Amidala and Palpatine

I always loved Queen Amidala. She got me through some tough times as a bullied pre-teen as I saw her as a strong, dominating figure. There are two scenes in particular that I think often goes unnoticed by fans, and I'd like to bring our attention to it. In TPM, Palpatine is pressuring Amidala to give … Continue reading Amidala and Palpatine


The Queen Trusts My Judgment

I’ve had a small, minor issue weighing on my mind for this past week.  (This makes me sound so lame that, yes, I have been thinking about this on and off for a week) Did Qui-Gon Jinn know that Padmé was actually Queen Amidala? Okay, now, I know that according to the DVD commentary by … Continue reading The Queen Trusts My Judgment

Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #26

I have clearly not seen this movie in a while, because I cannot remember if some of these lines are spoken or not. I’m almost 100% positive that the line, “Destroy all high-ranking officials, Viceroy... slowly...quietly,” was not in the movie, and I’m debating if the first line Nute mutters is also in there.  I … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #26