The Mandalorian: Chapter One

The main point to remember as a devout Star Wars fan is that if you go into any new Disney-released Star Wars material with low expectations or high expectations, you are going to be disappointed. If you have low expectations, it will probably meet them and you’ll complain about it. If you have high expectations, … Continue reading The Mandalorian: Chapter One

Amidala and Palpatine

I always loved Queen Amidala. She got me through some tough times as a bullied pre-teen as I saw her as a strong, dominating figure. There are two scenes in particular that I think often goes unnoticed by fans, and I'd like to bring our attention to it. In TPM, Palpatine is pressuring Amidala to give … Continue reading Amidala and Palpatine

The Queen Trusts My Judgment

I’ve had a small, minor issue weighing on my mind for this past week.  (This makes me sound so lame that, yes, I have been thinking about this on and off for a week) Did Qui-Gon Jinn know that Padmé was actually Queen Amidala? Okay, now, I know that according to the DVD commentary by … Continue reading The Queen Trusts My Judgment

Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #26

I have clearly not seen this movie in a while, because I cannot remember if some of these lines are spoken or not. I’m almost 100% positive that the line, “Destroy all high-ranking officials, Viceroy... slowly...quietly,” was not in the movie, and I’m debating if the first line Nute mutters is also in there.  I … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #26