Haiku Me Friday! Hanging upside down

I’m disoriented
The blood rushes to my head
But I feel the Force

This scene in ESB is often overlooked.  It’s a scene that seems like it could have been left on the cutting floor EXCEPT for the fact that we see Luke use the Force in a way we’ve never seen before.  As someone who has grown up with the OT, I’ve gotten used to this scene but I believe it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Before now, we have not really seen what the Force can do.  We’ve seen Obi-Wan mind trick some Stormtroopers, fight Darth Vader with a lightsaber, and speak inside Luke’s head.  Luke blows up the Death Star but it’s still a little hazy on whether or not that was the Force.  As an audience member, we are to believe that he blew up the Death Star with two perfectly timed proton torpedoes using some supernatural element but still…ehh…maybe it was luck?

Then we see Luke pull his lightsaber to him like a magnet.  This is a huge jump from what happened in ANH, even more so because Luke is actually physically doing it and there can be no doubt.  Also, he does this while hanging upside down for goodness knows how long.

After this scene where it is determined that yes, Luke does have the Force, and yes, he’s getting stronger in using the Force – we see him speak to Ben on Hoth through a Force vision and then he heads to Dagobah where he trains in using the Force with Yoda.

This scene serves as a moving piece on the Saga game board.  Though small, it helps cement the audience’s belief in the Force.


Happy St. Patricks’ Day everyone!  Hope you find your pot o’ gold.  🙂

I leave you with this picture of my husband and I at the Guinness Brewery in October:



Tosche Station Finds: March

March is a tough month.  It’s the beginning of spring and there are a few holidays of note: Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and St. Patrick’s Day.  So there’s a lot to play with here in terms of what you’d find on display in the window at Tosche Station.

I’m going with St. Patrick’s Day because it’s right around the corner, and who doesn’t love a solid night of drinking??  (Please note – I am not encouraging excessive drinking in any way with this post.  Just saying there are some fabulous Star Wars drinking paraphernalia, which you can enjoy without downing tons of alcohol.)

Let’s start with this t-shirt from 21CenturyClothing.  Not only does it combine green AND Guinness, it also has Darth Vader on it (the best part).  This shirt would totally ROCK at the bars on St. Patty’s Day.  I’m sure you’d pick up quite a few lads and lassies while wearing this.

Darth Vader guinness

Once you get the lad/lassie interested enough to talk to you beyond commenting on your shirt, you pull out some Star Wars shot glasses by NexusGlass that you’ve been keeping in your pockets/purse for the clincher.  These have something for everyone.  Interested in the Prequels?  Are they more of a Dark Side fan?  Boba Fett their favorite character?  You’ve got four glasses to appeal to any kind of fan.

star wars shot glasses

So now you’ve loosened up your fellow fan a bit and the alcohol is running through your veins.  Chatting away, you gather the courage to give them your number.  You’re not sure what they’re thinking, but they seem receptive.

As you are about to order yourselves some Guinness, you say, “Hold on.  If you like Star Wars this much, let me show you what I’ve got in my car.  Wait here.”  Running out to the car, you grab some Star Wars Comic Koozies by pdxSoftgoods for the next few beers you’re going to order.  Perfect, you think, this will definitely seal the deal.

star wars koozies

But when you come back, they’re talking to someone else.  Wait, is this a joke?  How could anyone be more attractive than a Star Wars fan?!  You slap your hand to your face and think, how could I leave them alone at the bar?  Only an amateur does that!

Slowly, you walk out the door, as the festivities of the bar are now lost on you.  You go home, crack open a beer, pour it into a Yoda pint glass (because he’s green of course) with some Carbonite ice cubes, get yourself some Lucky Charms (Or “arms”…I know this is a magnet, but it’s pretty funny), sit down on the couch, and turn on Star Wars.  You manage to forget about the lad/lassie at the bar because they didn’t deserve your Force love anyway.  Gradually you fall asleep to the soothing music of John Williams.

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Waking up the next morning, you stretch, check your phone and see a text.

“Hey, this is the Star Wars fan from the bar last night.  Had a good time with you. Was talking with my cousin and didn’t see you again. Hope you’re okay and we can meet up sometime.”


Star Wars fans always win.