Lately, I’ve been less likely to do these WordPress tagging games but this one struck my interest. Thanks Mei-Mei! Only because…I HIT MY 5 YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY A FEW WEEKS AGO! (Is it blogoversary or bloggerversary or blogversary? Anyone know?) And I kept meaning to make a post about honoring that exciting day but never did. … Continue reading #MyFirstPostRevisited


Scene it on Friday 10.19.12 – ANH Scene #49

I’ve decided to start going over a random scene from the Star Wars Saga every Friday (or…hopefully every Friday, sometimes life will get in the way, I’m sure).  Star Wars Insider used to run a scene in their issues with a picture and dialogue.  I loved it because I would always have some thought or … Continue reading Scene it on Friday 10.19.12 – ANH Scene #49

I Used to be an Addict of the EU

I don’t read the EU anymore. For those of you who don’t know what EU means  - it refers to the Expanded Universe of Star Wars.  It can be books or comic books that chronologically take place after the Return of the Jedi, or in between the saga, or even before Anakin were even thought … Continue reading I Used to be an Addict of the EU


Honestly, we don’t need another Star Wars blog, and I understand that.  But I’m dissatisfied with the Star Wars blogs out there and I want a place to write real thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints of how my life is connected to Star Wars.  Also, I did have another Star Wars blog, but it got shut … Continue reading Introduction