Haiku Me Friday! Yoda’s Escape

The end, this will be
Into exile, I must go
And now wait, not long

Though Yoda visited Dagobah during TCW (some of my least favorite episodes, actually), I have always wondered how he felt when he landed there after escaping Order 66 on Kashyyyk.  With this haiku, I chose to use the point of view that Yoda knew he would end his life on Dagobah.  He knew he was waiting for the twins to grow up, but knew that with their training, also came the end of his life.

I’m not sure why I chose this point of view, but Yoda is wise for the most part and understands a great deal more than anyone else, so I have a hunch he knew that his life might end on Dagobah.

What did Yoda do for ~20 years while he was in exile?  Wouldn’t even communing with Qui-Gon Jinn get old?  I hope he had some good books.

We see such a small sliver of Yoda’s life and know so little about him, which I love.  I hope Disney doesn’t go ruin that for us and give us too much information.  There’s a little bit about his past out there on Yoda’s Wookieepedia page, but it’s not much at all.  I want Yoda to never have a species assigned to him and I never want to know the 800 years prior to The Phantom Menace.  For the most part, I don’t mind Disney giving us new material and explaining loved characters (not a huge fan of the new Han Solo movie, but it is what it is), but please Disney – keep Yoda mysterious.


Tell me – would you want to learn more about Yoda’s life?  How much is too much?  Or do you want to know it all?

Haiku Me Friday! Clone Troopers

I look just like them I am a unique being But part of a team

I look just like them
I am a unique being
But part of a team

Am I the only fan who didn’t like the addition of a chip in the clones that would force them to obey Order 66?  I was going to talk about why I wasn’t a fan of this storyline, but then I realized I already had and has written about it much better in an older post.

So for now,  I guess I’ll just say that I like what The Clone Wars did with evolving the clones as individual beings despite that they are, well, clones.

But since the chip is now canon, and I have to accept it, I’m really interested in the three clones we see returning in Star Wars Rebels: Rex, Wolffe and Gregor.  What happened when Order 66 was issued with these clones?  We know what Commander Cody did – but Captain Rex is a mystery.  He was introduced in TCW but we didn’t see him in ROTS.

In the latest Insider, we have an interview with Dee Bradley Baker (super funny guy by the way, if you ever get to see him at a convention, definitely do it) who voices the clones in TCW, and now SWR, and there’s a question on what they think of the Jedi.  He answers,

That’s actually part of what’s interesting about what’s unfolding…What do they know?  What do they remember?  What is it that they are putting together as this continues to unfold?  That’s a very interesting question, and I think that’s part of what this series will have to address.

Vague, but food for thought.  Is he suggesting that they possibly could have followed through with Order 66 but don’t remember it?  Or that they blocked it out?  Or could they have “woken up” right after it happened and freaked out?

It will be interesting to see how their story unfolds.  For starting out as smaller characters, they really have grown to be a great addition to the animated series and the Star Wars universe.

How The Clone Wars Succeeded and Failed

With the arrival of Star Wars Rebels, I thought it would be a good time to publish this guest post and look back at the last Star Wars animated series: The Clone Wars.  Please comment and love Icarus’ post on TCW.  His bio is below, if you would like more info.  (My thoughts on Rebels next week)

What can I say about The Clone Wars that hasn’t already been said? Star Wars fans hoped TCW would fill in some critical gaps in the three years between second-trilogy Star Wars films Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith.  Bonus if it fixed a few mistakes in the prequels.  What we got instead were very uncomplicated story arcs and tastes and teases but not much more depth to the Star Wars ecosystem — InterGalactic Banking Clan anyone — certainly not enough to satisfy the appetite of even the more casual fan.

The Clone Wars says goodbye

The Clone Wars says goodbye

The series is over but I’m writing this from the perspective of what potential it had at the beginning.  To be sure, I tried to binge watch the entire series and found that I could only stand to watch one, maybe two episodes at a time.  It was painful to listen to Kabuki theater level dialog overemphasizing the importance of obvious plot devices at the expense of storytelling. That was probably because each episode has to appeal the limited experiences of its kids audience.  In every episode you had comically inept droids trying to kill Clone Troopers and vice versa.  You have to handle this with a certain delicacy for your young audience.  To simultaneously kill bad guys, kill some good guys yet not bring the horrors of war too close to light.  TCW had to do this on the small scale while also keeping its eye on the end game, setting up the landscape for ROTS.

You cannot talk about ROTS without talking about Order 66 and how thousands of Jedi were slaughtered by clone troopers without any hesitation or sense of loyalty to their Jedi generals. I could see the droid army following this order more to the letter than the clone one, although given the level of ineptness portrayed by the combat droids, along with the ease with which Jedi Masters Yoda and Windu dispatched them, the number of Jedi actually killed would have been substantially lower.

I’ve always asked myself how could you pull something like this off?   Putting aside the logistics of getting word simultaneously to every despot in the galaxy, one thing that bothered me was in the movie, they show every Jedi getting ambushed because they were in a vulnerable position.  Yet the Jedi are almost godlike in their awareness and certainly wouldn’t have been just heading into battle as the order came in.  While the galaxy’s preeminent mystics/warriors can be caught by surprise, it’s also just as likely the Empire’s spin doctors exaggerated the number of Traitors eliminated under Order 66 with many more  Jedi  driven into hiding.

Clone trooper clone wars s5ep18War changes everyone and it is possible that Order 66 succeeded because the clone troopers saw the Jedi as an actual threat to the Republic.  Remember to outsiders, the Jedi are a very secretive group that keeps their Archives, a vast repository of knowledge, to themselves (Vatican anyone?). If you view The Force as a hokey religion and the Jedi as the Temple Priests, it follows that ordinary soldiers could see the Jedi as roadblocks to peace.

Though I haven’t seen it yet, I’m aware of the Fives/Tup arc that almost exposed Order 66 prematurely.  I’m probably way off on this but I suspect that arc serves to demonstrate that while moving toward complete domination of the Republic, Chancellor Palpatine wasn’t quite there yet and there is always the slim hope of a few people being in the right place at the right time

What are your thoughts on Order 66 and the clone troopers?

About me:  I am what you would designate as a casual fan at best.  When the original trilogy was out, the conventional “wisdom” at the time was that you could either like Star Wars or Star Trek, not both.  However, I like Star Wars and Star Trek and if that makes me a freak so what. Being from Chicago, I also like the White Sox and the Cubs except when they play each other in inter league.  If you like what you read, please read my regular blog at ChicagoNow and/or my personal blog and if you are on Facebook please give me a “like” at Mysteries-of-Life and of course feel free to follow me on Twitter at @Icarus2013.

Haiku 04.30.14 – Fini!

I sense it too late The blaster bolts burrow in How did this happen?

I sense it too late
The blaster bolts burrow in
How did this happen?

This could apply to most Jedi’s killed in Order 66, but I wanted to make the last haiku of the month about a Twi’lek.  Oola is still my favorite, but Order 66 is such a brutal moment in the history of Star Wars, that I wanted to nod my head to the fallen Aayla Secura.  Sad way to end the month of haikus, I know.

Thanks for going on this haiku journey with me, guys!  I only forgot to write a haiku one day of the month!  Not bad at all.

I’m going to provide a little recap when I’m back from my trip.  Did anyone have any favorites?  Least favorites?  LOL.  I’m open to hear what you thought of them, good and bad.  Again, thanks to L. Palmer for giving me April’s resolution and I love that I was able to bring Star Wars into it.

Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #141

darth sidious order 66

AWESOME.  This scene is just so … life changing.  I was nervous when I got ROTS again on random.com since most of their scenes are two sentences with no depth.  This is a short scene as well, but damn, it’s not lacking.  There are tons of Order 66 scenes, but this scene specifically is the one on Kashyyyk, right before the clones try to kill Yoda.

Okay, so if you know me at all – you know that I try to stay relatively spoiler free for every movie.  The only spoilers I read about are in the Star Wars Insider.  I do it so that I have few expectations going in and I have no preconceived notions of what will unravel within the plot.  I don’t mind finding out about casting and character names, but I don’t know every detail of the plot like some do.

So believe it or not, I had no idea how they were going to kill of all the Jedi.  No clue.  I didn’t know the clones would turn on the Jedi, though I guess if I really spent time thinking about it, maybe I could have pieced it together.

When Order 66 ended up being executed, it was such a surprise to me to just see how easily the Jedi were killed off.  I guess I was expecting some dramatic showdown with lightsabers out and fighting to the death.  But this Order was so perfectly planned to catch the Jedi unawares, you really have to hand it to Palpatine.

The more I write on this blog and go deeper into the Saga, the more I realize that Palpatine is one dude you don’t want to mess with.   All his domino pieces line up so perfectly that when the time comes for him to persuade Anakin to turn to the dark side, all he has to do is push the first piece and they all go cascading down.  It’s kind of like this:

There are a lot of moments that changed the course of the entire Saga, but I’m inclined to believe that this could be one of the bigger ones.  This scene and all the scenes that surround Order 66 transition the Saga from the Prequels to the Original Trilogy.

Another interesting thing to note, since this is the Order 66 from Sidious regarding Yoda…Commander Gree is one of the few clone troopers to fail in his task.  Yes, so did Commander Cody, but Cody thought that Obi-Wan was dead so believed he had fulfilled the order.  Gree flat out failed.  He tried, but Yoda was too fast and killed him and the others surrounding him.

By the way – in the next scene, is this the first and only time we ever see Yoda actually kill anyone in the movies?

execute order 66


DARTH SIDIOUS stands alone in his private office, illuminated only from a hologram projector beam from above. A small HOLOGRAM OF COMMANDER GREE stands in front of him.


DARTH SIDIOUS: The time has come. Execute Order Sixty-Six.