SWCA Recap

I think this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you.  I think you’re even happier than on our wedding day. Yes, that was my husband’s statement to me on the second day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  Oh guys, it was amazing.  Amazing.  It was so much fun.  There were high, high points throughout the … Continue reading SWCA Recap

Kiri’s Mega Awesome Star Wars Celebration Schedule

This is not an April Fools post.  Sorry.  Also sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I have about three half-finished blog posts and because I’ve been so busy, I can’t even finish them! This time of year is always the busiest for me, so expect to hear a little less until the end of … Continue reading Kiri’s Mega Awesome Star Wars Celebration Schedule

Goodbye to The Clone Wars

It’s one thing to guess and speculate that The Clone Wars might be ending after the season finale where Ahsoka left the Jedi Order…but it’s another thing to know it won’t be returning. And so today we received the news that ended, The Clone Wars has.  Or, as I like to say, it was given … Continue reading Goodbye to The Clone Wars


I can’t make it to CVI.  It’s sad, but not heart wrenching.  I will live, though when I look at all the facebook posts of other big fans and see that EVERY POST IS ABOUT CVI, I get insanely jealous. Why am I not going?  Well, a lot of reasons.  First and foremost: money, obviously.  … Continue reading CVI