Haiku Me Friday! I can’t relate to Obi-Wan

I can’t imagine what Obi-Wan went through when he realized that Anakin was the one who killed the Jedi in the Temple. There are times, even though this is in a galaxy far away, where I can somewhat relate to the characters. I relate to Luke staring out at the sunset and yearning for something … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! I can’t relate to Obi-Wan


Haiku Me Friday! Yoda’s Escape

Though Yoda visited Dagobah during TCW (some of my least favorite episodes, actually), I have always wondered how he felt when he landed there after escaping Order 66 on Kashyyyk.  With this haiku, I chose to use the point of view that Yoda knew he would end his life on Dagobah.  He knew he was … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Yoda’s Escape

Haiku Me Friday! Clone Troopers

Am I the only fan who didn’t like the addition of a chip in the clones that would force them to obey Order 66?  I was going to talk about why I wasn’t a fan of this storyline, but then I realized I already had and has written about it much better in an older … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Clone Troopers

How The Clone Wars Succeeded and Failed

With the arrival of Star Wars Rebels, I thought it would be a good time to publish this guest post and look back at the last Star Wars animated series: The Clone Wars.  Please comment and love Icarus' post on TCW.  His bio is below, if you would like more info.  (My thoughts on Rebels … Continue reading How The Clone Wars Succeeded and Failed

Haiku 04.30.14 – Fini!

This could apply to most Jedi’s killed in Order 66, but I wanted to make the last haiku of the month about a Twi’lek.  Oola is still my favorite, but Order 66 is such a brutal moment in the history of Star Wars, that I wanted to nod my head to the fallen Aayla Secura.  … Continue reading Haiku 04.30.14 – Fini!