Fan Art Friday! My pencils need to be sharpened…

It’s the first Friday of the month and here we are with another Fan Art Friday…a wonderful time where Mei-Mei and I color the same picture – with completely different results.

I chose this month’s picture of Salacious B. Crumb because I love the character.  When I was younger, I found him to be so annoying that I could barely stand the sound of his laugh when I watched ROTJ.   As I transitioned into the “adult” working world, I began to see similarities between Salacious Crumb and those people who suck up to the higher ranks in the company just to be sure of their place.

In my first job out of college, there was a very slimy, sneaky man who I couldn’t stand who had the fakest smile and fakest voice.  He would come up to my desk and ask me to do something for him and when I told him I had no time, he would just stand there smiling…until it got super awkward and I would either a) cave and say okay, or b) he would walk away.  I soon learned that option b wasn’t too great because it would get me in trouble with my boss.  Whenever he was around the EVP or CEO though, he would be all laughs.  It was disgusting. You could hear the laugh so clearly from my desk and it would grate on me, like nails down a chalkboard.  I try not to hate anyone, but this guy came close to trying my patience (there are other reasons, but I won’t get into it here).   So I began to look at him as Salacious Crumb (he was short too!) and it helped me get through the day a bit better.

When I moved on from that company, I realized there are Salacious B. Crumb’s in every office.  There are always those that want to laugh at you on their way up and sit in the lap of the Jabba the Hutt’s laughing at their silly jokes.  But who knows, maybe if you wait long enough, they’ll get blown up in a sail barge and you won’t have to think about them anymore. 🙂

Salacious Crumb Star Wars coloring book


I realized as I was coloring this picture that I’ve become immune to a lot of parts of Star Wars, which makes me excited to watch it with ARM and future children.  For instance, Salacious Crumb is ugly.  Maybe I realized that during one of the first few times I watched Star Wars, but whoa, he’s not good looking at all.

Other than Salacious Crumb, the colors I chose for this were the colors that still had sharp points as pencils.  HAHA!  Hence my title…I need to go through and sharpen all the colored pencils again but I am so busy that I haven’t found the time.  Funnily, I think the way it came out was really interesting with the colors!  Maybe I need to stop taking myself so seriously when I do these coloring books. This one is much more lazy and haphazard than my others, but I think it’s really fun.  The only thing that’s funky is the picture I took makes his fur look red…whereas IRL I swear it’s a burnt brown color almost.

Next month we are doing Wicket!  Don’t forget to also check out Mei-Mei’s rendition of Crumb.


Fan Art Friday! Groovy Jabba

This month’s Fan Art Friday was chosen by yours truly by opening the Star Wars coloring book to a random page.  Genius, eh?

I really liked how Mei-Mei had a theme for her Southwestern Rebel Mandala because these pictures can be so interpretive.  It’s different from something like the Leia portrait that we both did because Leia is a distinct character and there’s only so much you can do to change up the picture.

But with these cool looking, kaleidoscope-esque pictures – the whole world is your sandbox!  Or, however many colored pencils you have.

So I decided to take a leaf out of Mei-Mei’s book and go with a theme as well.  I decided to try to make this picture reminiscent of the 1970s and have a “groovy” feel with the colors.  I’m not sure I completely succeeded but my inspiration was the Scooby Doo show (the original! not the remakes), movies like American Hustle, and my grandparents house in Connecticut, which sadly has never been renovated and is still stuck in the 70s (they love it though and still think it’s modern haha).

jabba star wars coloring book

I’m not sure if I succeeded but I do like how with these pictures, it’s not as big of a deal if it doesn’t come out how you intended.  I was so frustrated with the Leia picture but I found I was a lot easier on myself with this one.

My favorite part of this was the two circles, which I assumed were the Tatooine suns.  I combined two colors in an on-purpose rough look and the suns came out this beautiful blood orange – just like the bottom right sun when Luke is staring out into the sunset, frustrated to still be stuck on Tatooine for another season.  Success!

luke sunset tatooine

Be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s interpretation as well at her post.

Haiku Me Friday! A bounty so large…

Find me Han Solo Or a grim fate awaits you Got it, Boba Fett?

Find me Han Solo
Or a grim fate awaits you
Got it, Boba Fett?

How do you guys feel about the Han Solo anthology movie?  More importantly, observe who the directors are: Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.  (I think Phil Lord looks kind of like Ramsay Snow/Bolton from Game of Thrones so it kind of creeps me out.)

I bring this up only because Miller and Lord’s best known works are comedies.  They are most recently well-known for The LEGO Movie, which was fabulous, amazing, and hilarious.  Other directorial works include Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 22 Jump Street.  And that’s about it.

So are Disney and KK giving them a chance to flex their muscles with something more serious?  Or do they want to go towards a comedy for the Han Solo movie?  Or a combination of both?  If it’s a combo, that makes me a little nervous because I haven’t seen anything on their resume that screams serious, so evidence seems to be pointing towards a movie in a comedic nature.

I do think Han Solo is one of the funnier characters in the OT, but I think he’s funny more due to his wry, cynical personality.  I can’t see him and Chewie jumping around the galaxy and laughing the whole way.

Looking at this picture from my calendar today made me think about the directors of the movie all over again.   This is a hardcore photo.  Han Solo was someone who had been evading Jabba for quite some time and it’s one of the few storylines that persisted in all three movies of the Original Trilogy.  He is one badass, and yes, he’s funny, but is he hilarious?  Are his storylines hilarious?

Costume & Characters Part II: Han Solo (not as much of an essay)

This is totally going to make me sound crazy and I fully acknowledge that.  This weekend I had a dream where Harrison Ford and I were talking about his costumes as Han Solo.  I was telling him about this post and my thoughts and he just goes, “Well, have you written the post yet?”  I said I hadn’t but had been thinking about it a lot.  He told me to write the post.

We were also in a really swanky hotel room and people had gotten this super long ladder to peer in his window.  They were knocking on the window trying to get his attention and so I told them to go away, accidentally knocking them off the ladder.  They must have died (it was at least 40 stories tall) but my dream didn’t include any of that.  Why was I in his hotel room?  Ah, dreams.


Also, this is post could be highly relevant due to the latest announcement about the new Anthology film that is going to be made about Han Solo.


How do costumes define the characters in Star Wars?  With my first post on this subject, I explored Princess Leia who had the most costume changes and those costumes added to her nuanced path as a character throughout the Original Trilogy.

I think Lucas made very deliberate choices with his costumes with each of the three main characters in the original trilogy and made sure that what they were clothed in also reflected either a) their personality, b) their development as a character, or c) their environment.  The latter is the most obvious and almost always true, but I think it’s interesting how color and shape can also dictate a deeper look into who they are.  I know nothing about costume fabrics so that area will remain untouched.

Han Solo, in a way, is the least “interesting” of all three heroes with his costume changes.  Or, should I say, his lack of costume changes.

In A New Hope, he wears a cream (or is it white?) shirt with a ¾ length sleeve, v-neck, and a black vest layered on top.  His pants are navy blue with a red stripe down them and knee high black boots paired over them.  He has a belt that has a holster for his blaster.  Really simple.

He has one costume change with the stormtrooper gear for the rescue of Princess Leia.  I believe that was for necessity so won’t go into that.  He changes back into his Corellian outfit after the trash compacter scene and doesn’t change again, not even for the throne room ceremony.

Han solo anh

In the Empire Strikes Back, there are some modifications, but it’s still really similar.  Han has an off white shirt that overlaps in front with a long sleeve navy blue jacket, instead of a vest.  His pants are brown with yellow stripes; he still has his same belt and black knee high boots.  He wears a winter coat at times in the beginning of the movie, but it’s brief.

The only real difference in ESB, and I’d like to make an emphasis here, is when he is put into the carbon freezing chamber.  His jacket is taken off and he is only left with his white shirt.

With Return of the Jedi, Han returns (pun!) to a conglomeration of his ANH costume and ESB outfit.  He begins with the carbon freezing look of no vest/jacket with brown pants and yellow stripes.  After Jabba’s Palace, he dons his ANH upper half, the cream/white v-neck shirt with a black vest, but keeps the same brown pants and yellow stripe.  As a side observation, I find it interesting that most Solo cosplay revolves around his ANH outfit with the dark blue pants/red stripes, when it seems like the brown pants/yellow stripes got more screen time.

han solo rotj

Now that we have the foundation of his outfits, I want to draw attention to is his jacket/vest.  This vest seems to be a protection for him, a wall that he puts up against the rest of the world.  The vest symbolizes a confident smuggler, one who always has a witty reply, can woo even a princess, and outrun an Empire in an asteroid field.  When he is put into carbon freezing by Boba Fett and the Empire, he is stripped of it, leaving only the white shirt.

Whenever I see Han in the white shirt I think about how vulnerable he is.   Just like Leia’s slave bikini stripped away her control, taking away Han’s vest and jacket shows a weaker side, a Solo that is in trouble and not completely confident of his situation.  It’s in the white shirt that he’s put into carbon freeze, not knowing where he’ll end up or if he’ll ever come out. It’s in the white shirt that Leia reveals her love for him and, I think, in a way he does too. It’s in this white shirt that he wakes up temporarily blind with hibernation sickness at the mercy of one of the worst gangsters in the galaxy.  It’s in this white shirt that a gangster is going to kill him because he hasn’t paid off his debt to him.  It’s in the white shirt that he’s weak and still somewhat blind during the entire fight at the Sarlacc Pit. It’s in this white shirt that Han Solo might not know what he’s doing.

If this doesn't show how vulnerable he is...then I don't know what does!

If this doesn’t show how vulnerable he is…then I don’t know what does!

After the fight against Jabba, Han keeps the pants from ESB but changes back to the shirt and vest he had in ANH.  He’s a blend of the smuggler he was in the ANH, the Rebel he was in ESB, and now transformed into a General during ROTJ.  He has to pull from both roads of life to become an even greater character.  The Rebellion needs someone who can think on his feet, but also someone who is loyal to their fight.

On the surface, Han doesn’t change.  That’s why his costumes are so similar movie after movie.  He doesn’t go through major character turnarounds that Luke and Leia do through the course of the movies.  He is still a scoundrel at heart with a cocky bravado, though by the end of the Original Trilogy, he seems to have softened a bit, fallen in love, and joined a noble cause.  So having a bit from the past and a bit from his future makes sense.

Han stays truer to his personality than any of the other characters, solid and confident in who he is and it’s reflected in the way his costumes change ever so subtly.  But like anyone, his ideals, feelings, and passions can change him, even if it’s not loud or obvious. In the trailer for The Force Awakens, we see he’s back in similar garb: black jacket (leather this time!) and a white shirt underneath.  I think it’s safe to say that he will remain the Han we know and love.

This smile makes me swoon.

That smile…enough said.

Friday Fives: Characters That Deserved More Screen Time

The Star Wars universe is amazing, we can all agree upon that.  There are so many characters, planets, ships, that our imagination can be taken beyond hyperspace and we know we could live in that world if we wanted to (oh, hell, I would love to live in the Star Wars universe).  But the stories we’ve seen in the saga thus far only focus on one family and the people that touch their lives.  Which is great and all, but unfortunately, we don’t get to see the background stories of other characters.  Here are 5 characters that I think deserve more screen time and wouldn’t mind if they were honored with a standalone movie.

Five Characters That Deserved More Screen Time

  1. Sabé. This woman was Padmé’s loyal bodyguard and decoy.  Sounds fun, right?  Uhhh, sounds dangerous.  How did she get to this position at such a young age?  What was the training like in order to learn all the young Queen’s Sabemannerisms, voice inflection, how to be a bodyguard, and learn all these secret ways of asking Queen Amidala for advice when you don’t know the answer?  Sabé showed great strength during the Battle of Naboo and was thrust into a position where she probably was always trained for, but didn’t expect to use in such a dire situation.  Was she even able to fool Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon?  She later fought in the Battle of Naboo and threw out the great line of “Viceroy! Your occupation here has ended!” Playing a pivotal role in distracting him so that Padmé could get the guns and corner Nute.  I would love to know more about Sabé, her past, and what the future held for her.
  2. Bib Fortuna. I haven’t talked about him much, and he’s clearly doesn’t have the strongest bib fortunamind, but I think he was actually a pretty savvy guy.  He was with Jabba for at least 30ish years (we saw him in TPM) so it shows that he knew the right things to say at the right time. Plus, he looked ugly meshed with evil.  The red eyes with greasy skin and lekku just made him this character I wanted to stay far away from.  According to the Legends, he actually really hated Jabba and tried several times to kill him unsuccessfully.  Poor guy.  To fail so, so, so many times.  But you know what?  Sounds like Jabba never knew or he wouldn’t have kept him on so it further proves my point that I think Bib was sly, cunning, and smarter than most.
  3. Syfo-Dyas. AOTC is not my favorite movie, but I was extremely interested in the clone army and how it was kept under wraps for so long.  The back story was explained to us slightly in The Clone Wars, sosifo dyas it fleshed out this mystery on who Syfo-Dyas was and how he kept the clone army hidden from others.  But I’d like to see a more robust version of this story and learn more about his Jedi past and the experiences that shaped him to make the decisions he did.  Why did the top Jedi not listen to him about the “growing darkness”?  Was this the beginning of someone being dissatisfied with the Jedi Council, even before Ahsoka?  Was there more unrest within the Jedi than we knew about and how did those seeds plant throughout the Order?  Knowing the ending of the movie (Spoiler alert!  He dies), could actually heighten the plot.
  4. Shmi Skywalker. Hear me out on this one.  We know a lot about Shmi already, but mostly just how she relates to Anakin’s story.  I’d like to see a more female centric Star Wars story that shmi skywalkerdeals with more everyday issues of life, with a sprinkling of Star Wars.  This could be a very interesting look at slavery in the Star War universe, something that is clearly abhorred by those closer to the center as implied by Padmé’s shock, but still very prevalent in the outer worlds.  Shmi was in slavery most of her life.  And imagine her shock when she became pregnant for no apparent reason?  This could be a very interesting movie/story, and if someone did it right, they could really do a good job with making it very separate from any Christ-like similarities.  Shimi doesn’t need to be visited by any angel or vision, she could just all of a sudden become pregnant.  Imagine the fear and confusion that lives with her for 9 months.  And when she gives birth, she devotes herself to her son and sees it as something happy, but he is taken from her at such a young age.  From there, she goes on to lead a happier life with Cliegg Lars.  This could be a very real life, tough and gritty, female-life story that I’d love to see on the big screen, even though I doubt it’ll ever happen.
  5. Nien Nunb. I have this this weird fascination with this character because I feel like they kind of dumped him in the nien nunbstory and then threw him away.  I mean, he got to be first mate to Lando during the final battle in ROTJ.  You have to be pretty good for that, especially as he doesn’t seem to speak a lick of Basic, but understands it.  According to Legends, he was once a smuggler and befriended Lando during one of his flights.  So much potential here!  Smugglers are always interesting so it would be great to see his adventures and the movie would be in all subtitles!  It would be a foreign action film, but Star Wars style.

All characters in a movie are there to serve a purpose, whether it be a decoy for a queen or the mother of the most important character.  But sometimes I think that they should get a little more time to show their side of the story and how they got where we saw them.

Who would you pick?  Do you have anyone from the movies you’d like to see more of?