Haiku Me Friday! Jawa Joy

After looking at the definition, you can’t use the word utinni (it means “wow”) as I’m using it in my haiku, but c’mon, it fit so perfectly.   In Which I Recite 3 Happy Memories of Jawas 1.  Jawas always bring back one clear memory for me, and it was the first time I watched … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Jawa Joy


Haiku Me Friday! Lumbering Beast

When I think of a Sandcrawler, this is the first image that always comes to my mind.  The Sandcrawler was one of my favorite vehicles when I was younger.  I loved the trapezoid look to it and the fact that it was so slow.  Normally when I think about space, I thought fast and slick.  … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! Lumbering Beast

Scene it on Friday – ANH Scene #22

“Single file to hide their numbers.” Did anyone else say that whenever you couldn’t fit too many people on a path?  I don’t know about where you guys live, but here we have Cape Cod.  Beautiful area, even though the water is downright frigid even in the summer.  In order to get to a beach, … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ANH Scene #22