Third Times the Charm

(Please, please, please...if you have been reading all the spoilers on the internet - do not write about them here!  These are all my own theories and I want to be happily correct or incorrect WHEN I SEE THE MOVIE and not beforehand.  Thanks.) Okay.  So.  This: This happened last night. These are my … Continue reading Third Times the Charm

Book Review: A New Dawn

First of all, if anyone wants my copy of A New Dawn, I will gladly send it your way for free.  Yup, I’ll pay for shipping too.  If I’m not going to read a book again, I like to share the love and give it to someone else who may appreciate it.  And from there, … Continue reading Book Review: A New Dawn

Book Review: Choices of One

I like that I started 2015 off with a Star Wars novel.  I find that somehow fitting, seeing as this year is going to be a huge Star Wars year, what with the amping up of The Force Awakens. Mei-Mei suggested Choices of One (by Timothy Zahn) to me almost 1 years ago in a random post, … Continue reading Book Review: Choices of One

Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #96

(So guys, I swore I had posted this yesterday, but looks like I still have to figure out WordPress's new posting feature. Sorry about that!  I guess it's a Scene it on Saturday now.) Let’s talk about this scene. Why didn’t Vader kill Piett? Clearly Admiral Piett fears that his death is coming. They disabled the … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #96

Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #51

Ohhhhhh, Lucas, why must you have such short scenes in the Prequels? Especially AOTC and ROTS. I can’t write anything about them when you do this to me! Here are some interesting tidbits about the ship: Operated by 600 droids, commanded by real people, aliens, etc. The ships were easy to modify to suit someone’s … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #51