May the Fourth Be with You!

This day is so funny to me.  What started out in Canada as a tagline for an event, has taken over the mainstream world so much so that even LFL and Disney acknowledge it.  I remember everyone wondering if they were going to release some big news about TFA last year…I can’t remember if they did, but this year they announced the dates of the next Celebration: April 13-17 in Orlando.  Orlando is way better than Anaheim so I’m all for it.  AND IT’ FALLS OVER MY BIRTHDAY (April 14).  It’s a sign.

But I’m going to have a baby that’s less than a year old.

But I could dress her up in cute outfits.

But I might not have enough money since I have a baby.

But it could be really fun and I love Celebrations.

But that’s a lot of waiting in line with a baby.

But my husband could come again and he can stay in the hotel.

But that would be boring/lonely by myself.

Okay, okay, okay.  Internal dilemma.  I have almost a year to figure this out.  I digressed.

Yeah, this day is just amusing.  I mean, why the big deal?  It kind of reminds of Valentine’s Day, which I despise with a passion.  Why do you need a day singled out to watch Star Wars, wear Star Wars, and promote Star Wars?  But unlike Valentine’s Day, this doesn’t involve the pressure of being with someone else so I like it better.  I can celebrate and have fun on my own.

The most entertaining thing is that I get more texts today wishing me a Happy Star Wars Day than I do on my birthday.  My friends know their priorities. 🙂

I loved going through WordPress today and seeing what other people do.  Here’s what I did this year:

Last night I took out my Star Wars coloring book I got for my birthday (Mei-Mei has the same one! I posted about it a bit ago) and colored my first picture.  This is the first time I’ve colored in about probably 21 years, so kind of big deal.  And surprisingly, it was relaxing and addicting.  I kind of just let myself go and didn’t try to plan it out in advance.  Here’s what I came up with:

Star Wars coloring book

I started off knowing I wanted the Rebel Insignia red and worked from there.  I threw in a lot of green in the picture, even in places you might not see it (for instance, the lightsaber hilts have very light green in it) because green is my favorite lightsaber color.  What surprised me the most is when I would make a mistake and have to roll with it by adding other colors – those blend of colors usually ended up the prettiest.  For instance, the polygon shape that is holding a lightsaber hilt on the bottom turned out the most beautiful shade of purple!  It’s almost periwinkle and that all came from making a mistake on one and having to go and blend colors together to all of them.

I’m definitely going to continue doing this and hoping Mei-Mei will let me join in with her!

Other than that, I listened to Star Wars music all day and wore some Star Wars stuff.  Disney released the song that was played inside of Maz’s castle, TFA’s “cantina” song so I had fun listening to that.  The only thing is, it’s called Jabba Flow.  Like, really?  JABBA?  WHY?  Why did they have to pull that name from the OT?  It doesn’t even make sense.  Jabba has been dead for about 30 years and I don’t think anyone would name a song after him.

I also made my annual Star Wars cookies!  There’s a reason I only make these once a year…they take a long time.  This year I decided to switch it up a bit and make sugar cookies instead of shortbread cookies (what the kit recommends).  Not a good idea.  They exploded and you can barely make out the characters.  Sigh.  Compare this year to a different year’s:

Yeah.  LOL.  Oh well.

So there’s my day.  Not much but I hope everyone else had a good one, whether or not you celebrate Star Wars day!


Final Analysis on the The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

So we all watched it last week and had a great discussion about what the heck is possibly going on in The Force Awakens.

I thought that since it’s been a week, now is a good time to organize my thoughts, excitement, and speculations and write everything down.  It will be fun to come back in a year-ish and see which of my predictions were right, and which were wrong.

Overall, I liked the trailer.  I’ve heard complaints that people wanted to see the original cast back, but I’ve said from the beginning that I really wanted them to focus on the new cast and give a fresh look to Star Wars.  They did that with the trailer and I’m happy about that.

I was also happy at just how much of a tease it was.  So many questions left unanswered and so many theories now in place.

This is a looooooooooooong blog post, mostly for my own reference next year, but if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, then plow ahead.  (Oh wait, that’s all of you)


Trailer fades in and all we hear is,

There has been an awakening.  Have you felt it?

I spent a long time trying to figure out the voice.  My first thought was Andy Serkis, and then I completely wiped that from my mind and I swore it was Benedict Cumberbatch, despite his denial that he’s in VII.  I thought maybe he wasn’t appearing in VII, but his voice was there…mysterious and elusive and he will appear in person in VIII and IX.  I was completely wrong (but originally right) because Andy Serkis confirmed he’s the voice.

THEN BAM!  Up pops John Boyega in a stormtrooper outfit on a desert planet.

john boyega

Boyega: My first gut reaction is that he’s on Tatooine.  I still believe that because it would be a nice way to tie all the trilogies together.  We visit Tatooine in the first movie of each trilogy (ANH and TPM) so I think it would be appropriate to also see it in TFA.  Will the main star come from Tatooine like Anakin and Luke did?

Most interesting is that Boyega is in the stormtrooper outfit with his helmet off.  When have we ever seen that with a stormtrooper?  Never.  We’ve seen it with clonetroopers, but not stormtroopers.  He also looks paranoid, frightened, and is definitely out of breath.  Why the urgency?  What’s going on here?

Is there significance with the way he pops up after the voice over mentions “the awakening”?  Could Boyega’s character randomly have the Force awakened in him?  We’ve thought that the Force is with someone from their birth and it doesn’t awaken out of the blue.  In a sense, it awakened with Luke when Obi-Wan began his training, so perhaps that is the case with Boyega’s character, though the voice over suggests otherwise.

ezra and zare

Ezra and Zare

My final thought on this shot is my grand revelation I had last Friday that Boyega is actually the stormtrooper that Ezra met in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Breaking Ranks”.  If so, his character name would be Zare Leonis and he infiltrated the Imperial Academy in search of his missing sister.  When Ezra escapes, Zare decides to stay to continue his personal mission.  Disney and LFL said that they wanted to start tying the canon together more with the books, shows, and movies.  If my theory is correct, this could be step in the right direction.  Perhaps we will never see Zare again in SWR, but his storyline will be revealed in TFA.  It could also explain why perhaps he’s on the run in this episode.  Maybe he’s escaping the Empire (finally).

On top of that, what if his sister is played by Lupita Nyong’o?  We don’t see her character at all in this trailer, but they gave Zare’s sister a name in SWR (Dhara) and why do that with no intention of ever bringing the storyline back?

It might be a bit of a stretch though, since Boyega himself is 22 years old.  But Nyong’o is 31 so it could work…maybe…?

As we transition to the next scene, you can faintly hear a probe droid, so it reaffirms the fact that he could be on the run.

Soccer ball droid: Your guess is as good as mine.  No idea how that droid would function, what it was there for, or if it was even important.  I checked through the Prequels trailers and they did have some random shots of ships that really had no real bearing on the story.  So maybe that was the case with soccer ball droid, or maybe it does mean something.  The only thing I saw of significance was the junk it was rolling past.  Looks a lot like podracers to me…

soccer ball droid

Empire:  Stormtroopers in garish, flashing light.  Oh, and isn’t one a little short for a stormtrooper?  Could that be John Boyega again?  So we know stormtroopers = Empire, so it brings us to the question…did the Rebellion not destroy the Empire in ROTJ?  Is it still alive and well?  And look at the helmets!  Different, but similar.

stormtroopers tfa

There are also rumblings online that they could be in an Imperial Troop Transport.  Apparently Kenner released a toy of them but no one has actually seen them on film (It was in SWR though).  So is that true and it’s making it’s first movie appearance?  If you see the quick shot, it also looks like the stormtroopers have new-ish blasters as well.

And then we see their feet and it looks like they are about to descend into the night.  But where?  What planet?  There are lights, not natural lights, when you look into the night as the ship opens.  The dots of white and red make me think it’s some kind of civilization where they may be going to attack.

Ridley: Daisy Ridley!  Wooo.  She jumps on some sort of speeder, that kind of looks like a cross between an AA-9 Coruscant Freighter and podracer, but different.  And yet, did anyone else feel like it was eerily similar?  Like I had seen it before?

But let me just say this was my FAVORITE scene.  It was so reminiscent of Leia on Endor that my heart sang.  The outfit was even similar to what the Rebels wore on Endor with the over-the-shoulders slouch look.

There has been a lot of speculation on the fact that she had some sort of spear and/or lightsaber right next to her when she jumped on, but then it wasn’t there when she was flying away.  I also noticed that.  Look:

The hilt definitely looks like a lightsaber, but the blade somehow encased or contained?  Why is it missing in the next scene?  Honestly, I think it was a mistake by the editors.  They aren’t even close to done with the film and they probably have a bunch of different shots, some with that lightsaber thing and some without.  Abrams probably didn’t want us seeing it and getting too much information so he didn’t want it in the scene.  You know what…I have no idea, but I really think it was a mistake.

And she, like Boyega, looks like she is running from something and is slightly nervous.  As she speeds off into the distance, we see her going towards something that looks almost like the junk we saw in the background of the soccer ball droid.  Is it the same place?

X-Wings: Woooo!  X-Wings are back and Oscar Isaac is at the helm.  And notice guys…notice….the Rebel Insignia!!!  I had had moments of fear that they would completely change it and then my tattoo would be a remnant of a lost time, but nope.  Loud and proud on his helmet AND his fighter uniform.  Also, remember how I mentioned a year ago that most of the Insignia’s were actually a dark blue, not the red we always place with them?  Looks like Abrams remembers that too since the one on his uniform is the dark blue, though the one on the helmet is red.

oscar isaacs x wing

But of course that brings up the recurring question AGAIN…are we still fighting the Empire?  Still?  WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?

xwings over waterThe X-wings fly over the water, which I actually could not figure out was water at first, silly me.  Just from the lighting, I thought it was actually Hoth again and they were flying over ice the first two times I watched it.  Beautiful shots though, right?  I love the artistry so far.  However…this scene actually makes me think it might be a closing scene of the movie.  Something about the lighting and the way there are three going into battle.  Will it be a final battle over the water?  THAT would be different!

Sith:  Okay, the big question.  All over the internet and TV, I’ve seen people dissecting this blade and the big question, “Who is that?”

First, we’ll talk about the blade.  I kind of like it.   The pulsing, unclean cut to it makes me think of something new sith crossguard lightsaberunfinished.  Perhaps due to the Sith (supposedly) being wiped out, this person had to create a lightsaber based on what they researched.  And this is what it is?

But what about those little blades coming out and making it seem like a cross guard?  I’ve read so much from people who think it’s stupid (what if your hand slips?) to people who think it’s practical as it will stop another lightsaber from chopping off your hand (that happens a lot, it seems).  I think…meh.  Don’t really like it actually.  I like the unfinished look of the blade, just not the cross guards.

As for who it is – I really, really want it to be Gwendoline Christie.  Really badly.  I’d love to think that the fact they were hiding the person was because we are finally, FINALLY get a female Sith.

Logic is pointing to Adam Driver because ever since he was cast he has been attached with the Sith rumor.  Some fans believe it could even be Luke due to the fact that they think this person’s right hand/arm is thicker than the other so perhaps it’s a bionic hand in there.  I disagree.  The gait of the villain (if it is a villain) seemed to be of a younger person.  And a very tall person at that.  Christie and Driver come in at 6’3” and Hamill comes in at 5’9”.

The voice returns.

The dark side.

And the light.

And then YAY IT’S THE FALCON.  Who got goosebumps then?  I certainly did.  The effect of it turning around and we’re following it upside down at this crazy angle and then there are TIE Fighters coming at you…MAGIC.  Loved it.  Second favorite moment for me, for sure.  And with the theme blaring in the background.  Happiness.  Pure happiness.

Falcon and TIEs

Again though, why the TIEs?  The Empire is somehow back in this movie.  Another desert planet, but this whole time we have not seen any sign of twin suns so we can’t confirm it’s Tatooine.   The Falcon also has a rectangular dish on it, no longer a circular one because if you remember, it got knocked off on the second Death Star run.


The only question left for me at the end, on which I have no real theories on, is the voice.  Serkis’ overarching voice gave us a narrative that seems most unusual for Star Wars.  What character is that?  It seemed a little too neutral to me.  Are they good or bad?  Do they play a big role or are they, like my original theory on Cumberbatch, elusive for the first movie?

Time will tell, but for now, I’m pumped, excited, and can’t wait for the next trailer, much less the actual movie a year from now.

Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #23

jar jar and obi wan

I don’t really remember this scene.  I think I blocked it from my memory.  I mean, I remember it, and I remember Jar Jar touching all the droids, but the specifics are hazy to me.

But reading the script here, I’m seriously tempted to hit my head against a wall at the outrageousness of Jar Jar.  How annoying is he?  Why does every scene he’s in during TPM have to be just a disaster that’s meant to be funny?

In Jar Jar’s defense though (and it’s kind of weird to write this), I really didn’t find him that annoying when I first watched TPM in the theaters at 12 years old.  In fact, I don’t remember finding him funny either.  I was much more obsessed with the plot and the Jedi than to give Jar Jar too much thought.  I knew about the Jar Jar hatred, but I didn’t understand it.

jar jar binksAs I got older and continued to watch Star Wars, I began to realize why people couldn’t stand him.  If you were an older fan who grew up with the OT, seeing Jar Jar on screen would make your jaw drop and have you question Lucas and what Star Wars was turning into.  As a younger fan that has (basically) grown up with the Prequels, I began to find Jar Jar kind of a waste of a character.  I don’t think we really need him in the movies at all.  If we want to argue that his character gave emergency powers to Palpatine and therefore changed the course of the galaxy, I think that still could have been done differently and without Jar Jar.

Imagine watching a senate scene and seeing a completely random character give emergency powers to Palpatine…would it really have been that different?  It still would have propelled the movie forward.  We could even change Jar Jar’s character completely, tweaked a few things with the plot, and it still would have had a better movie.  I mean, what if we even kept Jar Jar as a Gungan but just made him less silly?  He could have been banished for reasons other than clumsiness, maybe something deeper like treason and give him a bit of a mysterious edge.

Okay, I’m getting ridiculous now.  It is what it is (I can never say that anymore without thinking of Paula Deen saying “I is what I is”) and it can’t be changed.

In other news, I went on a mini-vacation last week to the Bahamas and it was wonderful.  My husband and I haven’t vacationed alone for a while.  All we did was relax, drink, eat, and swim and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Would you like to be jealous for a few seconds?

As I was swimming in the crystal clear blue waters one day, this guy swam by me heading towards shore.  I looked at his back shoulder blade and saw a tattoo that made my heart happy.

“Hey!  Hey!”  I shouted out to him.  Once he turned around, I said, “That tattoo looks familiar!”  And proceeded to pull down my bikini string to show him my matching tattoo.

I love the excitement of meeting other Star Wars fans.  We chatted about Star Wars and the new movies, etc.  I only saw him and his wife once more that vacation and I wish I had gotten the chance to talk to him more about Star Wars.  If anyone knows a Chris who got married in Charleston, but was honeymooning in the Bahamas for 12 days with a rebel insignia tattoo on his right shoulder blade, please tell him I say hi (that is an intense SEO sentence).

One more thing (please ignore this part if you hate potty humor – I love it because I think I have the heart of a 7 year old boy): sometimes when you’re in the Caribbean, you get diarrhea.  Shit happens, literally.  I thought of a great code phrase for when it does happen: “My rear deflector shield isn’t stabilized,” or “I need to figure out a way to stabilize the rear deflectors.”  HAHAHA.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.46.27 AM


The sleek spacecraft speeds away from the planet of Naboo and heads for the deadly Federation blockade.


The PILOT, RIC OLIE, navigates toward the massive battleship, QUI-GON and CAPTAIN PANAKA watch.

RIC OLIE: …our communications are still jammed. 


JAR JAR is led into a low, cramped doorway by OBI-WAN.

OBI-WAN: Now stay here, and keep out of trouble.

OBI-WAN closes the door. JAR JAR looks around and sees a long row of five short, dome-topped ASTRO DROIDS (R-2 units). The all look alike, except for their paint color, and they all seem to be shut down. 

JAR JAR: Ello, boyos. (no response) Disa wanna longo trip… hey?

JAR JAR taps a bright red R-2 UNIT on the head, and its head pops up a bit. He lets out a gasp as he lifts the head.

JAR JAR: (Cont’d) Tis opens?…Oooops! Many springs and things come flying out. 

JAR JAR quickly closes it again, very embarrassed.

JAR JAR: (Cont’d) Yoi! Just yoken!


The Naboo spacecraft, surrounded by EXPLOSIONS, heads even closer  to the massive Federation battleships 


RIC OLIÉ: There’s the blockade, hang on.

ALARM SOUNDS fill the cockpit as OBI-WAN enters.

RIC OLIÉ: (Cont’d) The shield generator’s been hit.  Our deflector shields can’t with stand this. Power down…  Hopefully the repair droids can fix it. 

Thanksgiving Trilogy Weekend

I took it upon myself to watch the entire Star Wars trilogy over this past 4-day weekend.

I find that as I’ve grown older, I don’t actually watch Star Wars as much as I used to.  There are other movies that I want to see that take precedence and my thought mentality always goes something like, “Well, I’ve seen these movies a bunch of times, I don’t need to watch them again.”  It’s a bad trap to fall into because watching them a lot when you were younger versus watching them now is not the same.  I have more life experience now, so the situations in Star Wars mean something different to me.  The moments and plot lines I pay attention to are different from what held my attention in past years.

It’s also a problem because you can get so caught up in different EU aspects of Star Wars that you forget that the OT is at the core of Star Wars and what drew us to love it in the first place.  I meet and know quite a few Star Wars fans and though Star Wars penetrates us and binds us all together, I am strongly inclined to ask when the last time was that they actually watched the movies.   I do realize that this is slightly hypocritical, as I just mentioned above that I do not watch Star Wars as much as I used to.

Lastly, and this is just a major confession on my part, I got knocked out surprisingly early when I participated in the Star Wars trivia challenge at SMF.  I didn’t go with my gut feeling on one of the answers, instead I went with the crowd’s opinion, and got out.  I guess I wasn’t stretching out with my feelings, as Obi-Wan would say, but it was kind of the deciding factor in realizing that I needed to rewatch these movies.

And so, with that brief introduction, here are my latest thoughts from this weekend’s viewing.


Main thoughts:

At the end of ROTJ, Yoda tells Luke that his training is complete and he doesn’t need anymore.  What a change from the Prequels!  Younglings used to have to go through years of training, plus a trial.  Furthermore, they would have never accepted Luke because he is way too old (which Yoda does allude to in ESB).  If they thought Anakin was too old, they would never have taken on Luke no matter how strong he was with the Force.

yoda and luke in hut dagobahBut, knowing what we know about Luke, I began to think about why Yoda was so reluctant to take him on as a pupil or apprentice.  I don’t think it has to do too much with the above reasons of sticking to the rules of the Old Republic and how Jedi were trained.  Though Yoda feebly bleated out those excuses, the reasons were much deeper.  I believe that Yoda was scared.  Yes, I think Yoda was actually frightened about taking on another Skywalker.  He had given way to Qui-Gon’s dying wish in TPM and look where that got him: a government destroyed and the Jedi wiped out.  Now Obi-Wan is pressuring him again to take on Luke, and frankly, I’m not sure I would want that responsibility either.  Easy for Obi-Wan to say now that he’s in the happy land of the Force and only comes back when needed.  Yoda would be taking on a huge gamble by training Luke.  Either Luke succeeds and brings down the Emperor and Vader, or he fails and then there are three powerful Sith controlling the Empire…or more likely, two: Vader and Luke because I think they could easily overthrow the Emperor.  Can you imagine how powerful Luke and Vader would be together, ruling the galaxy “as father and son”?  I actually think that would be worse than the current situation of the Emperor and Luke.  That’s an effing big gamble for Yoda and I wouldn’t want to take it on either.  No sirree.

After this brief analysis in my head, I kind of felt more respect for Yoda.  I’ve always had trouble liking him.  Sometimes I think he’s wise and a great mentor and then sometimes I struggle with his notions and how inflexible he is.  But this made me rethink him and give him props for taking on a challenge that could bring huge changes for the entire galaxy, good or bad.


Other thoughts:

What a difference a real set makes versus all the CGI from the Prequels.  Even though there are parts of the Prequels that I love – you can’t deny the nitty, gritty, real feel that the Original Trilogy has.  Watching Luke battle Vader on an actual set of the Death Star?  So cool.  Seeing Han and Leia destroy the bunker amidst the redwood trees of California?  Can’t replace that.  You can tell when something is real and it speaks volumes to our brains.  That’s why the scene where Anakin is trying to woo Padmé with talk of sand (though I hate that scene at the same time though) is undeniably beautiful.  Our brain registers that it’s a real place and you just can’t replace nature with CGI, and the Prequels are a constant reminder of that.  Kathleen Kennedy did seem to hint at the fact that they are hoping to utilize more on-location shots and sets, so I’m hoping that’s true.

This was kind of amusing to me – but what if Boba Fett and his manner of boba fett set photodeath were just an amusing joke to George Lucas?  People had latched onto Fett after ESB came out and thought of him as this cool, badass bounty hunter.  Maybe Lucas thought that was funny and decided to play with people’s notions a bit and created him to be super lame in the actual fight scene.  Watching it again, all I could think was, “Really?  Really?  Why do people like him so much?  His whole façade is blown to pieces in the Sarlacc scene.”  Maybe George just thought it would be a great joke to make him lame.

And finally, I saw that the rebel insignia shows up blue most of the times in the movie.  It only appears red on Luke Skywalker’s helmet and so I assume that’s why we take it as being red.  But if we take it contextually, my guess is that it started out blue and as Luke emerged as a leader, it became red, because that is the color that was always on his helmet.  (However – I THINK I noticed a blooper: when Luke gets into his snowspeeder for the Battle of Hoth, the insignia is red on his helmet.  After he crashes, I’m pretty sure it’s blue.  I meant to go back and check but never got the chance.  Something to keep in mind for future viewings.  Yes, I dissected this too much.)

Hope everyone else had as much of an enlightening Thanksgiving as I did.


Yup, I Did It!

I did it.  I got my first tattoo, and yes, it’s of the Rebel Insignia (after some research a while ago, I discovered it’s correctly known as the “Alliance Starbird” but no one knows it like that).

It’s an interesting story, and I almost didn’t get it done this weekend since the artist and I got in a huge fight right off the bat.  Really, most of it was my headstrong will refusing to acknowledge what he was saying and his frustration at me for being so stubborn.

I went in there with the picture and said, “I want this in complete black and about the size of a golf ball.”

“Nope, can’t do it,” he said.

“What?  Excuse me? What do you mean you can’t do it?”

“Well, for a few reasons but what you want is really boring.  Why would you want a completely filled in Rebel thingymajig from Star Wars?  It’s boring.”

I stared at him incredulously.  “I want that because that’s what I want.  It’s what I’ve wanted for 12ish years and I’m not about to change it now.”

“Well, your loss.  You do realize that this is a custom tattoo shop, right?  CUSTOM.  That means that we just don’t take anyone who walks off the street.  We work with you on your idea and make it something no one has seen before.”  He stares hard at me and I believe he’s trying to scare me with his completely tattooed face and body.  That just makes me more angry because I refuse to show I’m scared.

“But I don’t want anything else.  I just want this in black and on my ribs.” I sound like a parrot at this point, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around something when I have another idea firmly lodged in my head.

“You know, I’d rather draw a Confederate flag than draw your boring Star Wars tattoo.  And that’s saying something because I hate Confederate flags.  Also, why do you want to hide your tattoo on your ribs?”

“Who cares if I want to hide my tattoo?  This is my decision, not yours.”  I turn to my husband, who at this point is trying to hide behind his SNAP Selling book.  “Should we find a new place, then?”

“Okay, really?  You don’t even want to hear me out on what I can do?  FINE.  Let’s do your dumb tattoo so I can get a move on with my life.”

There was a lot more said in this conversation, and a lot more swearing on his end, but I’m giving you an abridged version.

At this point, my husband finally steps in as he has seven tattoos and has been through this before.  “Hey, how about we all calm down a little bit?”  Turning to me, he says, “You should listen to the guy; he knows what he’s doing.  He’s the professional and just hear him out on what he can do for you before you disagree.”

Nettled, I looked down at my picture of a plain black Rebel Insignia.  Looking up, I tried to make my voice as kind as humanly possible in that moment and said, “Fine.  Let’s start over.  What can you do for me?”

With the ground even again, he proceeded to tell me how making a pure black tattoo would eventually bleed into itself over 20 years, especially in the size I wanted.  I would end up with a black dot in the future, and really, who wants that?  As an artist, his job is to tell me what works and what doesn’t, so a) it would have to be a little larger and b) it shouldn’t be all black.  (I still don’t know why he didn’t just tell me this straight off the bat.  My guess is that he could have, but I was just blocking out all opposition to what I wanted and therefore we ended up arguing.)

What he can do, he explained, is make the symbol have a rough, beat up look, almost like it had gone through battle on the helmet of an X-Wing pilot.  That way as your skin stretches as you age, the tattoo also ages better as well.

Now that we weren’t at each other’s throats, I was calm enough to wrap my head around what he was saying.

And I had to make a decision.  Do I take the plunge and get the tattoo as he suggested?  Or do I stick to my guns and go somewhere else to get what I had envisioned for these past 12 years?  I didn’t really like this guy, but his portfolio was amazing and his suggestion wasn’t half bad.

Well, you know what happened, but on Saturday, September 28th, I got my first (and probably last) tattoo.  I trusted him, even though I didn’t especially like him, and it came out really nice.  I mean – I’m pleased with it and that’s all that matters since it’s going to be on my body for the rest of my life.

Like my squished face? It was so hard to stay in that position for the entire time.

Like my squished face? It was so hard to stay in that twisted position for the entire time.

I’m not going to lie – it was painful on the ribs and it’s still slightly sore today.  I didn’t have any emotional moments throughout it being applied and I don’t have any regretful feelings now.  I already went through the emotional decision process earlier.  But once I make a decision, that’s it.  No more back-and-forth’s or should I, shouldn’t I moments.  At this point, my husband is more excited about it than I am.  He loves it and keeps asking to see it, which I think is adorable.

So, yup, I got it.

2013-10-01 09.09.31