Haiku 04.30.14 – Fini!

This could apply to most Jedi’s killed in Order 66, but I wanted to make the last haiku of the month about a Twi’lek.  Oola is still my favorite, but Order 66 is such a brutal moment in the history of Star Wars, that I wanted to nod my head to the fallen Aayla Secura.  … Continue reading Haiku 04.30.14 – Fini!


Haiku 04.27.14

Seriously guys.  Look up the lyrics on Wookiepedia.  It’s a workout song.  Which is HILARIOUS because when has Jabba the Hutt ever worked out?  Well, maybe he has but he certainly wasn’t when this song was playing.  I should put this song on my workout music list.

Haiku 04.26.14

LOL.  Okay, that one was totally lame but I really wanted to try to create a haiku that rhymed as well.  The last line doesn’t even make sense grammatically.  Oh well.  I think it’s kind of funny though, right? Life: A celebration Two souls coming together It touches my heart Too corny? Weddings.  Sigh.  They … Continue reading Haiku 04.26.14