Final Analysis on the The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

So we all watched it last week and had a great discussion about what the heck is possibly going on in The Force Awakens.

I thought that since it’s been a week, now is a good time to organize my thoughts, excitement, and speculations and write everything down.  It will be fun to come back in a year-ish and see which of my predictions were right, and which were wrong.

Overall, I liked the trailer.  I’ve heard complaints that people wanted to see the original cast back, but I’ve said from the beginning that I really wanted them to focus on the new cast and give a fresh look to Star Wars.  They did that with the trailer and I’m happy about that.

I was also happy at just how much of a tease it was.  So many questions left unanswered and so many theories now in place.

This is a looooooooooooong blog post, mostly for my own reference next year, but if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, then plow ahead.  (Oh wait, that’s all of you)


Trailer fades in and all we hear is,

There has been an awakening.  Have you felt it?

I spent a long time trying to figure out the voice.  My first thought was Andy Serkis, and then I completely wiped that from my mind and I swore it was Benedict Cumberbatch, despite his denial that he’s in VII.  I thought maybe he wasn’t appearing in VII, but his voice was there…mysterious and elusive and he will appear in person in VIII and IX.  I was completely wrong (but originally right) because Andy Serkis confirmed he’s the voice.

THEN BAM!  Up pops John Boyega in a stormtrooper outfit on a desert planet.

john boyega

Boyega: My first gut reaction is that he’s on Tatooine.  I still believe that because it would be a nice way to tie all the trilogies together.  We visit Tatooine in the first movie of each trilogy (ANH and TPM) so I think it would be appropriate to also see it in TFA.  Will the main star come from Tatooine like Anakin and Luke did?

Most interesting is that Boyega is in the stormtrooper outfit with his helmet off.  When have we ever seen that with a stormtrooper?  Never.  We’ve seen it with clonetroopers, but not stormtroopers.  He also looks paranoid, frightened, and is definitely out of breath.  Why the urgency?  What’s going on here?

Is there significance with the way he pops up after the voice over mentions “the awakening”?  Could Boyega’s character randomly have the Force awakened in him?  We’ve thought that the Force is with someone from their birth and it doesn’t awaken out of the blue.  In a sense, it awakened with Luke when Obi-Wan began his training, so perhaps that is the case with Boyega’s character, though the voice over suggests otherwise.

ezra and zare

Ezra and Zare

My final thought on this shot is my grand revelation I had last Friday that Boyega is actually the stormtrooper that Ezra met in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Breaking Ranks”.  If so, his character name would be Zare Leonis and he infiltrated the Imperial Academy in search of his missing sister.  When Ezra escapes, Zare decides to stay to continue his personal mission.  Disney and LFL said that they wanted to start tying the canon together more with the books, shows, and movies.  If my theory is correct, this could be step in the right direction.  Perhaps we will never see Zare again in SWR, but his storyline will be revealed in TFA.  It could also explain why perhaps he’s on the run in this episode.  Maybe he’s escaping the Empire (finally).

On top of that, what if his sister is played by Lupita Nyong’o?  We don’t see her character at all in this trailer, but they gave Zare’s sister a name in SWR (Dhara) and why do that with no intention of ever bringing the storyline back?

It might be a bit of a stretch though, since Boyega himself is 22 years old.  But Nyong’o is 31 so it could work…maybe…?

As we transition to the next scene, you can faintly hear a probe droid, so it reaffirms the fact that he could be on the run.

Soccer ball droid: Your guess is as good as mine.  No idea how that droid would function, what it was there for, or if it was even important.  I checked through the Prequels trailers and they did have some random shots of ships that really had no real bearing on the story.  So maybe that was the case with soccer ball droid, or maybe it does mean something.  The only thing I saw of significance was the junk it was rolling past.  Looks a lot like podracers to me…

soccer ball droid

Empire:  Stormtroopers in garish, flashing light.  Oh, and isn’t one a little short for a stormtrooper?  Could that be John Boyega again?  So we know stormtroopers = Empire, so it brings us to the question…did the Rebellion not destroy the Empire in ROTJ?  Is it still alive and well?  And look at the helmets!  Different, but similar.

stormtroopers tfa

There are also rumblings online that they could be in an Imperial Troop Transport.  Apparently Kenner released a toy of them but no one has actually seen them on film (It was in SWR though).  So is that true and it’s making it’s first movie appearance?  If you see the quick shot, it also looks like the stormtroopers have new-ish blasters as well.

And then we see their feet and it looks like they are about to descend into the night.  But where?  What planet?  There are lights, not natural lights, when you look into the night as the ship opens.  The dots of white and red make me think it’s some kind of civilization where they may be going to attack.

Ridley: Daisy Ridley!  Wooo.  She jumps on some sort of speeder, that kind of looks like a cross between an AA-9 Coruscant Freighter and podracer, but different.  And yet, did anyone else feel like it was eerily similar?  Like I had seen it before?

But let me just say this was my FAVORITE scene.  It was so reminiscent of Leia on Endor that my heart sang.  The outfit was even similar to what the Rebels wore on Endor with the over-the-shoulders slouch look.

There has been a lot of speculation on the fact that she had some sort of spear and/or lightsaber right next to her when she jumped on, but then it wasn’t there when she was flying away.  I also noticed that.  Look:

The hilt definitely looks like a lightsaber, but the blade somehow encased or contained?  Why is it missing in the next scene?  Honestly, I think it was a mistake by the editors.  They aren’t even close to done with the film and they probably have a bunch of different shots, some with that lightsaber thing and some without.  Abrams probably didn’t want us seeing it and getting too much information so he didn’t want it in the scene.  You know what…I have no idea, but I really think it was a mistake.

And she, like Boyega, looks like she is running from something and is slightly nervous.  As she speeds off into the distance, we see her going towards something that looks almost like the junk we saw in the background of the soccer ball droid.  Is it the same place?

X-Wings: Woooo!  X-Wings are back and Oscar Isaac is at the helm.  And notice guys…notice….the Rebel Insignia!!!  I had had moments of fear that they would completely change it and then my tattoo would be a remnant of a lost time, but nope.  Loud and proud on his helmet AND his fighter uniform.  Also, remember how I mentioned a year ago that most of the Insignia’s were actually a dark blue, not the red we always place with them?  Looks like Abrams remembers that too since the one on his uniform is the dark blue, though the one on the helmet is red.

oscar isaacs x wing

But of course that brings up the recurring question AGAIN…are we still fighting the Empire?  Still?  WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?

xwings over waterThe X-wings fly over the water, which I actually could not figure out was water at first, silly me.  Just from the lighting, I thought it was actually Hoth again and they were flying over ice the first two times I watched it.  Beautiful shots though, right?  I love the artistry so far.  However…this scene actually makes me think it might be a closing scene of the movie.  Something about the lighting and the way there are three going into battle.  Will it be a final battle over the water?  THAT would be different!

Sith:  Okay, the big question.  All over the internet and TV, I’ve seen people dissecting this blade and the big question, “Who is that?”

First, we’ll talk about the blade.  I kind of like it.   The pulsing, unclean cut to it makes me think of something new sith crossguard lightsaberunfinished.  Perhaps due to the Sith (supposedly) being wiped out, this person had to create a lightsaber based on what they researched.  And this is what it is?

But what about those little blades coming out and making it seem like a cross guard?  I’ve read so much from people who think it’s stupid (what if your hand slips?) to people who think it’s practical as it will stop another lightsaber from chopping off your hand (that happens a lot, it seems).  I think…meh.  Don’t really like it actually.  I like the unfinished look of the blade, just not the cross guards.

As for who it is – I really, really want it to be Gwendoline Christie.  Really badly.  I’d love to think that the fact they were hiding the person was because we are finally, FINALLY get a female Sith.

Logic is pointing to Adam Driver because ever since he was cast he has been attached with the Sith rumor.  Some fans believe it could even be Luke due to the fact that they think this person’s right hand/arm is thicker than the other so perhaps it’s a bionic hand in there.  I disagree.  The gait of the villain (if it is a villain) seemed to be of a younger person.  And a very tall person at that.  Christie and Driver come in at 6’3” and Hamill comes in at 5’9”.

The voice returns.

The dark side.

And the light.

And then YAY IT’S THE FALCON.  Who got goosebumps then?  I certainly did.  The effect of it turning around and we’re following it upside down at this crazy angle and then there are TIE Fighters coming at you…MAGIC.  Loved it.  Second favorite moment for me, for sure.  And with the theme blaring in the background.  Happiness.  Pure happiness.

Falcon and TIEs

Again though, why the TIEs?  The Empire is somehow back in this movie.  Another desert planet, but this whole time we have not seen any sign of twin suns so we can’t confirm it’s Tatooine.   The Falcon also has a rectangular dish on it, no longer a circular one because if you remember, it got knocked off on the second Death Star run.


The only question left for me at the end, on which I have no real theories on, is the voice.  Serkis’ overarching voice gave us a narrative that seems most unusual for Star Wars.  What character is that?  It seemed a little too neutral to me.  Are they good or bad?  Do they play a big role or are they, like my original theory on Cumberbatch, elusive for the first movie?

Time will tell, but for now, I’m pumped, excited, and can’t wait for the next trailer, much less the actual movie a year from now.


Official The Force Awakens Trailer

Guys, here is the official The Force Awakens Episode VII trailer.  I had to sort through 4-5 fake ones on YouTube before confirming this is it, so wanted to spare everyone the hassle.  Also, you can just view it on but I didn’t have Quicktime and it said 20 minutes to install it.  I was impatient 🙂

Thoughts?  Let’s talk.

The Force Awakens Trailer…This Weekend!

Anyone lucky enough to be in the area of where the trailer will be released in cinema’s?


I am lucky enough!  One in Boston…will I go?  Still unsure.  It’s highly inconvenient that it is playing about 30-40 minutes away on Thanksgiving weekend.  What are your bets that it’ll be online Monday?  Might just hold out until then if that’s the case.  But still…I have a chance to see it before others!  I’m sure I can squeeze in time somewhere…

J.J. Abrams also released this on twitter:

JJ Abrams teaser trailer tweet

SOooooo…88 second trailer.  Longer than a minute!  Will probably involve a TIE Fighter (or more than one) blowing up something, and could possibly use the word “excellent” within the trailer.  The last part is my own speculation but I think anything Abrams releases to the public is very deliberate.  I can imagine the last word being “Excellent”.

Well, I guess we have one thing to be thankful for this weekend: the trailer being released! 🙂  So exciting!

Scene it on Friday – ANH Scene #40

dont everybody thank me at once

I had to hit the random button generator four times before I came to a scene in ANH that I hadn’t done yet.  And even then, I had to double check on this scene because I couldn’t remember.  Tangent, but also kind of amazing when I think about how many Scene it on Friday’s that I’ve done.

Oh, but the quotes in this scene!  So many good ones!  I know I just did a post on Star Wars quotes, but we have to look over these:

“Don’t everyone thank me at once.” (Though, in the movie, everyone is replaced with ‘everybody’)

“I suggest a new strategy, Artoo. Let the Wookiee win.”

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.”

“You have taken your first step into a larger world.”

Chewie, artoo, threepio playing chess falcon

Five memorable quotes from one scene!  I love it.

Note – this scene has lightsaber labeled actually as “lightsaber”, not “laser sword”.  This really intrigues me.  I am going to get to the bottom of this mystery.

This is the first training that Luke begins to get as a Jedi.  There has been no chance for Obi-Wan to train him on the ways of the Force before this.  I feel like all of Luke’s training, throughout the whole saga, was snapshots of thousands of years of learning that other Jedi received before the dark times, before the Empire.

Why does Obi-Wan start him off with the combat remote right away?  Why not start with levitation?  My guess is he did it because it was the most practical training.  He knew there would be a high possibility of running into stormtroopers and probably also knew that defense for the crew would be smart.  So training Luke on how to defend himself from blaster bolts would make the most sense.

By the way, I saw the chess board used in this scene at Disney World.  It was really exciting.  In fact, it was the best part of the ride because the ride was stupid (actually it was a display while waiting in line and had nothing to do with the ride).  I don’t even really remember what the ride was called but I remember everyone passing me in line because I was taking pictures of the chess board.  AND we just saw Abrams release that sneaky photo a few months ago so we know the chess board/Falcon will be back in VII.  It would be cool to see another game on it since we’ve only seen one game played, and that was in this scene.

What also surprises me in this scene is how Luke doesn’t falter under Han’s derision over the Force.  He just asks the simple question, “You don’t believe in the Force, do you?”  I’m not sure I would be able to do that.  Throughout the OT, we see Luke as the only known Jedi remaining and he continues onwards and upwards despite people, I’m sure, thinking he was crazy and putting his life into unnecessary danger.  It takes Han a long time to come around to trusting Luke as a Jedi and even believing in the Force.

We can relate that to anything in our lives.  There are always the Han’s in the world that don’t believe in us, or are skeptical of our abilities, don’t think we know what we’re doing, but that’s okay.  The key is to find those mentors, like Old Ben, who do believe in us and drive us forward.



Ben watches Luke practice the lightsaber with a small “seeker” robot. Ben suddenly turns away and sits down. He falters, seems almost faint.

LUKE: Are you all right? What’s wrong?

BEN: I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Ben rubs his forehead. He seems to drift into a trance. Then he fixes his gaze on Luke.

BEN: You’d better get on with your exercises.

Han Solo enters the room.

HAN: Well, you can forget your troubles with those Imperial slugs. I told you I’d outrun ’em.

Luke is once again practicing with the lightsaber.

HAN: Don’t everyone thank me at once.

Threepio watches Chewbacca and Artoo who are engrossed in a game in which three-dimensional holographic figures move along a chess-type board.

HAN: Anyway, we should be at Alderaan about oh-two-hundred hours.

Chewbacca and the two robots sit around the lighted table covered with small holographic monsters. Each side of the table has a small computer monitor embedded in it. Chewbacca seems very pleased with himself as he rests his lanky fur-covered arms over his head.

THREEPIO: Now be careful, Artoo.

Artoo immediately reaches up and taps the computer with his stubby claw hand, causing one of the holographic creatures to walk to the new square. A sudden frown crosses Chewbacca’s face and he begins yelling gibberish at the tiny robot.  Threepio intercedes on behalf of his small companion and begins to argue with the huge Wookiee.

THREEPIO: He made a fair move. Screaming about it won’t help you.

HAN: (interrupting) Let him have it. It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.

THREEPIO: But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.

HAN: That’s ’cause droids don’t pull people’s arms out of their socket when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that.

THREEPIO: I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, Artoo. Let the Wookiee win.

Luke stands in the middle of the small hold area; he seems frozen in place. A humming lightsaber is held high over his head. Ben watches him from the corner, studying his movements.

Han watches with a bit of smugness.

BEN: Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.

LUKE: You mean it controls your actions?

BEN: Partially. But it also obeys your commands.

Suspended at eye level, about ten feet in front of Luke, a “seeker”, a chrome baseball-like robot covered with antennae, hovers slowly in a wide arc. The ball floats to one side of the youth then the other. Suddenly it makes a lightning-swift lunge and stops within a few feet of Luke’s face. Luke doesn’t move and the ball backs off. It slowly moves behind the boy, then makes another quick lunge, this time emitting a blood red laser beam as it attacks. It hits Luke in the leg causing him to tumble over. Han lets loose with a burst of laughter.

HAN: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

LUKE: You don’t believe in the Force, do you?

HAN: Kid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe there’s one all-powerful force controlling everything. There’s no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.

Ben smiles quietly.

HAN: It’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.

BEN: I suggest you try it again, Luke.

Ben places a large helmet on Luke’s head which covers his eyes.

BEN: This time, let go your conscious self and act on instinct.

LUKE: (laughing) With the blast shield down, I can’t even see. How am I supposed to fight?

BEN: Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.

Han skeptically shakes his head as Ben throws the seeker into the air. The ball shoots straight up in the air, then drops like a rock. Luke swings the lightsaber around blindly missing the seeker, which fires off a laserbolt which hits Luke square on the seat of the pants. He lets out a painful yell and attempts to hit the seeker.

BEN: Stretch out with your feelings.

Luke stands in one place, seemingly frozen. The seeker makes a dive at Luke and, incredibly, he managed to deflect the bolt. The ball ceases fire and moves back to its original position.

BEN: You see, you can do it.

HAN: I call it luck.

BEN: In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.

HAN: Look, going good against remotes is one thing. Going good against the living? That’s something else.

Solo notices a small light flashing on the far side of the control panel.

HAN: Looks like we’re coming up on Alderaan.

Han and Chewbacca head back to the cockpit.

LUKE: You know, I did feel something. I could almost see the remote.

BEN: That’s good. You have taken your first step into a larger world.

I Have to Interrupt NaNoWriMo For a Second…

I know WordPress is all about NaNoWriMo right now, but I’m not participating (even though I really should), so my post is going to be completely off the beaten track.

OR NOT.  Because my post is about Star Wars and I’d be doing a huge injustice writing about something unrelated.  Sigh.  I’m just trying to find excuses for my Epic Novel that will never get done.

Anyway, back to the real subject at hand.  I’m interrupting NaNoWriMo to talk about Episode VII’s release date and an update on the writers.  This was announced a week ago but between hosting someone at my house and starting my new job, I haven’t really been able to write about it.

First of all: Episode VII will be released on December 18, 2015.  This is a change from all the other Star Wars films, which have been released in May.


My first thought was, Oh no.  Oh no, no no no no.  You see, up here in Massachusetts, December is cold. In fact, in the evening, it often gets below 32º so you are, no pun intended, freezing!  So if I decided to go to the midnight showing (which I was planning to before I heard about the December opening), I would probably be outside in line for many hours cold.  And if you know me, you know I hate being cold.

Furthermore, why are they pushing it all the way into December?  There are two reasons, one that most people believe and one that I’ve speculated upon.

The majority of the Internet thinks the reason for the push back on the date is that the second Avengers movie is being released in May of 2015.  Though also released by Disney, it would be too much in one month and they wanted to rake in the most money possible by releasing them both separately, far enough apart that there are not conflicting interests.

Secondly, and this is what I found interesting, is that when Disney announced the release date, they said,

We’re very excited to share the official 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII, where it will not only anchor the popular holiday filmgoing season but also ensure our extraordinary filmmaking team has the time needed to deliver a sensational picture.

Ensure they have the time to deliver a sensational picture?  This semi-lines up with the second bit of news: Michael Arndt has left the writing process of Episode VII and J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan have taken over.  Abrams claims he’s out of the process because the script was not getting done fast enough.

michael arndtSo does that mean that Arndt was slowing the development so much that they had to push the release date back to the end of the year?  That’s one of my guesses and I believe it more than the other reason of conflicting Disney movies being released the same month.  But if they need more time to make a fabulous movie, then by all means, take your time.

However, I’m hoping that there are still many traces Arndt’s writing left in Episode VII because I was a huge fan of him being on board.  I think he’s a great writer and I felt so confident it would be a good movie with his penmanship behind it.

As for my new job that I started this week, let me tell you guys…I am pooped.  overwhelmed at workThank God tomorrow is Friday.  I can’t believe how draining starting a new job is.  And learning a Mac has been so much more difficult than I thought.  There are way more differences between it and a PC that have made my first few days frustrating.  I’m ready to sleep this weekend.  I also wanted to thank you all last week for the wonderful words of encouragement you gave!  I appreciated it immensely.