adore her, but it doesn’t sit as perfectly in my soul. The Falcon will always belong to Han Solo.

The bizarre twist to this is that I’m not a diehard Falcon fan. There are people who get tattoos of the Falcon and consider the ship to be a character within all the movies. I have never felt like that until…now. Until I see the Solo trailer and see how different it looks. The Falcon is new, it’s big mandibles have yet to come into being, and the inside looks like a medical facility.

Internally, I’m screaming. This isn’t the Millennium Falcon! This isn’t the ship that we love!

Don’t be fooled by this picture…my phone gave both Artoo and I some extreme airbrushing.

I found an old stuffed Artoo (it’s like an Artoo stuffed animal) last weekend while I was getting ready for my annual Star Wars party. I first encountered this little guy once when I was in Florida when I was 12 at a flea market. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have enough money and my parents wouldn’t buy it for me – no doubt because they were still hoping this “fad” would disappear. So when we went back a year later I brought all the money I had and prayed and hoped that the little Artoo would still be for sale at the marketplace. And guess what? It was! It probably wasn’t the same one but the guy at the flea market still carried it. The cloth was shining white and it made beep boop sounds when you pressed it. I had that Artoo in my room for years, until my parents put an extension on their house and I had to pack it away. I’ve been carrying it around with me in a box as I moved around from apartment, to house, and to this new house, when I finally unpacked it.

When I found it last weekend, my heart soared and it brought back all these memories. It has weird water stains on it, the white is now almost a cream, but it still beeps strongly and is adorable.

This is the Artoo I love, like the Falcon in the OT. New is great, but old and full of memories can sometimes be better.

I understand that there is an origin story to every human being and even to every inanimate object we encounter. I’m going to work on accepting that with the Solo movie, even if I might struggle a bit with the Falcon.


How do you feel about the new Solo trailer? Do you love the Millennium Falcon or are you indifferent?


Haiku Me Friday! Kenobi Rumors

My little green friend
His advice and help guide me
So strong with the Force


I really don’t like talking about the rumors of new movies coming out. I’m the type of gal that until I hear it from LFL, then it doesn’t exist.



There have been so many rumors swirling around of an Obi-Wan standalone. I’m 95% against this idea for a movie because I think it ruins George Lucas’ vision. Not that I really know the story Lucas had in mind for Kenobi, but I believe he was implying by the end of ROTS and in ANH that Obi-Wan had lived on Tatooine for about 19 years in solitude watching Luke grow up and making sure the Empire (specifically the Emperor and Vader) never knew he was there.

So the thought of a movie is slightly abhorrent to me.


Suppose I have no choice in this matter (I never do, sigh) and Disney makes a Kenobi movie.

I believe they have the chance to explore something really interesting: taking Luke when he is very young to Dagobah.

It’s like… something out of a dream, or, I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just going crazy.

Yes! That line! It bothers me and I’m sure it bothers other fans. Disney has the chance to correct something that Lucas, if he had more time in his movies perhaps, could have spoken to (along with Leia remembering her mother which is an even bigger grievance).

I’m unsure how they would work into the story line the need for Luke to go with Obi-Wan to Dagobah. There are plenty of reasons for Obi-Wan to go (more training on how to become a Force ghost or chat with Qui-Gon), but less compelling reasons for Luke to go. Not my problem how they work it out but this could be really interesting. Of course, this would mean enlisting a child actor which would be difficult, but again, not my problem.

This has been on my mind as well because my daughter is just beginning to understand and remember events and details. ARM now knows when we are getting close to our house when driving down the street. She knows when we go to one of her grandparents’ houses and knows where the children’s section is in the library. From 1.5-2.5 years could be the perfect time for Luke to go to Dagobah, forget it entirely, but feel an odd remembrance when he returns years later.


Do you think there will be a Kenobi movie? Are you in favor or not?