Nature vs. Nurture

Let’s discuss something that has never been discussed before in the history of humankind or Star Wars: Nature vs. Nurture. (yes, that was sarcasm) My husband said to me the other day, “I wish I could have known your grandfather. I feel like he is to blame for a lot of your controlling tendencies.” That … Continue reading Nature vs. Nurture

Solo: A Star Wars Review

I liked it. A lot. I thought the movie was good fun and a much-needed break within the Star Wars universe that has lately become too serious. That’s not too say it wasn’t serious – it was, and I believe most of the movie had a serious undertone – but when I think back on … Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Review

Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #6

Finally!  I get a Hoth scene.  I love the Hoth scenes because no matter how many times I watch ESB (in fact, I just watched ESB last weekend), I still am gripped with suspense over the whole Hoth sequence.  This scene is also appropriate since we have ANOTHER snowstorm headed our way for this weekend.  … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #6