May the Fourth Be with You!

This day is so funny to me.  What started out in Canada as a tagline for an event, has taken over the mainstream world so much so that even LFL and Disney acknowledge it.  I remember everyone wondering if they were going to release some big news about TFA last year...I can't remember if they … Continue reading May the Fourth Be with You!

Final Analysis on the The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

So we all watched it last week and had a great discussion about what the heck is possibly going on in The Force Awakens. I thought that since it’s been a week, now is a good time to organize my thoughts, excitement, and speculations and write everything down.  It will be fun to come back … Continue reading Final Analysis on the The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #23

I don’t really remember this scene.  I think I blocked it from my memory.  I mean, I remember it, and I remember Jar Jar touching all the droids, but the specifics are hazy to me. But reading the script here, I’m seriously tempted to hit my head against a wall at the outrageousness of Jar … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #23

Thanksgiving Trilogy Weekend

I took it upon myself to watch the entire Star Wars trilogy over this past 4-day weekend. I find that as I’ve grown older, I don’t actually watch Star Wars as much as I used to.  There are other movies that I want to see that take precedence and my thought mentality always goes something … Continue reading Thanksgiving Trilogy Weekend

Yup, I Did It!

I did it.  I got my first tattoo, and yes, it's of the Rebel Insignia (after some research a while ago, I discovered it's correctly known as the "Alliance Starbird" but no one knows it like that). It's an interesting story, and I almost didn't get it done this weekend since the artist and I … Continue reading Yup, I Did It!