Emasculating Poe

I was wandering the internet the other day and stumbled upon a section of fans, mostly male, who were furious over Vice Admiral Holdo's treatment of Poe. Namely, that she didn't tell him her plans for escaping the First Order and that she "belittled" him and "emasculated" him. Which made me wonder - if the … Continue reading Emasculating Poe


But Really, Is Star Wars Sexist?

Mr. Reticent sent me an article yesterday, “Is Star Wars Sexist?” by Yahoo! UK & Ireland’s contributor Anthony Price.  In this article, he argues that looking through the lens of the Feminist Theory and ‘the male gaze’, these movies are clearly not feminist friendly. I agree, but I also disagree.  Perhaps it’s just his wording, … Continue reading But Really, Is Star Wars Sexist?

Girls and Sci-Fi Part II

Out of about 10 girls I posed my questions to, I received six responses!  Not bad.  I was expecting way less since my friends are often too busy to respond to anything related to Star Wars/sci-fi.  They find my obsession slightly strange and I don’t think they want to encourage it. To recap, the questions … Continue reading Girls and Sci-Fi Part II

Girls and Sci-Fi

Why don’t girls (in general) like sci-fi as much as boys?  I love Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, and more, so I can’t speak for most girls, but I was grumbling to myself the other day about how none of my girlfriends like sci-fi. Yup.  You got that.  NONE.  None of them even have … Continue reading Girls and Sci-Fi