Why TPM Is Important For Children

Most people of my generation were brought up with the Prequels and most (but not all) find them perfectly okay.  Maybe not as great as the OT, but still worthy of watching.  However, I think the general consensus is that the Prequels should be held off for a while and you should have your children … Continue reading Why TPM Is Important For Children


Code of Conduct

Sometimes, fans piss me off.  They really do.  And to me, there is nothing worse than judgment from within the Star Wars community.  So-and-so thinks they’re a better fan because they've read every single EU book, so-and-so thinks they’re the biggest fan because they have the most Star Wars costumes, so-and-so thinks they’re the best … Continue reading Code of Conduct

Girls and Sci-Fi

Why don’t girls (in general) like sci-fi as much as boys?  I love Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, and more, so I can’t speak for most girls, but I was grumbling to myself the other day about how none of my girlfriends like sci-fi. Yup.  You got that.  NONE.  None of them even have … Continue reading Girls and Sci-Fi

Big Smile

There are two random things of note that made my happy bubble expand. First - Last week, someone brought their two boys into our office.  I love little boys, I really do.  They are so full of energy and just adorable when they are younger.  And, of course, they are the perfect candidate to talk … Continue reading Big Smile