Fan Art Friday! My pencils need to be sharpened…

It’s the first Friday of the month and here we are with another Fan Art Friday…a wonderful time where Mei-Mei and I color the same picture – with completely different results.

I chose this month’s picture of Salacious B. Crumb because I love the character.  When I was younger, I found him to be so annoying that I could barely stand the sound of his laugh when I watched ROTJ.   As I transitioned into the “adult” working world, I began to see similarities between Salacious Crumb and those people who suck up to the higher ranks in the company just to be sure of their place.

In my first job out of college, there was a very slimy, sneaky man who I couldn’t stand who had the fakest smile and fakest voice.  He would come up to my desk and ask me to do something for him and when I told him I had no time, he would just stand there smiling…until it got super awkward and I would either a) cave and say okay, or b) he would walk away.  I soon learned that option b wasn’t too great because it would get me in trouble with my boss.  Whenever he was around the EVP or CEO though, he would be all laughs.  It was disgusting. You could hear the laugh so clearly from my desk and it would grate on me, like nails down a chalkboard.  I try not to hate anyone, but this guy came close to trying my patience (there are other reasons, but I won’t get into it here).   So I began to look at him as Salacious Crumb (he was short too!) and it helped me get through the day a bit better.

When I moved on from that company, I realized there are Salacious B. Crumb’s in every office.  There are always those that want to laugh at you on their way up and sit in the lap of the Jabba the Hutt’s laughing at their silly jokes.  But who knows, maybe if you wait long enough, they’ll get blown up in a sail barge and you won’t have to think about them anymore. 🙂

Salacious Crumb Star Wars coloring book


I realized as I was coloring this picture that I’ve become immune to a lot of parts of Star Wars, which makes me excited to watch it with ARM and future children.  For instance, Salacious Crumb is ugly.  Maybe I realized that during one of the first few times I watched Star Wars, but whoa, he’s not good looking at all.

Other than Salacious Crumb, the colors I chose for this were the colors that still had sharp points as pencils.  HAHA!  Hence my title…I need to go through and sharpen all the colored pencils again but I am so busy that I haven’t found the time.  Funnily, I think the way it came out was really interesting with the colors!  Maybe I need to stop taking myself so seriously when I do these coloring books. This one is much more lazy and haphazard than my others, but I think it’s really fun.  The only thing that’s funky is the picture I took makes his fur look red…whereas IRL I swear it’s a burnt brown color almost.

Next month we are doing Wicket!  Don’t forget to also check out Mei-Mei’s rendition of Crumb.


My 5 Favorite Aliens

Every issue of Star Wars Insider has an article where they talk/interview a person somehow related to Star Wars about their “5 Favorite…” and I love reading them.  I like to think of my own answers to them and wrote a post on my 5 favorite visuals a while ago.

This issue interview’s Tom Spina on his 5 Favorite Aliens.  You’ll have to read Insider for his answers, but here are mine.

  1. Salacious Crumb. I get it, he’s totally one of the most annoying aliens in Star Wars.  But I think his name is fantabulous along with his quirky, annoying personality.  He had just the right amount of screen time; any more would have jolted the audience too much out of the movie and instead would have caused them to resent him. I think he’s also top of my list because I’ve definitely used him as a code name in many work instances.  Back when I worked in an office, there was always one person who was a total butt kisser and super annoying.  My code name for them was always Salacious B. Crumb.
  2. Cantina Bar Ithorian. Wow, this guy totally sparked my imagination when I was younger.  I couldn’t imagine functioning as this alien and his head was so funny looking!  I just think this gives a great testament to George’s ability to make aliens in the Star Wars world all look different and unique.  Most sci-fi movies had a pretty boring outlook on what aliens should look like, but the Star Wars universe was lived in and diverse.  I’m happy Ithorians got to play a larger role in The Clone Wars.
  3. Varactyls.  I loved Boga.  I thought she was so cute and I’d like to imagine that she lived through the fall on Utapau.  I also like it because there are not many aliens that we see more as pets/transportation in Star Wars.  Boga, as well as Dewbacks, were used as a form of transportation and I thought that was cool.  It showed that people, including Jedi, were not above riding animals when they needed to get the job done.  Does she count as an alien though or does she fall into the animal category?  I don’t care, she stays on my list.
  4. Geonosians.  Most of my choices with my favorite aliens also relates back to their sounds.  Crumb had a high-pitched annoying laugh, the Itorian at the Cantina Bar had a sound that I can’t even accurately describe…it was almost like a stretching sound, and Boga/Varactyls had this cool scream.  Geonosians have to have one of my favorite voices/sounds ever.  To this day, I still make their noises and imitate them at times when I walk around the house.  I’m not a huge fan of the way they look (eew, life size bugs!) but the way they sound put them on my list.
  5. Twi’leks. I would be untrue to myself if I didn’t put Twi’leks on this list.  They fell out of my favor for a while when I saw that the females were used in a purely sexual fashion within the movies (even Aayla Secura had a lot of skin showing) and the men were kind of evil (Bib Fortuna).  But since the addition of Hera in Star Wars Rebels as a fully clothed, competent, smart leader of the Ghost crew…they have made their way back onto my list.  I just loved Twi’leks from the first time I saw Oola dance on the screen.  The lekku completely fascinated me and I wanted to know as much about them as possible.  The Star Wars universe continues to reinvent this alien race and I am much obliged.

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So there you have it!  What are your top 5?  Are you surprised I have two on the list from the Prequels?

Off on a Grand Adventure!

Hi All!

I am off to the Star Wars Celebration next week so I will be MIA.  I added my Instagram feed on the side so please follow my adventure with me!

I am SO excited that I’m finally going!  This has been years in the making.  The last Celebration I went to was Celebration II in 2002, so this has is 13 years later.

Oh, and as a side note, and because I’ve been meaning to post this for 2 weeks, but I keep forgetting: we got a new member of our family!  Little Yogi Bear!  Not a Star Wars name unfortunately, but if I had to pin him on a Star Wars character…maybe he would be like Salacious Crumb.  Haha!  Not a good character to compare him to, but he does like to cuddle on the couch with us, yet can also be slightly crazy.  He’s a cutie!  Still a puppy though so he is super high energy.  We got so used to Chewie when she got sick and how lazy and sleepy she was.  I forgot that she was pretty energetic when we first got her too.  So it’s weird having this crazy, hyper puppy running around.

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Anyway, welcome Yogi to my family!  And follow my adventures at the Star Wars Celebration!  LESS THAN ONE WEEK!

P.S. Did anyone get the digital downloads of Star Wars?  I have not, but if you’re interested in what Disney did with the Fox fanfare in the beginning, read this.

Working Space

One of my followers (and I follow his blog), epicipseity, had a post the other day showing his working space and where he writes.  If you haven’t read his blog/science fiction work, I highly recommend it!  You can find him at

Anyway, I just loved seeing his desk.  It’s so cool to see where people work when they write and thus, so inspired, I decided to do the same and let you see where I work.

First off: my work desk/cube!  Though I do not write full posts from this area, a lot of my inspiration (if you can call it that) comes from where I spend 8 hours of my day.  Often, I’ll pull up a file in my dropbox reserved for blog notes and I’ll jot down a note here or there that I think I may want to write about.

2013-01-14 08.38.50

As you can see, it’s scattered with Star Wars stuff.  I have the left hand side near the window that has random Star Wars paraphernalia I have collected from coworkers over the past 3 years.  The little Yoda stuffed animal was given to me by my good friend here in the office and he talks too!  My desk is littered with pics of my favorite Star Wars characters (taken from the 2011 day-at-a-time calendar), so hence the Luke and Oola pic.  We’ve also got my new calendar on the right, with my desktop that rotates a different Star Wars picture every hour.  I love the desktop wallpaper shuffle option and not knowing what I’ll get, but it is embarrassing when I’m in a meeting and trying to start a webinar and there is good ol’ Darth Vader staring at you.  My flowchart keeps me sane on the crazy days and can be found here.

When I’m on the phone, I’m generally looking in this area:

2013-01-14 08.36.09

I mentioned in one of my Scene it on Friday’s that Mr. Reticent and I had Star Wars names for upper level people in our office.  You can see here that Salacious Crumb and Watto refer to two of said people.  Salacious Crumb’s pic is near one person’s office and Watto is near the other as an amusing reminder to myself.  My mom cut out the Heart and the City comic for me and the girl is saying, “It’s too early to deal with Darth Vader.”  With the boys response, “Sorry.  Boba Fett is at the cleaners.”  Cute.  Darth Vader is just there so that I can look at him when I’m dealing with someone extremely frustrating on the phone and drinking tea out of my Mount Holyoke mug (did I ever mention I love tea?  It’s my other obsession).

Finally, we have my work space at home where I compile my thoughts and write a post:

2013-01-14 08.03.00

Notice there is nothing related to Star Wars and the reason for that is (1) all my Star Wars stuff is neatly and nicely compiled on the other side of the room on display and (2) my husband uses the computer way more than I do so it’s almost like it’s “his” computer.  So there is no Star Wars stuff, but somehow I manage. 😉

Sorry if no one found this interesting but I love seeing where people work!