Haiku Me Friday! The soulful eyes

Here we go again
Will you love me or hate me?
Big eyes draw you in

Hi all! It’s me! I swear I’m around but we’ve been packing up and moving our house which is…no small feat. Most of my energy has been centered on that which has left whatever remaining energy I have directed to my business and family. This blog has taken the back seat, but you know – once everything settles down, I’ll be writing again.

I did, of course, watch the new TLJ behind-the-scenes trailer and have been keeping up with any D23 news that came out and am now waiting to see if anything comes out at SDCC (word is we won’t get much, but the costume info was a small bit).

I enjoy behind-the-scenes trailers more than real trailers. I remember when the TFA bts trailer came out at SDCC and I went through frame by frame to glean any information that I could. I didn’t do this with TLJ, but I did watch it a few times through and…

Those porgs.

First of all, they are so adorable and cute! I’m not going to deny it. Kinda furry, looks like they waddle and they have big, soulful eyes. I can see why the internet is calling the Furby’s.

But…Star Wars has a funny history with cute elements as I discussed only a few months ago when I rehashed the Ewok hate again. Fans get so worked up and there are such polarizing views on them.

I love the Ewoks. I think they send a good message: small beings you think may be beneath your notice have more strength and courage than you think.

I am neutral but sometimes dislike Jar Jar Binks. I can’t figure out Jar Jar. The Ewoks were definitely cute. I think Jar Jar was an attempt to be cute but it did not come off as intended.

The information we know about Porgs is that they live on Ahch-To, they build nests, and they can fly. Oh, and their babies are called Porglets (so fascinating (sarcasm)).

This is where it gets tricky. My hope is that the Porgs stay almost as a background creature where you think – aw they’re kinda cute but they don’t have too much of a role in saving the universe. I’m not sure why I feel like this, since I love the Ewoks. I believe some of the reason is that I consider BB-8 enough of a cute factor in this new Sequel Trilogy that if we push the cuteness TOO far, it’ll be an annoyance more than anything. (Imagine if a Porg ends up traveling with Rey when she leaves Ahch-To? It’ll be like every single Disney princess movie out there with the main female character and her trusty animal friend sidekick.)

Honestly, I don’t believe they’ll play a big role. Disney has a pattern with TFA and RO where they show these cool creatures and aliens in previews and then they’re on screen for about a millisecond – and that’s what I think they’re doing with the Porgs.

Yet, at the end of this, I totally am welcoming of these Porgs. But mostly because I want a stuffed animal one for ARM’s room. 🙂


Anyone got any other thoughts about the TLJ behind-the-scenes trailer? I’m looking forward to the casino scene!




Mini Life Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that next week we are closing on our house and moving in a week from Saturday.  Life is going to be crazy!  Wait…it already is crazy.

My apartment is a mess, there’s barely room to walk, and as such – my mind is also a mess and I have not been thinking about Star Wars that much.  Gasp!  Well in truth, I have been thinking about Star Wars, but my thoughts have more been like:

“How am I going to pack my lightsaber?  That blade will not fit into any box…”  (I still have not solved this problem)

“I wonder how the citizens moved from place to place in the Star Wars universe?”

“Oh no, my Old Republic Jedi costume is going to get SO wrinkly.  Well, so will the rest of my clothes, but I’m so much more concerned about this damn costume that took forever to make.”

I’m also trying to work on updating my blog, which you might notice from the menu on top.  Eventually, I hope to get a photo up there.  I’m typically not a lazy person, but when trying to figure out stuff on WordPress, I just can’t be bothered.  I’m even a pretty savvy internet person (I built my husband’s entire Car Detailing webpage and I can write some XHTML, CSS, and Javascript) but I just can’t be bothered on my own blogging webpage.  It’s the weirdest thing…

Anyway, I thought I’d let you guys know that my posts will be sparse for 2-3 weeks, but after that, Star Wars Anonymous should be back up and running with normal Force filled randomness.  Maybe we’ll have a big announcement by then…like an Episode VII director?!  Hopefully.

I really do need to keep calm.

I really do need to keep calm.