Lately, I’ve been less likely to do these WordPress tagging games but this one struck my interest. Thanks Mei-Mei! Only because…I HIT MY 5 YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY A FEW WEEKS AGO! (Is it blogoversary or bloggerversary or blogversary? Anyone know?) And I kept meaning to make a post about honoring that exciting day but never did. … Continue reading #MyFirstPostRevisited

Book Review: Thrawn

He’s back! A favorite character of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, now Legends, has been recreated in this new novel by the one and only Timothy Zahn.  I believe Thrawn was one of the greatest disappointments to numerous fans when Disney announced that the EU was no longer going to be canon.  Thrawn is … Continue reading Book Review: Thrawn

Idolizing the Original Trilogy

I’m getting a little nervous.  It seems like as we move closer and closer to December 18th and this new world of Star Wars (aka post-Disney takeover), the more I realize how much of an emphasis we are placing on the Original Trilogy. Of course I’m a fan of the OT, but it seems like … Continue reading Idolizing the Original Trilogy

An Open Letter to Entertainment Companies

Dear Journalists and Companies That Crave Clicks, I know you have a job to do.  I know and I understand.  You want people to see your headline, be intrigued, and read the article further.  Especially if you write for the World Wide Web and you can now (gasp!) track how many people click on your … Continue reading An Open Letter to Entertainment Companies

Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #25

There’s so much to go into with this scene, I love it! My main thoughts: The first time we see a woman leader within the rebellion other than Leia. Han and Lando have really progressed in their character arc. Leia is sensing Luke more and more, tuning into the Force. This is a turning point … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #25