Fan Art Friday! What…?

If anyone has ANY idea what this picture is supposed to be, let me know. My husband said he thinks it's the Emperor's Royal Guards but I'm not sure. He could have been thinking that because of the red I used. I thought maybe it was the bottom of Slave I but then that seemed … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! What…?

Haiku Me Friday! Slave I Edition

I just made a haiku that related to Attack of the Clones.  Goodness gracious!  What is this world coming to? Also, Yours Truly made a guest appearance in Darth Amethystos' post.

Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #77 (and some Legos)

Funny I get this scene right after I write my little character analysis on Lando.  Here’s Leia and Chewie, totally trusting Lando a little too soon for my liking.  However, upon further reflection, I kind of get why they trusted him at this point because it was out of necessity more than anything.  They needed … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #77 (and some Legos)

Haiku 04.05.14

This is actually one of the pictures from my calendar from a few weeks ago.  I loved it so much that I put it up in my cube, which is strange since I like Boba, but am not the hugest fan or by no means obsessed.  I just thought the painting was incredible, so I … Continue reading Haiku 04.05.14