Lately, an Inundation of Characters

I’ve come to a slow realization over the past few days regarding the characters in the Prequels, the Original Trilogy, and now the Sequel Trilogy (is that what we’re still calling it? I don’t even know). I feel like the further away we get from the Original Trilogy, the more superfluous characters have become. In … Continue reading Lately, an Inundation of Characters

Lando: The Old Smoothie

I haven’t written much about Lando Calrissian…mostly because I don’t like him.  I don’t like that he turned Han over to the Empire and even though he redeemed himself pretty fast, I still never had strong feelings for him.  I don’t know – I just got scumbag vibes from Lando and could never relate to him. … Continue reading Lando: The Old Smoothie

Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #85 (and other ramblings)

Yo.  Lando.  You have absolutely no say on what goes on here.  And, by the way, why aren’t you in handcuffs locked away in some small room on the Falcon? I mean, that’s what I would do if I had been stabbed in the back.  I can’t believe you’re even allowed in the cockpit to … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #85 (and other ramblings)