So Love Has Blinded You?

Over the past week I have come to the realization that if I connect with a character in a deep and meaningful way in a Star Wars movie, I become blind to almost all the other flaws within the movie. I came to this realization primarily with two movies of the Saga: The Phantom Menace … Continue reading So Love Has Blinded You?


Reflections on the Guest Posts

I am back!  Still a little jetlagged and tired, but overall, I had a great time.  I went to four different places in Australia in two weeks and embarked (and disembarked) on nine different planes.  Though fun, I am exhausted.  This, my friends, is what I believe is the difference between vacation and traveling.  In … Continue reading Reflections on the Guest Posts

Food For Thought – Darth Vader Style

One of the last Star Wars Insider magazines posed some very thought provoking questions to a few Star Wars authors on whether Darth Vader was a product of his environment or just innately evil. I am not going to list their answers here, (sorry), so you’ll have to pick up the magazine yourself to see … Continue reading Food For Thought – Darth Vader Style

The Jedi Code Absolutes

I’ve always had some strange difficulties understanding the Jedi Code – this weird mantra that we actually never hear uttered in the movies, but somehow most average fans know about it.  Well, maybe that’s not true, but I know I ran into it when I was in middle school so it’s been around for over … Continue reading The Jedi Code Absolutes

January 10th Calendar Fact

This post is clearly written because I'm procrastinating... I still haven’t written my self review and it’s due tomorrow…I need the motivation I have for writing about Star Wars for my self review. Every year, I own the 365 day-at-a-time Star Wars calendar.  Last year it was all scenes from the movies, this year, it’s … Continue reading January 10th Calendar Fact