Clone Trooper Inhibitor Chip

While coloring in my last Fan Art Friday with the clone trooper, I began to think about how the last (well, not "last" anymore, with Disney+ bringing back TCW) episodes of TCW on Netflix introduced us to the fact that the clone troopers all had chips placed within them. While we all associate the chips … Continue reading Clone Trooper Inhibitor Chip

My Husband Insisted I Post This

I got a really cool Star Wars coloring book for my birthday last week.  The only problem is that I don't have coloring pencils... A lot of the art is straightforward, but they do have some interesting art that is almost tattoo-like in their designs.  Those are my favorite and they look a little like … Continue reading My Husband Insisted I Post This

Lack of Human in Stormtroopers

I had a brief thought this week that I wanted to mull over.  This will be short because I want to go to bed within 20 minutes, so please excuse the rushed-ness and lack of proofreading. I noticed, after watching the first few new episodes of TCW on Netflix, how much I enjoy the storylines … Continue reading Lack of Human in Stormtroopers

Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #21

Wow, not much to work with here. One thing this scene made me think of - I definitely didn’t like how the droids got bigger and badder as the Prequels progressed.   If they are really that competent or “super”, why do we need stormtroopers?  Why would Palpatine decide that the switch to stormtroopers was even … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #21