Star Wars ComLINKS: Most Emotional Scene

Apparently I was supposed to get this done by March 22nd – oops, I completely missed that note the first time I read through the post!  I’ll be better next time.

First, thanks to Graphic Novelty2, I re-discovered the blog Anakin and His Angel.  I remember I had it saved at some point on an old computer and then when I switched to Chrome, I think I lost it.

Anakin and His Angel does a monthly topic and invites other blogs to participate.  I love this…I get to write my own blog post without thinking about a topic!  Lazy me celebrates!  (Except lazy me got in the way of getting it done on time…)


Most Emotional Scene in Star Wars

My vote for the most emotional scene has to go to Han getting put into carbonite.

I picked this scene for four reasons:

  1. Han’s vulnerability,
  2. Leia’s realization of love,
  3. Chewie’s anger and sense of helplessness,
  4. Lando’s regret,
  5. The music.

That’s a heck of a lot of emotion to pack into one scene!

Let’s start with Han’s vulnerability – this goes back to my assessment of his clothing choices throughout the trilogy.  When he is stripped down to only that shirt, it’s not the Han we know and love.  He is not cocky or over-confident, but instead vulnerable.  Vulnerable is not a word we often associate with Han.  He’s about to be put into carbonite and he has no idea if he’ll survive.  That look on his face when he looks to Leia and Chewie before the steam rises…what is it?  Sadness?  Unspoken feelings?  Despair?  It’s something we don’t see on Han’s face very often.

Then we have the classic interchange between Han and Leia of, “I love you.” And “I know.”  Who doesn’t enjoy those lines?  We knew Princess Leia was hiding her feelings for Han during most of the movie but in this moment, she knows she has to say it.  If she doesn’t say it, she will kick herself every moment afterwards.  Watching her step forward with anguish on her face to tell Han those deeply personal words…I wouldn’t want to be in her position.  She’s seeing the man she realized she loves being put into a situation where he might not live.  And let’s not forget her moment of abject fear and disgust right before those moments when she looks over at Darth Vader.  *shudders*

This scene is often overshadowed by Leia and Han’s exchange, but I think one of the most emotionally moving parts is Chewie’s scream when the carbonite takes effect.  He starts off the scene by throwing Stormtroopers over the edge of the chamber in a last effort to save Han.  Han calms him down by saying he has to look after “the Princess”.   He acknowledges he might not live through this ordeal but is transferring Chewie’s life debt from Han to Leia.  But this is not something Chewie wants to hear.  Han was his best friend, the smuggler who saved him and to whom he owes a life debt.  I’m sure Chewie thought that if Han ever died, he would go down screaming with him (though we saw how that played out).  Instead he has to stand by helplessly in this whole scene, clinging to Leia until the deed is done and his roars are one of despair, anger, and frustration.

Lando, oh, Lando.  The moments the camera is on him during this scene are few and far between.  And when they do steal a moment to look at him, you have to watch closely.  But you can see it.  It’s there.  The “What have I done?  Was this the right thing?” look.  He looks at Leia and Chewie and his thoughts are clear.  I’m sure he’s feeling that deep uncertainty and regret…that gut feeling when you know you should not have made that deal.  Too late now, buddy.

Finally, the music.  Oh my gosh.  I get goosebumps every time I hear the music by John Williams for this scene.  Even when I’m not watching the scene and I’m only listening to the music, I get transported away to a tense place.  Everything in me stops and I’m filled with emotions of dread and anxiety.  I can’t concentrate on anything I do when hearing that music.  It’s the cherry on top of this whole scene.


That, my friends, is why I think the carbonite scene is the most emotional.  Hopefully I’ll get on my game faster next time and participate in ComLINKS before it expires.


What do you think is the most emotional scene?  This can include Rebels, TCW, anything in the Star Wars universe!



Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #77 (and some Legos)

boba han solo hold

Funny I get this scene right after I write my little character analysis on Lando.  Here’s Leia and Chewie, totally trusting Lando a little too soon for my liking.  However, upon further reflection, I kind of get why they trusted him at this point because it was out of necessity more than anything.  They needed to rescue Han and for that, they needed Lando and his knowledge of Cloud City.

At this point in the movie, the Empire has struck back.  I remember the first time I saw this and I kept waiting for everything to turn out okay.  I mean, of course the movie would end with it all working out somehow.  Right?  And then it…ENDED.  How could they do that?  Han is still trapped in carbonite and far away from the Rebels!  Thank God I was able to throw in the next movie and not wait 3 years.  I really feel horrible for you guys that had to do that.

chasing after han solo cloud city

But, oh, maybe we should talk about Boba Fett?  This may be the first time I have gotten any scene that involves Boba during my Scene it on Friday’s.   Now I’m one of the few people in this world who does not get the appeal of the Fettster.  I think I’ve written about this before (somewhere in the past 2.5 years) but what I’ve learned from other fans is that the appeal comes from the mystery surrounding him.  When ESB came out, he was new character thrown into the mix and incredibly badass.  Where did he come from?  What did Vader mean when he said “No disintegrations”?  Who had Fett disintegrated previously?

But now we know a lot about his character – so why is he still so loved?  Is it because his character spawned cult-like worshippers and it just gained momentum since 1980?  I mean, he had a really lame death in ROTJ, as much as people tried to rectify that in the EU.  Since the EU is scratched now, Boba Fett is back to being dead, which gives me a strange sort of smirky happiness.  But don’t worry all you Fett diehards, I’m SURE he will get a standalone movie…and sometime soon too.  I bet money on that it will be one of the first made.  And I actually want to see it because since the EU has been scrapped, it will be a whole new story.  Maybe they’ll go into how flying in a jetpack was never a strength of his. 😉

Lastly, I think one of the reasons the OT is so well loved over the Prequels, is the dialogue.  It is witty, human, and in moments of tense situations – we get the comic relief from someone like Threepio.  This is displayed so perfectly in this scene.  In the beginning, we see our hopes crushed as one of our favorite characters is stored securely by a notorious bounty hunter.  We fear our Rebels will be too late in the rescue.  And then out of nowhere comes Artoo to join in the chase and with Threepio being reunited with his favorite astromech, the humor in Theepio’s statements are much needed.  Especially after an awkward dinner, torture, admissions of love, and carbonite freezing…yeah, I would say we need some humor.

[Changes in this scene compared to the movie: Boba does not climb aboard a ladder next to the cargo hold.]


Cool behind the scenes photo I've never seen! Must have been getting Threepio to move his arms and head.

Cool behind the scenes photo I’ve never seen! Must have been getting Threepio to move his arms and head.

And now for some fun Star Wars quests of my own!  Legoland Boston had a Star Wars exhibit this past week.  Though not as awesome as I was expecting, I did have a lot of fun.  There were a few 501st members on hand, and I’ve never been to Legoland Boston so it was cool to see a whole room with Boston locations and history made out of Legos.  I wish they had put the Star Wars displays separate, but instead they combined them into the city.  I thought it was interesting, but a little distracting and easy to miss.  But they did have cool life-size Star Wars Lego pieces made out of Lego.  I’ve never been into Lego’s but I do appreciate the people who work so hard and craft these amazing works of art.  Plus, it reminded me of the Lego Movie which was AMAZING (seriously, if you haven’t seen it already, go.  Now.  I’ve seen it twice and could see it a third time).

Anyway, Star Wars quests are always a success, just because it has to do with Star Wars.  So I share my photos with other fans.  EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


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The two guards slide Han’s encased body into an opening in the side of the bounty hunter’s ship. Boba Fett climb aboard on a ladder next to the cargo hold.

BOBA FETT: Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.

And with that, the door slams shut.


Lando, Leia, and Chewie run on a long balcony overlooking the city, when suddenly they spot Artoo who rushes toward them, beeping wildly.

THREEPIO: Artoo! Artoo! Where have you been?

Chewie turns around to see the stubby droid, causing Threepio to be spun out of sight of his friend.

THREEPIO: Turn around, you wooly…! (to Artoo) Hurry, hurry! We’re trying to save Han from the bounty hunter!

Whistling frantically to Threepio, Artoo scoots along with the racing group.

THREEPIO: Well, at least you’re still in one piece! Look what happened to me!