Lando: The Old Smoothie

I haven’t written much about Lando Calrissian…mostly because I don’t like him.  I don’t like that he turned Han over to the Empire and even though he redeemed himself pretty fast, I still never had strong feelings for him.  I don’t know – I just got scumbag vibes from Lando and could never relate to him. … Continue reading Lando: The Old Smoothie


Haiku 04.09.14

Life: I'm doing my job- These requests don't come from me! Don't get disgruntled. As an Executive Assistant, you often have to give directives that come from the CEO.  When someone is busy and he wants you to in his office, then your job is to get them there ASAP.  And sometimes, for good reasons, … Continue reading Haiku 04.09.14

Geek Out! Star Wars Rebels Edition

I haven’t given a Geek Out! in a while, so I thought I’d devote this one entirely to Star Wars Rebels, since more details have been coming out here and there in the past few months. I’m excited for Star Wars Rebels, the new TV show coming out this fall.  After being so hesitant and … Continue reading Geek Out! Star Wars Rebels Edition