Rhode Island Comic Con Recap

I am officially detoxing from The Force Awakens.  I watched some TV spot last week and decided in the middle of it that I was done until December 17, 2015 at 7:00pm Eastern Time. So, sadly, if you are expecting any TFA speculations, happiness, and musings, you will have to wait until the movie is … Continue reading Rhode Island Comic Con Recap

SuperMegaFest Recap

This.  Love. This: Do you know who that is?  No?  Well, that’s okay, I didn’t expect you to.  It’s Femi Taylor aka the dancer who plays my favorite character in the Original Trilogy, Oola. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I got a picture with Oola.  Oh yeah, and the picture was taken by Jeremy Bulloch (original … Continue reading SuperMegaFest Recap

Do I Need To Prove My Geek Cred?

This past weekend hosted one of the few semi-larger sci-fi conventions (Super MegaFest) in New England.  I did not go.  I can’t explain it…I’m feeling a little guilty, little relieved…not sure.  I’ve gone to this convention almost every year and this year I just didn’t feel like it. For instance, last year they had Sean … Continue reading Do I Need To Prove My Geek Cred?