Luke and the Dark Side

While writing my analysis of Luke’s costumes through the Original Trilogy, an interesting question presented itself. Do you think Luke would have turned to the dark side had he not known Leia was his sister? I’m looking at this in a way of Luke having no family that he knew of at all.  Leia can … Continue reading Luke and the Dark Side

Book Review: A New Dawn

First of all, if anyone wants my copy of A New Dawn, I will gladly send it your way for free.  Yup, I’ll pay for shipping too.  If I’m not going to read a book again, I like to share the love and give it to someone else who may appreciate it.  And from there, … Continue reading Book Review: A New Dawn

Costuming & Characters: Part I – Princess Leia (Essay)

How do costumes define the characters in Star Wars?  This idea has been mulling around in my head for a while, since I had a brief discussion with Mei Mei in the comments of my blog on planets.  This is more of an essay than a blog post, but well worth the read if you’re … Continue reading Costuming & Characters: Part I – Princess Leia (Essay)

Friendship Shows Us Who We Really Are

I find that I’m really liking Star Wars Rebels.  One of the main reasons I think I love it so much is the camaraderie and friendships aboard the Ghost between all the crew members.  I love Kanan and Hera’s relationship, or more precisely: friendship.  Now, I haven’t read A New Dawn yet, but it’s sitting … Continue reading Friendship Shows Us Who We Really Are

Ruminations on Padmé

I have finally come to accept the fact that I really can’t go anywhere without thinking about Star Wars.  Such was the case this past weekend when I went to a baby shower. Two thoughts struck me on Padmé and her storyline throughout ROTS. First: how many people actually knew that Padmé was pregnant? After … Continue reading Ruminations on Padmé