Amidala and Palpatine

I always loved Queen Amidala. She got me through some tough times as a bullied pre-teen as I saw her as a strong, dominating figure. There are two scenes in particular that I think often goes unnoticed by fans, and I'd like to bring our attention to it. In TPM, Palpatine is pressuring Amidala to give … Continue reading Amidala and Palpatine


Haiku Me Friday! A formidable queen

Shout out to Queen Amidala.  I was supposed to do a Fan Art Friday with Mei-Mei and I completely dropped the ball.  First, I forgot.  Then, my daughter got very sick and all my attention was devoted on getting her well again.  So be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s coloring book post and I’ll be … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! A formidable queen

Palpatine’s Game of Chess

I was in the process of doing a Vader vs. Sidious showdown post when a thought struck me. Clearly Sidious would win, there’s no doubt. Then how come he didn’t? The more I write on my blog, the more I realize how much of a master manipulator Palpatine really is. In simple terms: he maintained … Continue reading Palpatine’s Game of Chess

Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #73

There are two fabulous reasons to love this scene. Amidala is a great ruler.  She is willing to deal with politics, but not insomuch as that it distracts from her task.  Her primary focus is her planet and her people. Palpatine is a master manipulator. We have to keep in mind that Amidala is young … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #73