Haiku Me Friday! My Love of Geonosians

I won’t say much on this post because I’ve effused about my love for Geonosians many, many times. I couldn't NOT include them in my haiku species month though since they are one of my favs. It’s bizarre that I like them because I wouldn’t want them living next to me and I wouldn’t want … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday! My Love of Geonosians


Rogue One is Around the Corner!

So.  Rogue One.  I haven’t talked about it a lot and I was a little skeptical when the first teaser trailer was released.  Since then, we’ve received two more legit trailers and I’m beginning to look more forward to it.  Actually, scratch that, I’m really looking forward to it! I’m not sure what was with … Continue reading Rogue One is Around the Corner!

My 5 Favorite Aliens

Every issue of Star Wars Insider has an article where they talk/interview a person somehow related to Star Wars about their “5 Favorite…” and I love reading them.  I like to think of my own answers to them and wrote a post on my 5 favorite visuals a while ago. This issue interview’s Tom Spina on … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Aliens