WHY Do I Dislike AOTC So Much?

It’s no secret that my least favorite Star Wars movie is Attack of the Clones. It’s been part of my DNA and history of Star Wars since the movie came out. But recently challenged by My Comic Relief to write about WHY I dislike it so much, left me in a bit of an awkward … Continue reading WHY Do I Dislike AOTC So Much?


My New Found Appreciation for AOTC

I really dislike Attack of the Clones. I find it to be unbearable in some instances. Of all the films, I find it the weakest and I’m always surprised by people who prefer it over The Phantom Menace. I forced myself once to watch it and try to find 10 things to like about the … Continue reading My New Found Appreciation for AOTC

I Tip My Hat to You, Joel Edgerton

I thought it would be nice to pay special attention to Joel Edgerton, if only because out of all the Star Wars actors, I think he’s had the most interesting rise. Harrison Ford is the only other actor who has had a similar rise to fame situation that Edgerton has had, but with Ford, he … Continue reading I Tip My Hat to You, Joel Edgerton

Haiku Me Friday!

For some reason, I think these posts should have an exclamation point.  I mean, they sound so exciting.  HAIKU ME FRIDAY!  WOOO. I think Ewan McGregor did a great job as younger Obi-Wan, especially when he had some terrible lines.  I also think that Sir Alec Guinness did an amazing job with older Obi-Wan, especially … Continue reading Haiku Me Friday!

Just Realized…

So, first of all, I want to say thank you to the L. Palmer Chronicles for picking my post as her favorite!  Looks like she had a lot to choose from, so the fact that she chose mine as #1 for a high five just makes me thrilled.    (Check out my mention at: http://lpalmerchronicles.com/2013/02/25/and-the-high-five-goes-to/)  If … Continue reading Just Realized…