My Love For Star Wars in a Party

When I was 11, I received my first copy of Star Wars Insider from Lucasfilm after writing a letter to George Lucas (I did not get reply from him, alas).  Within the issue, they had a section where they printed letters from fans and readers.  One letter started out as:

Dear Insider,

I have been a Star Wars fan for over 20 years…

That sentence has stuck with me throughout my life.  Why?  Because family and friends thought I was going through a “fad” or “stage” in life with my Star Wars obsession.  And there is nothing that irks me more, even at that young age, than people thinking I’ll grow out of something or won’t like something as much in a while.  I saw that sentence and thought, “I want to be a Star Wars fan for over 20 years as well.”

I haven’t reached 20 years, but I’m currently at 18 years.  Actually, technically I’m over 20 years if you count when I first saw Star Wars, but I only count the age when I became obsessed as the starting point in my Star Wars journey.

Throughout this journey I have:

Yup, that Star Wars party happened this past weekend.  Why?  Because what better time to celebrate my true love than around Valentine’s Day?

I know “first annual” is an oxymoron of sorts, but I wanted to make it clear that this is something that will be continual on a yearly basis.  Due to some bad weather the day before, we only had seven people show up (12 RSVP’d as a yes) but I was more than happy with that!  This was blue_milkthe greatest party I could ever throw, in my opinion.

And, oh the discussions!  It was so wonderful to sit with friends, drink some wine and blue milk (yes, I had some blue milk and Yoda soda), watch a Star Wars movie, and discuss Star Wars for four hours.  Heaven.

What movie did we watch?  Ah, the suspense!  No one knew until they showed up and there was a prize for those who guessed correctly.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of ROTS guesses, which I thought was very strange.

But the movie I chose was The Force Awakens for two reasons: 1) In honor of my daughter, whom I hope will grow to be like Rey, and 2) It was the one movie I had not seen and discussed with a lot of my friends.

To reiterate: the discussions!  I have missed talking about Star Wars and guessing what will be coming next with good friends.  Here were my favorite discussions that happened during the party…please chime in with any thoughts you might have as well.

1. The Force Vision/Knights of Ren

When Rey touches Luke’s lightsaber on Takodona, there a bunch of scenes that go by very quickly.  One of them involves what looks like a knights-of-renmassacre by the Knights of Ren, with Kylo leading them with a lightsaber in the rain.  We don’t know where this is or what happened.  Rey sees someone coming towards her who looks like they are about to kill her, but instead gets killed by Kylo Ren.  When Kylo Ren starts stepping towards her, she gets scared and backs up, where the scene immediately shifts to a young Rey being left behind on Jakku with Unkar Plutt dragging her away.

My friend brought up this theory: what if Kylo Ren had, in fact, saved a young Rey (though we are seeing her as an adult) from another Knight of Ren?  That Knight of Ren could have been going to kill Rey as part of the massacre, but Kylo Ren steps in to save her.  He then takes her to Jakku where she is left behind, which would explain why it seems like Kylo Ren knows her.  Why would he save her? That’s the question.  Guilt?  Is he related to her?  If so – why wouldn’t Han recognize her?

When I previously thought about this scene, I thought Rey was seeing some insight into what happened when Kylo Ren turned to the dark side and those were all of Luke’s Jedi pupils.  I never thought about her actually being there, but the more I think about it, the more I like this theory and it seems to make sense.

2.The Force Vision/Artoo Shut Down

This is my theory and I have brought it up before, but it did become a discussion point again at the party.  In the Force vision, we see Luke put a hand on Artoo.  Artoo is clearly “awake” here and not in hibernation.  Is Luke shutting Artoo down and somehow using the Force to make sure the next time he awakes, it will be because of Rey?

This theory is a little far-fetched, but I keep coming back to it, because WHY are they showing Artoo in this vision?  It could be because Abrams wanted to keep Luke as hidden as possible until the end of the movie, but I also don’t think there were any throwaways in this movie.  They could have not had this scene if he wanted Luke to remain hidden.  Why show Artoo?

I believe Artoo was getting some kind of direction here and it is interesting that he is “awakened” just when Rey shows up on D’Qar.

Here’s a video of the Force vision for your reference:

3. Your favorite 15-20 minutes in Star Wars

This was a question someone asked at the end of the party.  What is your favorite 15-20 minutes out of all the Star Wars movies?

I thought that would be hard and there were scenes that flit across my brain very fast as I tried to think of something.  I thought of Amidala speaking to the senate (“I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die…”), I remembered Luke staring out at the binary sunset, I thought about Vader revealing he is Luke’s father, I thought about Rey rescuing BB-8, I remember Order 66, I remember Leia and Han’s exchange before he went into carbonite (“I love you!”  “I know.”), but then one part of the saga stood out to me the most.

My favorite scene in the Star Wars saga would be the end of Return of the Jedi.  Luke is trying to control his emotions but Vader gets to him when he realizes that Luke has a sister and says he will turn her to the dark side.  Luke loses it and goes after Vader with such hatred and bests him in their final lightsaber match.  He cuts of his hand in anger – only to hear the Emperor’s sinister laugh behind him.  The Emperor is sure of his victory; sure that Luke will take Vader’s place.  And then….Luke turns away from the dark side.  Seeing his own hand cut off, he turns to the Emperor and tells him:

You failed your highness.  I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

It makes me want to woop with joy every time I see that scene.  Talk about good triumphing over all!  Talk about doing the right thing even when you know it means death!  Aggggh that scene – everything about it: the lightsabers, the ominous music, the Emperor’s moment of triumph – only to have Luke come out on top and throw away his lightsaber.

The best.  That is, in my eyes, the best scene from the entire saga.


My party was wonderful and I had a great time.  It’s the perfect thing for me to look forward to since I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  This is a way to celebrate my true love in a way that honors it.

I can’t wait until next year’s party.


My Top 10 Star Wars Quotes

Sometimes I look through my blog and see what I’ve touched upon, what I haven’t, generate new ideas, and if there was something I maybe should have touched upon but didn’t. I realized that I have never gone over my favorite Star Wars quotes that are used in my everyday life. This seems to be a gross oversight on my part so I’m here today to rectify that. (I do vaguely remember wanting to do this post a lot earlier, but then L. Palmer did her post on favorite Star Wars quotes. I think I decided to wait and then forgot about it entirely.)

Without further ado, here’s a list of my favorite Star Wars quotes, which have always hit the sweet spot for me:

1.  “I don’t know. Fly casual.” – Han Solo This is my all time favorite. I tried to instill it into my life because I am so uptight andI dont know fly casual a type A personality that I can rarely relax. So whenever I’m trying to go with the flow, I tell myself to “fly casual.” It was a running joke in my family and whenever I would get completely thrown off by a change in plans they would start yelling, “Fly casual, Kiri, fly casual!” I still tell it to myself sometimes when necessary.

youll find i'm full of surprises2.  “You’ll find I’m full of surprises.” – Luke Skywalker Kind of a throw away line from Luke, when he is battling Vader for the first time in ESB, but such a great quote! You can use it in so many different situations. I like to use it at work when someone gets surprised at how organized I am (Really? You should know better by now), or just generally surprised by something I did that’s amazing (Really? You should know better by now).

3.  “Feel, don’t think. Trust your instincts.” – Qui-Gon Jinn I use this quote when I’m torn between decisions. Deep down, IFeel dont think use your instincts generally know what my heart wants, but my brain could be telling me to go in the exact opposite direction. That’s when I have to steady myself, listen to my instincts, and just feel the right decision.


that doesnt sound too hard4.  “That doesn’t sound too hard.” – Princess Leia This one is obvious. It was her reply when Han said, “Sometimes I even amaze myself.” If you pay attention, people say that quite often and I always respond with Leia’s line, which generates anything from chuckles to “Ohhh, burn!”


5.  “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” – Luke Skywalker I don’t usually use this quote to someone’s face, your overconfidence is your weaknessbut often change it when talking to someone else to be “Their overconfidence is their weakness.” It says so much in that small line that you can really apply it to many people who exhibit that lame bravado.




always in motion the future is6.  “Always in motion, the future is.” –Yoda Nobody can predict the future. I just love this quote because it’s so true… I mean, it’s even headlining my entire blog. Even though Jedi could see future events, it was always in motion and could change. They only represented possibilities, not certainties. And it’s not like they could just command themselves to appear. Force-visions only appeared to Jedi very strong with the Force. But I digress. The quote is a Star Wars way of saying that the future is always changing, so don’t rely on anything. Plan as much as you want, but know that it can change. Why? Because it’s always in motion. We thought six movies were all that there would ever be, but guess what? The future is always in motion and now there are going to more than we ever thought possible.


7.  “You do have your moments. Not many of them, but you do have them.” – Princess Leia This is for my husband (loveyou do have your moments leia you, babe! Oh wait, he never reads my blog). It’s the perfect quote to say to the person you love…applauding their efforts, but also grounding them a bit. I’ve definitely said it to my husband a few times and they go right over his head. I usually follow it up with, “That is a Star Wars quote. Leia says it to Han.” Where he’ll reply, “Oh. Interesting.” And not care at all. I digress again.



we seem to be made to suffer8.  “We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life.” – C-3PO Like the first one, this is one that was repeated often when I was younger. Generally when my mother made me do household chores, or any chores really, I would sigh dramatically and quote Theepio. She didn’t care and it didn’t get me out of anything, but she would laugh.


9.  “Apology accepted…Captain Needa.” – Darth Vader Oh damn, I get shivers down me spine. Such a great quote. apology accepted captain needaI will usually quote the first part when someone apologizes to me and either mumble the second part or say it in my head. But c’mon – don’t you all think the “Captain Needa” part when you say, “apology accepted,” or hear it from others? Such a great quote for life.



Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.06.25 PM10.  “Wesa going home!” – Jar Jar Binks I’m sure this is a surprise. Who EVER puts a Jar Jar quote on their list of most favorite Star Wars quotes? But this is my list, and honestly, I have used that quote so many times in my life. It’s this great moment in TPM where finally, FINALLY Amidala, Jar Jar, and the crew are going back to their home planet of Naboo after their long journey. The music of John Williams combined with Jar Jar’s ecstatic joy of going home, presents this warming moment in my soul. I relate to Jar Jar because haven’t we all felt that feeling at some point? I’M GOING HOME! So, yes, I have used this quote many times in my life and will continue to use it, despite not really being a Jar Jar fan.


So these are the top 10 Star Wars quotes used in my life. Note they are not my top favorite quotes, though some do intersect lists. Maybe I can do a top quote list later on…but why do that when you can search the internet for a million of them? These are specific to my life and the ones I use most often.


Do you guys have any Star Wars quotes you use a lot in your everyday life? Tell me!